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[Yuui is standing in the middle of a very chaotic kitchen, grinning triumphantly with his hair in complete disarray and pretty much looking like the chef version of the mad scientist after an extremely explosive experiment. Interestingly enough with all the mess around him the only part of it that seems to have ended up on Yuui himself, with the exception of his apron, are some streaks of flour on his cheeks and hair.]

Everyone. As some of you may know Mr Sunshine here- [The feed shifts for a moment to show a Houndoom who is clearly not impressed with Yuui's antics .] -is one of my brother's special pokémon friends. In fact, he was one of the first one he bounded with and we all love him dearly. What we're less fond about it being woken up by his rather toxic breath in the mornings. But today I, after a... few failed attempts, have figured out a solution. Well, sort of a solution. Anyway, what I have figured out is a special dish containing certain ingredients which work with the toxins in his stomach to create a slightly less awful smell, while still being delicious. I mean, it's not lilies and roses but it's still a definite improvement. There are no ill affects, and he can still breath fire but I can't say for certain that it's of the exact same quality as before, but I'm going to have my brother find that out for me later.


I'm not sure if anyone else have experienced a similar problem with their Houndoom friend but if you have I don't mind sharing the knowledge. It might need to be tweaked a little depending on your pokémon's tastes though. Mr Sunshine likes spicy things so at the moment it's tailored for that.

On the downside this means that I need a new project to keep myself occupied until I find I job I like. So if you happen to know of any pokémon with a similar-ish problem which might be solved by a more specialized diet, and don't mind some false starts, let me know? Or if you'd just like some food and/or recipes specialized for a certain pokémon's specific tastes and needs, I guess.

[Actually, thinking about it now...]

I'm not really sure if there's a proper market for these things but if enough people wants it I suppose I might be able to make some kind of business out of it? Huh.
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So... at the risk of sounding a little like my brother's broken record, I'm in need of a bit of assistance. I have recently decided to take a- ah, break from the family business which also means taking a break from my allowance so now I'm in need of another source of income. And to be honest I haven't even the slightest idea of where to start looking.

[He smiles ruefully, trying not to let the nervous tension he feels show too much.]

I- I'm afraid I can't really claim to have any particular skill, except maybe cooking and I suppose generally taking care of things, though I'm not sure if the latter one really counts as a skill as such. Oh- And I guess you could say I have at some experience with pokémon. But I'm open and willing to learn and while I may not be used to it I'm not afraid of working hard. So, ah, any assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

[Having managed to say his piece Yuui breathes a soft sigh of relief and lets go of his rigid posture as he relaxes back against the couch cushions, his smile brightening as he continues.]

On a happier note Calypso suddenly evolved last night. It seems she decided she wanted to look more like "mommy". [At hearing her name Calypso jumps into Yuui's lap and noses at the warp band to get her share of the attention, showing that she has indeed turned just as pink and sparkly as her human. Yuui wraps his free arm around her and cuddles her close to his chest.]

Isn't she adorable?

[There's a soft bark from somewhere below and Yuui shifts the warp band to show the floor where a Herdier is lying on its back with its legs up in the air, looking expectantly up at him.]

Oh, and Gelert has learned how to play dead. Now we're just trying to figure out how to make him stop.
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Who: Fai and Yuui
When: Some days after Fai's been cut off.
Where: Their
What: Serious talks are to be had and Yuui might finally have grown some balls.
Warnings: Possible language?


I would be my brother's keeper / I would learn the healer's art. )

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Who: Fai and Yuui
When: Backdated to the beginning of last week
Where: Around the Ice Rock
What: Twin Glaceons for the twins.
Warnings: None


What differences do you see? )


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Hello, everyone. I suppose it's high time I introduced myself.

[it shows a young boy, who looks somewhat uncomfortable in his own clothes. He hasn't worn anything like this before] My name is Nate, and well... I guess there's no other way to say it. I'm not from around here, I'm from a village called Sekiun.

I can't really answer many questions about it, but... it's very different from Union, and I can't exactly go back. It's a long story.

But I'm here now! I want to learn as much about Union as possible! I want to be a trainer...! If there's anyone who'd be willing to help someone starting out, I'd very much appreciate it.


Yeah, that's all I have for now. Thanks for your time, everyone.


