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( VIDEO. )

[ the background is of the woods just outside Union and— oh, look, it's the boy who was causing the huge scene at the public discussion about Sanctuary. he seems completely different in demeanour now to the way he was then; his expression and body language are open and friendly.

there is also a Phantump in his lap, with Jack's arms wound loosely around it, and a Pidgey comfortably perched on his head. ]

Suddenly thought about something and I thought I'd open to the public for an answer, since that seems to be the done thing around here. Yes? Am I right?

Okay, so I know I'm a little bit out of the loop with what "the norm" is— uh, pretty much everywhere. [ this is still an understatement. ] But does everybody seriously name the Pokémon they're hanging out with? Why? Isn't it weird? How do you even come up with all those names?

( ACTION #1. )

[ somewhere just outside of Union, Jack is... attempting to practice. it sounds like he might be sticking around for a while, between the people he's been meeting and the Sanctuary troubles. he wants to help all the Homunculi stuck there; and just as much as that, he wants the information the Mages are hiding, because maybe he'll learn something about himself. maybe he'll find out how to get back his memories - and every time he thinks about that, there's ice crackling all over him like jolts of electricity.

but staying in Union means that he's going to be near lots of people, and for long periods of time. he can't go accidentally making blizzards and causing huge explosions of ice spikes - that's fine out in the middle of nowhere, but somebody might really get hurt here.

so he's gotta get himself under control. but by the gods, training is boring.

and also not very successful at the moment, judging by the way the ice that Jack was gathering in his hands just blew up in his face. the blast radius is enough to hit anyone that might have come near to investigate the noise, too - they get front-row seats to a blast of icy wind and a faceful of frost. Jack's hair is blown back and frozen in place, and there are ice crystals all over his face. ]

Oh, come on! I had it that time! [ a Duskull is doing giddy loops around his head. Jack snatches a wooden shepherd's staff up off the ground to jab playfully at the Pokémon. ] Yeah, yeah, laugh it up. Just you wait - next time you're sleeping I'm gonna freeze you to the wall.

( ACTION #2. )

[ this is less of a singular event and more of an "any time a character happens to notice it" thing, because - did you know Jack's been sleeping on the streets?

well. Jack's been sleeping on the streets. on the nights when he stays in Union rather than the surrounding woods, he tucks himself into alleyways and corners, anywhere it seems likely he'll be able to sleep shielded from the morning sun. this doesn't always mean he ends up in the most unnoticeable spot he could find, and with his Pokémon lingering around him, he could certainly be caught at night or in the morning before he wakes. feel free to question the dirty homeless teenager.

he's tried to convince his new friends to go to the Pokémon Habitat, because even if it feels too awkward for him to sleep there, it's a place meant for them. they have refused. so the boy can also be found with a Phantump cradled against his chest, a Pidgey sleeping on a rooftop overhead, and a Duskull keeping vigil over him. ]
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[So the feed on the Warp Band is a little fuzzy. There's a loud, obnoxious KROW and then some muffled shushing while the camera tries to adjust itself. Eventually what can be seen is a bespectacled teenager with a huge obnoxious bird sitting on his shoulder looking into the band skeptically.]

[He blinks after a moment and then gives a toothy grin.]

Oh man, I think it's working. I can't believe I missed so much. How long have we had video on these things? I'm so mad, I've been gone for practically a million years.

[His grin fades, as does his excitement.]

So uh. Hey, Union. None of you probably remember me but my name's John Egbert. I'm an actor at the Union Divine Theater and I've been out travelling for a while so I missed practically everything. Anyone wanna catch me up?

It's nice to be-- [And he's abruptly cut off by the Murkrow cawing loudly into the feed. John shoves him off his shoulder.] Holy shit, can you not do that for like four seconds!? Ugghh.

[The feed ends with him being comically put out while the bird seems to be flying around him cawing JUST TO BE OBNOXIOUS.]

[Locked to the Union Divine Theater]

[It's been a few days since he's been in town, but honestly? When he got back he went straight home, got crushed into a hug from his dad for three whole hours, went to sleep and THEN decided to come by the theater. It's been a long year and he's glad to be back honestly.]

