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[ It's very obviously Lux, but she sounds a little off. Exhausted maybe? ]

It's nothing serious, but could I get a few people to do some favors for me this week? Make some deliveries to the Seekers headquarters, pick up a few things around the business district, nothing major. I'll be happy to pay you. Last week really did a number on me...

Thank you in advance.
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With the revelation of the presence of the Enhanced, Union was able to quickly mobilize. As the strange conditions continued to worsen, the Trainers of Union once again set out to bring order to the chaos.

This time however, they do not walk entirely alone. A small, dedicated team remains behind in Union, sorting through the dossiers and information that Crystal and Rory have collected. Connected to those in the field via Warp Band network, hopefully they can identify the Enhanced and find a way to calm them before a tragedy occurs.

[OOC: There will be a thread for each active team based on the sign-ups. Any areas that did not have any sign-ups will not be present and will be addressed later. As per our usual standards, moderators and NPC helpers will progress the log at least once every 24 hours. The Union log will work somewhat differently from the battle logs in that the participants will be collecting information concerning the Enhanced; when enough information has been accumulated, they will be asked to tag into the battle threads to provide guidance and support to those out in the field.

Characters participating in the Union log will function as support staff for this event. They will have their own log interacting with Rory and Crystal and as characters in other logs encounter the Enhanced, they can use the observations made to try to find out more about the Enhanced in the field and help the people in the field determine an appropriate situation. Because of this, players in the Union thread may threadjack any ongoing log to relay information as needed.

The outcome of this event will depend very much on player decisions and the ability of the characters to respond to the threats at hand, so we would highly encourage you all to tag as regularly as possible. Thanks!]
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[Residents near the park are treated to a frightful crash as a giant green Gogoat smashes his way through the wooden playground equipment with what appears to be a sense of childish glee. Playgrounds really were fun-- and look at all the cool stuff he could do now! Braying with delight, he lowered his head and dug his hoofs into the ground, ready to bash apart those boring old benches--]

Kamo, that's enough!

[Shaking his head to clear his mind and loosen the debris that was starting to stick in his hair, Rei Ryugazaki looked as harried as he sounded. His hyper little Skiddo had only just evolved, and it was clear to anyone watching that the young buck wasn't anywhere close to mellowing out. He rubbed the bridge of his nose with an irritated sigh, hoping that he wouldn't get too many headaches now that they had gotten through the busiest part of the winter season.]

What did I tell you before about how people don't always like to play rough? There are ways to play and not...

[...He didn't even know how to describe the mess that he saw before him, or the mess that Kamo had made of his family's yard, and of his bedroom...

This was why his parents didn't want him to bring Kamo over to the house anymore, among other things. Rei suspected that eating the Salvation day dinner before it even made it to the table had something to do with the decision as well.

Kamo merely regarded his trainer silently, before huffing and shaking bits of snow off his body. They had spoken, but he didn't see how it was any fun!]

...would you feel better if we went for a run? Exams are over, so--

[Rei had no time to finish the sentence. He had Kamo at 'run'.

With an excited bray as reply, Kamo darted down the path at top speed, hooves digging into the icy muck and kicking it up behind him as he dashed off.

At a loss for proper reply, Rei did what came naturally: he took off after the Gogoat, fully aware of the futility of his actions and how he would regret it later.]

Kamo! Come back!


[It's night time when Rei pops onto the feed, with his glasses askew and a panicked look in his eyes.]

Does anyone know how to catch a runaway pokemon? A big one?

[Breathing heavily, he picked a dirty leaf out of his tangled hair and made to wipe the dirt off his face. He only smeared it.]

He's pretty exciteable..and he likes to knock heads to say hello.
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[There's snow on the ground. It's cold. Makoto is not dressed for this weather. Cotton, her loyal Mareep, is at her side as they trudge through the snow back in the direction of where they both think Union City is.]


[She looks over at the Pokémon and sighs deeply.]

I don't know, Cotton. It was a lot warmer when we went out.


[Makoto laughs as she sees the walls that surround the city and she begins to run towards them.]

Last one home has to shovel the walkway!


[As she and Cotton run through the streets of the city–dirty, tired and hungry the both of them–their laughter and teasing carry before them. She considers dropping by Rei's shrine to check in, but she really wants a warm bath, a hot meal, and to curl up in bed. Once she's settled, maybe she'll contact her friends. No, scratch that, she will contact them. Just... not this second.]


Um, I've been out of the city for a while now. [Understatement.] Did Salvation Day already pass?

