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Team Evolution is not terribly popular in the city, and so the Council saw fit to grant them guards. Sword of the Savior guards. So you have Manfred (and several others) following them around at a discrete distance, making sure no one throws rocks at the new visitors. He doesn't look terribly happy about it, but judging by the bloodshot eyes, that may have less to do with wanting the throw a rock himself and more with being hungover.

Later that evening, after he was off duty and devested of armor in the Swords Barracks, he made a post.


I dunno, after all the fuss on warp band channels, I thought they'd have glowing red eyes and scales. Maybe a smell of brimstone. Team Evolution looks like it's made of regular folk to me. Maybe we should cut them a little slack.

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Jan. 4th, 2014 09:10 pm
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