[He pushes open the doors and looks around. He wonders who all is here now? How many new members have they gotten? He wondered if the Commander was going to chew him out for being like. seven months late with his report. Ah, well.]

[He's left Sprite- his Murkrow- with the habitat so trailing in after him is his Goomy. Anyone walking the theater will see a familiar (or unfamiliar) kid going through the papers and fliers sitting at the ticket counter.]

Oh no, I can't believe I missed that one! Augh. Wait, who did they get for the second lead....

[He seems very interested in what plays had gone on while he was gone.]
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Log Deputy: Nerdo ([personal profile] nerdorama, [ profile] Nerdorama)
Participating Characters: Rise Kujikawa, Asemu Asuno, Kaito, Ichiro Ogami, Sakura Shinguji, John Egbert, Lucas, Jinxie Tenma
Plot Description: Earthquake leads minor celebrity to getting in way over her head, so it's time for a dramatic rescue and a sudden development of minor superpowers.
Warnings/Notes: Surprisingly none considering what this is attempting to emulate...

The back side of the towers. )

--hello?--I fell...happened--underground--help?

((Rise is trapped in a section of the Old City that's mostly cut off from the surface now, along with a good number of panicking Pokémon. This is the log to come rescue her and hopefully the trapped mons as well. We have a large group so no tagging order is necessary and it's not going to be a long dungeon-crawl so I think we can just single-thread this. Thanks!))
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[Action: Union Divine Theater]

[Shortly after the earthquakes, a siren sounds within the theater, echoing through the halls. As they begin to sound, doors swing open, and people begin running through the halls, the theater coming to life.

Sakura, in her pajamas, is one such person, moving with purpose through the halls. She appears to be looking for something, or someone.]

o3. action

Jan. 18th, 2014 10:01 pm
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Who?: Anyone from or affiliated with the Union Divine Theater
What?: Bonding time in the mountains, also training!
When?: 1/18
Warnings: It's frickin cold, hope you guys bundled up. Rocky-esque music montages optional.

[[BGM: The Heartwarming Life of the TeiGeki]]

Mister I'll make a man out of you! )
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[So it's really cold outside. It's really cold and a lot of you have been running around trying to find a mine. Well, at least there's one place that's guaranteed to let you kick back for a second and recharge. Besides how can you say no to free food?]

[Welcome to the Union Divine Theater.]

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Calling all Rangers, Delvers, and anyone outside freezing to death!

So, we can all agree this iron thing pretty much sucks, and there's a lot of you that are going out into the wild to brave hypothermia and frostbite to get us some more.

Us at the Union Divine Theater just want to let you guys know how much we appreciate what you're doing. In fact, we appreciate you guys so much that we're opening our doors to anyone coming and going for a little weather relief!

Starting at around noon, the theater will be open with warm food, drinks, and a show to anyone coming back in from the cold. Now you guys literally have no excuse to get hurt out there.

The show we'll be preforming is going to be The Promise. The tragic tale of two lovers torn apart by their societal obligations when they are forced to marry entirely different people to please their families! The romance! The intrigue! We will also be providing tissues.

Also, don't think that the theater is closed off from anyone else! Anyone in the city is welcome to come by! We will be taking donations for the mine hunting effort so any contribution that can be made would be really cool!

Anyway, that's about it! If you've got any questions let me know. Otherwise I will see you all at the show!

[OOC: Another post is going to go up right after this for the actual mingle log and stuff! DON'T BE ALARMED BY THE DOUBLE POST.]
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Hello, can anyone hear me? I believe I'm still in the signal area. In any case, I believe that I may have found something interesting! A community of Spearows, so close to the city! I thought that they were solitary Pokémon, and yet there must be at least half a dozen of them nesting here, in close proximity. While I have not been able to get too close, I have been able to construct quite a few interesting ske--

Camille, what are you doing there? Camille, sto--

[The feed abruptly cuts off.]


[The Verdant Forest, early morning, the trees covered in a new layer of fluffy white snow. The ratata are slowly crawling out from their hidey-holes to find their first meal of the day; pidgey cooing gently, welcoming in the day; the sweet, dulcimer cry of an errant Enlightened screaming--wait, what?!]

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