[Private Video to the Senshi]

Um, I don't know where I've been, but it looks like a lot of time has passed. But, I'm back now and at home. Did I miss anything important?
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[Today, a face that hasn't been seen in a while pops up. Orange hair and his brown, eastern style looks-like-a-honedge's-scabbard clothes can be seen, before he adjusts his hair 'hand' that has the band on it in order to see his face more easily. Behind him are the familiar sights of Union, although he's clearly more close to Ninetails Vale than anything else. He also doesn't seem bothered by the cold at all]

Ah, hey!

[He smiles briefly, jerkily raising up one of his arms in order to mechanically wave at the camera.]

I'm back. A lot of you probably don't remember me, but...I kind of spent a month up in the mountains after the whole dream thing. Trying to get a little know.

[He reaches up to scratch at the back of his head, and while the movement is slow and mechanical, he at least seems much more comfortable with it than he was when he first arrived.]

So, uh....I guess I'm asking if anything happened while I was gone. Yeah, I should've kept checking the band, but...I guess I just forgot.

[Something attracts his attention, and he turns his head automatically - and there's only a little jerkiness as he does so.]

Oh yeah, what's with all the lights? Another holiday? Man, you guys sure like your holidays...

[After a moment, he shakes his head.]

I think that's it for now. -OH, yeah! Maya, is it still alright if I stay with you guys? I still haven't figured out how to go back to being a pokemon yet, but...if your rooms are full up or something, I'll figure something else out.
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[Action A]

[He always appreciated a good, solid training session-- one where both his body and mind felt reinvigorated and focused from the intense practice that required the two of them to work in tandem-- but even he knew when to take a break and recover his strength, or when not to push his limits.

Never, even during his most dedicated athletic days, had he ever considered training out in the snow.

Bundled up in a heavy sweater, boots, and a thick woolen scarf, he was out in one of the many parks scattered around Union with a Pangoro and a Gallade....and, curiously, a bo staff that was held in his gloved hands. Close observers would notice the intense concentration in his stance and gaze as he watched the two pokemon demonstrate...and those who knew him would almost be able to hear the muttered string of mathematical equations that he was running under his breath as he honed his focus.]

...Length of staff: approximately 1.8 meters, light weight, average flexibility. Arms: apart, with staff held at a fifty degree angle above the ground--

[He didn't have too long go think before both pokemon shared a knowing look and intervened. Hanai pulled his trainer off of his feet in a veritable bear hug, ignoring all sputtered protests while Shiro, ever a practical one, picked up the staff himself...and gently tapped Rei on the head to get the teen's attention before using utilizing the prop best as he could.

It was made for a human of average height, not a smaller (and slimmer) pokemon.

Rei may have been a hopeless cause when it came to actual combat but, after that incident in the Northern Marshlands, neither Shiro nor Rei himself really saw that they had much of a choice in the matter any longer.]

[Action B]

[It was early evening, and Rei was taking an easy jog down the quieter streets with his little Vulpix trailing behind him. With Salvation drawing nearer by the day, Rei was eager to see all of the decorations that people were still decking their homes with. Every house was different-- that was what made the holiday special.

Every few blocks he would stop and admire one of the buildings, enjoying it for the sheer beauty it carried. The little Vulpix enjoyed it too, and sometimes added her own flare to the show-- shooting up little embers to dance in the air like fireflies before they faded into the snow and darkness.]
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Log Deputy: [ profile] axiomaticgrue
Log Deputy Schedule: We'd like to request a 24-hour cycle; at least 1 tag every 24 hours (dependent on at least one player tag)
Participating Characters: Yuuna Sugasawa, Haruka Tenoh, Son Goku, Rei Ryugazaki, Merill, and Usagi Tsukino
Plot Description: A group goes out to explore the Northern Wetlands to see what they can find.
Warnings/Notes: Maybe language? Rated M for Mudkipz?

Son you better not go at night... )


Nov. 19th, 2014 10:49 am
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[ Voice \ Video ]

[ At some point in the day Helios' face will come up on the feed. Well actually it's his Goomy's face that's on the screen first and it'll look very excited and happy to know that it's the center of attention for a few seconds. In the background there's a myriad of books, papers, and maps haphazardly littering the desk and walls around the man and his two pokemon. Guess who is back from his travels? This guy is! Glaucus will let out a characteristic cry before Helios' hands wrap around it and move it out of the way only to have it placed in what appears to be a small kiddie pool filled with water. There you go buddy, he can't have you drying out, that'd be dreadful! He's all smiles as he addresses Union as a whole. ] Ah! It's certainly good to be back home for a little while! But a researchers work is never finished as I like to say. I was wondering if someone could catch me up on the ongoings around here? I've been rather busy out in the field after all.