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So it looks like this whole evolution thing finally caught up with me as well. I told my parents about it. They were thrilled... well at least until they got a look at me. Apparently this isn't fairy enough for them. [He rolls his eyes because seriously? His hair is pink, sparkling and so long that it goes all the way to the ground. How much more fairy do they want? On the other hand his eyes have a soft red glow to them, making his ghost typing so much more apparent, which might the part his family disapproves of.]

The pokémon seem to like my new look though, especially Hugin. [The video feed pans down to reveal a murkrow burrowed into Yuui's hair, looking about as happy as a tepig in lava with the new state of his nest.] He's been there all day. Says it's far too soft and fluffy to leave.

And on the note of my hair, if anyone has any tips of hairstyles that will help keep this mess off the ground I would be very thankful. I'm not quite sure how I'm going to be able to stroll around in the wild otherwise.

[A couple of hours later]

Brief update for those interested. I have finally managed to untangle Hugin from my hair. Unfortunately my brother has decided to take his place. I'm not sure if this counts as an improvement or not.
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[closed to Fai]

It's been a stressful day, actually it's been a pretty stressful week, and coming home from a particularly heated argument with his family all Yuui wants to do is curl up with something hot and sweet to drink, preferable with his twin and/or a good book for company and just relax. Unfortunately, coming in through the door and spotting Fai, this did not seem to be a possibility. Because Fai was moping. Again. Just like he's been doing on and off ever since Feliks had gone off to train on his own. So far Yuui's been mostly fine with it, if you disregard the small stab of jealousy he doesn't seem to be able to completely get rid of, but today with his already frayed nerves he finds that it gets to him more than usual.

Taking a deep breath to calm himself enough so that he won't do something stupid like snap at his brother he rests his back against the front door for a moment before properly entering the apartment. He manages a smile that is just the tiniest bit forced as he begins to prepare some hot chocolate for them both, if Fai is to busy sulking to want any Yuui can always use his portion for a refill.

"You're pining again." He keeps his voice as light as possible, careful to keep the tiredness and annoyance, most of which have nothing to do with Fai really, out of it as much as possible. "When does he return again, so that I can have my sunny, smiling brother back?"
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 Okay, it looks like it's recording, so lets all do our best, right~?

[Fai is dressed in what looks like actually practical clothes save a hint of lace here and there, and the pokémon lined up behind him look like they're all eager to prove themselves. Well, except for Rumpleteazer the Liepard who has fallen asleep with her paws in the air and is snoring loudly.]

[But nevermind that! They have a trick to show off. Babycakes hovers forward, already surrounded by a cloud of iridescent leaves, and she's followed by Dotty, looking marginally less concussed for a change. Fai turns around rather dramatically, reaching out one hand towards an old rotten log, which starts to creak and groan and is then lifted into the air in a haze of Psychic energy.]

[Fai appears to be struggling a bit, but he clenches his hand and coaxes the log a bit further, and-]

[Drops it. This is perhaps understandable, considering the bright light which in a matter of seconds engulfs him. And then there's only whiteness for maybe thirty seconds or so, until the light fades to reveal Fai on his knees, looking bewildered and decidedly... altered.]

Saviour, that felt... weird.

[The proportions of his body look off, for one; his limbs appear to have thinned and elongated, as if he's been slightly stretched somehow. His eyes are only subtly altered, the iris and pupils looking a bit bigger in proportion to the sclera, and as he dazedly raises one hand to his face, one might note that his nails now look a lot more like... well, talons. And then there's the hair. That is to say, there isn't any hair. Only feathers.]

I feel so light. Ancient Gods, but I'm a bit.... ah, kind of dizzy.

[And with that, Fai unceremoniously faints. One of the pokémon rushing to help him manages to bump his Warp Band and turn the camera off.]


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Hi everyone!

So, Quinn, Jinxie and I found something in the Verdant forest while we were checking out the signal disturban--

[What is that a leaf waving in front of the feed?]

Rowan, cut it out, I'm trying to talk!

[Is that a leafy face pushing itself into the feed? It lets out a cute "Eeee~?" (Whatcha you doin =O) before Lux picks it up.]

Really, now, cut that out! Just a minute!

[She sighs as if she's really put upon. If you weren't so cute...]

