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[The Seedot that comes on is quivering in a combination of strain and excitement as the camera is hurriedly focused on it. A moment after the image stops shaking, it nods, relaxes, and starts glowing. Motes of light swirl around it as its glowing body nearly doubles in size and reforms into a humanoid shape before the light blasts away to reveal a newly-evolved male Nuzleaf, who flexes and lets out a cry of "Nuzleaf!"

But that isn't all. After a pause where Nuzleaf nods, the image shakes as Apollo's hand comes into view and sets down a Leaf Stone. The stone begins to glow as Nuzleaf picks it up, then Nuzleaf himself starts to glow. The glow of the stone flows into Nuzleaf and his body becomes a foot taller as it reforms, then the light kicks up dust as it blasts away once more to reveal a Shiftry, who gives a rather evil-looking grin as the depleted Leaf Stone cracks and becomes shiny dust that blows away in the breeze.

Apollo's voice comes in from off-screen.]

He wanted everyone to see both of his evolutions. He's a Shiftry now.

[Shiftry makes some fighting poses that somehow, despite being fairly conventional, have a vaguely ominous air about them.]

He wants to know what everyone thinks about his evolutions and his new body.


Apr. 1st, 2014 05:57 pm
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[Observe the interior of Garry's classroom as it's obvious he's twisting his wrist this way and that to get a good look at the Warp Band.] So this is what all the fuss is about...? [Yes, that was a defeated sigh. Good ol' Garry.]

I'm not sure going out is the best idea .. besides, we still have class. So don't think you're going to get out of doing homework! [Right? Right. He's not that scatterbrained.] But maybe a little venture out on the weekends would be okay. During the day. [No thanks for night time.]

I guess it's customary to ask for tips or something like that. [He's really only ever focused on things that had nothing to do with leaving Union so pokemon training has never been his forte. The cute little blue Floette on the edge of his desk sits patiently, looking on.] Instead of tips.. why don't you tell me your favorite thing about training? ...and exploring? [He asks like he's talking to one person instead of a network at whole. Because that's easier and opens communication more. And also might help him a little better. Maybe.]

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