[ He smiles as his Oddish (Patecatl) makes an appearance as well, it lets out a happy little "oddish!" as if in reply to Helios' words. ] Also I was wondering if anyone would like to go on an expedition in the near future? I haven't nearly covered all of the Verdant Forest that I would have liked to, so there's always room for more exploring you know? I was also thinking of paying a visit to the hot springs and the shrine too while we're out there so it's going to be a long expedition. I hear the springs are quite good for rest and relaxation though and the shrine has lots of interesting pokemon to collect information on. [ It makes him excited just to think about! Maybe he'll actually encounter one of the rarer ones this time around! And with all the moving around he's done Helios could use a nice soak. ]

It's always more entertaining when there's a solid group of us. So if you want to sign up for this little expedition of ours just stop by my office at the university or you can even tell me over the network. I don't mind either way!
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I have a question for all of you! What are good hunting and foraging spots within the Verdant Forest? I'm trying to save up a bit of money, and unfortunately that means I've had to cut a lot of things out of my diet.

Food in general, for the most part.

I asked my Eevees to make similar sacrifices but they weren't too keen on that so there you go. Anyway, I've been relying a lot more on food I can find myself, but I find I'm still a bit hungry more often than not and Pokemon food really doesn't taste very good at all. Any suggestions?
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Yuuna’s Nightmare )

Gouken’s Nightmare )

Dream World

[Here’s someone who seems prepared, at least. Yuuna, in her long sleeved white martial arts uniform, meanders through the through the odd landscape. A Ranger’s insignia is emblazoned on the arm now, and she’s wearing handwraps like always. Her hand is never far from her sword, and she’s surrounded by several Pokemon, six visible, though anyone with preternatural senses will catch a 7th in the area…though it’s well hidden. She approaches anyone without much reservation, waving and announcing her presence well in advance.]

Hey. You okay?

[OOC: Catch her in any place, or help Gouken out! I’m totally open with this!]

[ voice ]

Sep. 24th, 2014 01:05 am
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[ Private to Usagi ]

Hey... I know you had mentioned you wanted to come if I ever was headed for the Rolling Plains. I was thinking of going this week, since Rico seems to be strong enough now to handle most anything out there. You still want to come?


[ Failed private to Ami, because Minako switched recipients wrong! ]

Hey, Ami? I was wondering something... I'd been working with Rei on some things with school, but he's been really absent lately. Do you mind if I ask for some help on things?
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Log Deputy: Wighty
Participating Characters: Cordelia, Robin, Asemu, Melaka, Yuuna, Rei
Plot Description: A small rag-tag group of rangers is assigned the task of exploring and mapping out the Wildwoods area.
Warnings/Notes: None

Surely nothing will go wrong )
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[There's the sound of a woman crying hysterically in the background.]

Ohhh, Goku, he's a woman, why does this happen to my beautiful family, can't we just be normal....

[Yeah, that's his wife Chi-Chi freaking out, but more importantly, there's a girl with long blonde hair in the video feed.]

Uh, don't mind Chi-Chi, she's taking this a little hard right now. Anyway, so this girl- I don't know who she is, but I've got her body, and I'm sure she'd like it back. I really wouldn't mind getting mine back too, it's a little hard to train like this... [YEP IMPLYING THAT LUX IS A LITTLE WEAK COMPARED TO WHAT HE'S USED TO OOPS]

And well, they won't let off about it either. [The camera points to Machoke, Staraptor and Murkrow. All giggling. Yes, the birds even got Machoke in on this one.]



[He's walking about Union in his new girly body, just trying to get a feel for it. And he is totally trying to wear his orange gi, but it's a bit baggy and Chi-Chi has pinned some of the sides in for him. He can tell she'd definitely got other powers that are wildly different to his own. Which means he might be fiddling with them even as he's walking around.

That ball of light that's suddenly appeared next to you is slowing you down for some strange reason. And now there's a 16 year old girl running at you full tilt screaming.]

YAAAAAAH! Quick, get away from that!


[Or maybe you are suddenly finding yourself enveloped by a shield of light, and the culprit quickly looks at her hands and thrusts them behind her, looking guilty. She didn't do that she swears. You know, even though she's got the same prismatic sphere around herself too.]
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[It was the weekend, and Rei had slept in his own bed on a Friday night for the first time in weeks. Although he was taking his recent dealings with Pokemon quite seriously, he also had obligations to fulfill on a mundane level. He had promised his parents and teachers that he would keep his grades up to their usual standards in spite of all of this, and he had a major test to study for on Monday...