Anyway, we found a strange rock that was interfering with the signal. Rowan here says that they worship it because it helps them evolve. It looks relatively unremarkable, but I'm curious if it has the same effect on other pokemon!

[Wow Lux this is boring Rowan's bored play with me wait I'm gonna crawl all over you now. Yay best jungle gym ever! You know, despite the fact that he's super heavy. The blond tries to keep her cool until a Liepard very calmly steps over and grabs the Leafeon by the scruff and canters off.]

Thank you, Jungler.

Anyway, I'd love to figure out what they evolved from, and what other effects this rock might have. From what Rowan told me, just coming close to it caused him and his brothers to evolve. And that... they were brown, which doesn't narrow it down too much. Any ideas?
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[Closed to Fai.]

Deciding to buy their own apartment had been a good choice even though they had their own floor in the Flourite residence, this place offered a lot more privacy and gave them both the opportunity to relax without having to worry about their patents or the inconvenience that came with staying in hotel rooms. It also gave Yuui the opportunity to cook his own food, the ingredients for which he'd just been out shopping for.

"Hello. I'm back!"

A few pokémon came running towards him as he entered the door, all of them bonded to him, and he neither saw or heard any sign of Fai or any of the pokémon bonded to him which was unusual. Even if Fai had decided to go out it was still odd for all of his pokémon to join him. Oh well, his own overprotective feelings aside Fai was a big boy and could handle himself, and bending down to properly greet everyone he made the decision to try and not worry too much about it. Putting away the groceries, and fixing himself a nice cup of tea, he settles down into the couch to read a book, his baby togepi settled securely in his lap.
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The problem with abandoning everything to run into the wild without any experience whatsoever turned out to be, not the cold, or the lack of food, but the fact that Yuui is as good at being firm as Fai is at keeping his mouth shut. That is to say, not at all. And when you combine that with a very stubborn, and slightly aggressive Murkrow things are bound to get interesting.

"Hugin. Hugin, no. I know you like shiny things and all, but that's not really... nest... material." His voice turns strained as Hugin demonstrates that he happens to think that it makes for excellent nest material by sitting down on top of Yuui's head. He tugs sharply on a sparkly lock of hair before letting out a loud caw, causing Yuui to look incredulously at him. Or at least he attempt to. Funnily enough, it turns out it's a wee bit difficult to look at someone while they're clinging to your hair. "What do you mean you saw it first? It's my hair so I definitely think-" 

But Hugin is not interested in what Yuui thinks, this sparkly fluffy stuff is his and if it happens to be attached to his trainer then all the better. It's only logical to keep all the important stuff in one place after all. And he's sure that all of the other non-shiny people, some of whom are beginning to give them very funny looks, would agree with him. So there. 
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[Someone sounds like he's practically bouncing where they sit, and there is the irate chatter of an annoyed Flabébé in the background. But Fai is a bit too excited to pay her any mind right now.]
Oooh~, exploring the wild for the great of our society. Now doesn't that sound like a perfect excuse to toss to your parents? I mean, purely hypothetically, of course. I mean, sucks for the Delvers, but I was never very good with enclosed spaces, you know? [There is an audible shudder there. Stagnant air that hadn't moved for centuries, darkness and the weight of stone above. He could practically feel the Flying part of him rebelling at the thought.]
Anyway, I've hoped something like this might happen - not that I want us to run out of resources! I just... [He laughs a bit sheepishly.] I kind of needed this, you know? It'll make things a bit easier.
If my responsible and serious twin sees this... meet me at the south gates in an hour~!
[While waiting for Yuui, it's not like Fai can stand still for long, and so he bounces around excitedly in the vicinity of their meeting space. He pokes at everything that can be poked, chats at anyone standing still for any amount of time, and is generally a mild nuisance in a "happy puppy" kind of way. Bother him, or be bothered by him, those are really the only alternatives.]

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[Apollo's voice makes him sound a bit older than he is. Anyone who doesn't know him may be in for a surprise later.]

How many of you who are planning on exploring outside the city have spent much time in the wilderness during the winter? If you haven't you should travel with someone who has. You won't be able to find an iron mine if you die.

[With that morbid thought delivered in a completely calm tone, there's a pause before he asks another question, one that he doesn't know the answer to.]

What does an iron mine look like?

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