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[action, Residential District]
[Sometime in the early evening, there comes a brief rumble of footsteps from one of the towers in the shabbier part of the Residential District before the door bursts open and a small horde of Pokemon stampedes out.

This is shortly followed by a roiling cloud of smoke and a young teenaged boy carrying a pan of fire. ...It was probably a pan of something meant to be edible at some point, but now it's mostly just a pan of fire.

He lobs it as far away from them as possible the moment he makes it to relative safety, coughing and spluttering.]

Someone use Water Gun!

[Sentret, Teddiursa, Togetic, Drifloon, Purrloin, Bagon, Espeon, and Cottonee slowly turn to stare at their trainer.]

...I've got to make friends with a Water type.

[While he works on that, he takes off his oven mitts and begins to beat at the flames with them instead. Good thing cobblestone isn't flammable. ...Well. It's probably not.]

[video, public, much later]
Hi, everyone. ...Um.

It's been a while since everything that happened now. I hope everyone's been able to recover from their injuries - if you still need medical assistance for any reason, please come by the Medical Center. Or I'd be happy to come over and see you, too.

I guess I wanted to ask... what exactly was Sanctuary making and who... saw them? I didn't really understand too much of what was going on, but I feel like... we ought to be telling the Council how we feel about all of this, too, right? Won't they be taking some part in the decisions, too?
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[It's been a wild past couple of days for Khepri Vantas. He's left the only home he's ever known in search of an aboveground civilization he knows almost nothing about, he's managed to survive on the surface without being destroyed for his hubris (ha!), and he's even made a new Pokémon friend. The Sewaddle in question is currently asleep in the lowered hood of his scrappy gray cloak, which is only easily distinguished from his scrappy gray robes because the tone is a little different.

Now, Refuge was by no means just a hole in the ground. Their city was beautiful in its own way and had its own charm. Still as Khepri pads barefoot around Union he can't help but be incredibly and visibly awestruck. This place is unlike anything he's ever seen: the tall buildings, the open walkways, the sky visible above it all: they'd be mundane to most anyone else but to him they're fascinating. It doesn't seem to occur to him that he looks utterly out of place or that he's attracting some glances. This is a dream coming true and nobody is going to make him feel bad about it.

Eventually he finds the Agricultural Tower, which just about blows his mind completely. He can be found looking at it with his hands on his hips and his neck craned back, a look of utter delight on his face.]

That's incredible. Don't you think that's incredible?

[The Solrock floating next to him, predictably, remains silent and expressionless.]

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