Between the many, many books that were scattered about the bed, a couple of extremely cuddly Pokemon who were curled up next to him, and a few changes that had taken place while he was passed out...

Of course there was going to be a consequence.

First there was a creaking and groaning of the wooden frame when a certain young man shifted under the sheets. It was followed by a loud snap, then a the tumult of wood clattering against wood and a loud crash as the bed, on it's final legs, broke beneath the weight of something that was far heavier than it looked.

In the midst of the flailing limbs, tangled hair, and a few very confused Pokemon, the Warp Band clicked on.]

What in the--

[Rei cut himself off at the sound of his voice and weight of the silvery hair that fell across his face and over his shoulders. Something wasn't--

It took him barely a moment to register what had happened.]

Eeeehhh?? What is this?!

[There's a shuffle off screen, and the sound of someone calling his name in concerned inquiry. Rei dove for the Warp Band, panic gleaming in his eyes.]

What do I do? I can't let my parents find me like this!

[Then the feed cut out abruptly-- not without more confused yelling.]

((ooc: Baby Ralts used Teleport! Feel free to find a person who looks like Duke Pantarei wandering around in butterfly patterned pajamas anywhere! Tags for the event will be coming from [personal profile] radiantbutterfly!))
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[It had been weeks since his last foray into the wilderness to explore. After his trek though the mountains last month that resulted in his grades dropping because he skipped all of his classes for two weeks without any kind of warning, Rei had promised himself that he would catch up on his studies, pursue any extra credit that he could, and return his academic levels to their former pristine glory. Befriending a few Pokemon was no excuse to let his grades slip, and he knew that he woud need to either find a way to achieve balance or make a few sacrifices before he was promoted to the next class level.

But that was in the future....and it had been weeks since he had last sat outside with a book and enjoyed himself--not for the lack of his Pokemon trying.

So, it was that afternoon that he had planned on letting Tama, Harima, and Hanai roam around the park while he caught up on his light reading. At least, that was the plan...]

Action A

[Rei stuck out like a sore thumb in the library, carrying a grumpy looking Marill under one arm and a bag full of what appeared to be sunglasses under the other. The frustrated, determined set of his dark eyes and the occassional complaint from the Marill made it amply clear that this was decidedly not a good time to bother him.]

Action B

Lose Your Glasses?
Go to the Library to Get Them.

Ask for Rei Ryugazaki.

[The sign copied out en mass, posted in every storefront that would allow it throughout the city by either Rei or one of his Pokemon (except the grumpy Marill, who will be with Rei at all times). Rei's peaceful afternoon was spent posting these flyers instead of reading in the park like he had originally planned...but, that's not going to stop him from trying to make the most of the situation.

As the afternoon sun faded and turned into evening, the small group of them finally did make it to the park. With a bag of snacks and bottled tea for all of them to share, Rei flopped onto the grass to watch the sun set while the other three played.

Frustrating as the afternoon was, it was nice to take a break from academics once again.]
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Who: Yuuna and Rei and anyone who may be at Ice Rock maybe?
What: Training, exploring, and maybe some evolution
When: Mid Week 27
Where: Mountains/Ice Rock
Warnings: Maybe language? Maybe?

A couple of geeks go somewhere cold. And geek out more )
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[The camera wobbled in and out of focus for anyone who happened to tune in that morning, and close observers would catch a glimpse of movement-- of trees, and of a very curious pair of eyes, glimmering in excitement, peering into the feed.]

--Tama-san, [A voice, a young man, said in an almost chiding tone.] I know you're excited, but you don't need to hang. all. over. me.

[He swung his arms, trying to free himself from from Tama's grip, but the momentum of the movement threatened to throw the both of them off balance.

Defeated, Rei stopped and sighed wearily.]

Alright, we can stop for a snack, although you'll lose your appetite at this--

[He broke off mid-complaint, eye widening when he noticed that the camera feed was live.

The moment of surprise, however, was short lived. Rei fussed with his glasses, suddenly adopting a cool, composed demeanor now that he realized that he had been noticed.]

Don't worry-- nothing's going on. We know exactly what we're doing.

[--The composed aura didn't last for long. A Mantyke, still young, fully appeared on screen and tackled the young man.

...Clearly, it didn't want lunch. It wanted to play.]

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