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[ I forget if there's a thing for action logs but here we go.

Hans is glad to be back in Union-- hell, he's especially glad that he didn't have to lift a finger while he was in Caldera because wow. Hopefully tales of his awesomeness have spread throughout the city by now, but he honestly just wants to take a break.

The best thing to really relax is to shift, obviously. So if you should find yourself walking around Union, you may just run into a cute little Axew that is just walking around with his buddy, Sitron, a Rapidash that looks... well, just like any other Rapidash. So he's laying low. Right.

Shhh, as long as he just goes for a walk people won't know he's a shifter! That's the plan, anyway. I mean, aside from his little pink scarf, he's just like any other pokemon wandering around the city.

Maybe he just got away from his master, that's all.

((aka: If you've ever wanted to taunt Hans/have cute pokemon shenanigans, now is the time. Name the place and the time and feel free to bump into him or notice him or whatever floats your boat! ))
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[Action, around Union]

[A lovely blond woman of undetermined age has been on quite the tear around Union. Always with a glass of wine in her hand, she is accosting people at random, questioning them at length, and generally messing with them. Depending on the circumstances, she may also be teleporting them to random, inconvenient areas if the fancy strikes her, or warping away some of their items.

She seems to be having fun at least!

Behind her, running in her wake, is a rather frantic woman with Vulpix tails. She's trying to find her and stop her but hasn't been having much luck]

((OOC: This is a post for both Ran and Yukari, please specify who you want in the post! If you're tagging Yukari, if possible please specify if you are OK with your character or some of their stuff getting warped to a random location at any point within the log! If no response is received, I will assume no.))


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[Squid Girl's looking pretty proud of herself today.  Much squid.  Many tentacle.  Very self-satisfy.  Wow.]

Humans of Union!  A new era has dawned!  The Age of the Malamar!

[She'll just give that a moment to sink in.]

That's right - look and be amazed at my ink-credible evolution!

[She waves her tentacles around at the camera.  She looks... pretty much exactly the same as she did before.]

Hu hu hu... impressed, aren't you?  Well, I'm not done jet, because there's a new member of the inkvasion force to introduce, too!  This... is the Clam!

[Reaching down with two of her tentacles, she picks up a fishbowl with a Shellder inside.  It's wearing a tiny little sea captain's hat and also an eyepatch over one of its eyes, looking a bit like the charming fellow on the left.  It lets out a somewhat disturbing sounding little burbling laugh before gurgling its name a few times and laughing again.  Squid Girl blinks over at him, tilting her head and looking confused.]

...Huh?  You gilly want to flood the city?

[There's a short back and forth before she sets the fishbowl down again.]

W-well, anyway, the Clam is my new lieutenant, so everybody better treat him with the same respect you'd show me!  ...That is all!


Mar. 28th, 2014 07:18 pm
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[action, Agnostos Temple]
[Since her discovery of the temple some weeks back, Tiki has taken to spending a great deal of time within its hallowed walls. There is a familiar air here... One that brings to mind a time long lost to her. Some mornings, she kneels and meditates for hours.]

How fleeting is this imperfect mind. It stores knowledge and wisdom, only to be relentlessly washed away by the eddies of time. Would that I could remember.

Bantu... How long has it been since I lay at your feet as a mere child? Do you, too, yet remain in this world? ...How I have need of your wisdom now.

[action 2, Agnostos Temple]
[But most mornings, she simply falls asleep in an upright position, looking for all the world like a dedicated worshiper. The only hint is the occasional snore.]


[video, public]
People of Union...

I would ask a question of you. What is it that you truly know of the gods of old? The stories speak of a time when the world lay on the brink of destruction. The land yet bears scars of battles long past, and yet... the gods have not been seen for centuries upon centuries. Will they continue to lie silent?

I fear there comes a storm, a catastrophe looming once more ahead - No. Do not call it catastrophe. Call it... a turning point. All of time is naught but a cycle eternal, and once more do we stand on the brink of decision, as the people did five hundred years past. In the wake of such... perhaps they shall arise from their slumber once again. How, then, will we receive them? ...How shall they receive us?

Oh people of Union... Choose wisely the path that you shall tread. I feel as if the eyes of all the world, people and Pokémon and gods, lie upon you now.
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Elders, I have news to report from the final day of the tournament. I wish I could say that it was good news. I hate to prod at your memories knowing they are still spotty, but have you heard of any technology that can take a Pokemon past their natural end-stage of evolution?
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Elder Tiki, Master Yukari. I request to speak with you immediately. It is about these newcomers, and how this city's handling of them may impact our decision to continue living here.


Feb. 22nd, 2014 10:18 pm
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[Fai is looking unusually somber, and even in monochrome, it's easy to tell that he's a lot paler than usual. On his shoulder stands Babycakes, now evolved into a Floette, like an equally serious guard of honor with her flower like a rifle against her shoulder.]

[The young man says nothing at first, just holds up a rather skillfull sketch of a poké ball. Those with a bit of knowledge in history should probably recognise at least the general shape and design of it.]

Nevermind that they put those machines there to force Tyrantrum to evolve without their consent, but... they use these. Team Evolution, I mean. They keep pokémon imprisoned in these things, just like in the old days.

[He draws a deep, shaky breath.]

Despite how abhorrent this practice is - and believe me, I understand if you're angry - we should remember that they are from a different place with different laws. Wild accusations and demands aren't going to do us any good, is it? It's better if we try to reason with them, try to make them see why such treatment is wrong.

After all, the people in the old days were not all evil. If they were, why would the Savior have thought us worth sacrificing herself over? They were just ignorant.

But I thought you should be... warned.


Feb. 22nd, 2014 09:21 am
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I want to ask; what do you all think of this Team Evolution?

[A straightforward question from him. Flynn's own feelings didn't go much beyond genuine curiosity for the whole group.]


Feb. 22nd, 2014 05:08 pm
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[Perhaps a few hours away from Union, there's a stream which leads to a small spring. And there's trees. And there's distant mountains and grass and woodland and--

And the smell of cooking.

- and a campsite. Yes, firewood's burning, signalling the sun beginning to hang low in the sky. Yes, there's certainly signs of recent life.

A rather young looking teenager, quite short, and quite thin, sits just shy of the fire upon a folded, long strip of fabric. There's a bowl in his hand, but it appears he's feeding an eevee and a purrloin. He appears to be speaking to them as well.

That is, until the eevee hears your footsteps. She struggles from the youth's lap and bounds over, the whites of her (small) teeth not all that much of a threatening sight.

...Argent?! Please hold!

[Soon enough, the youth moves to her side, a gloved hand on the hilt of some longsword at his side. But looking to his face should inform any visitor that he shows little chance of actually attacking. His eyes are curious, tone gentle.]

Argent, please calm down. Forgive us, friend - for we are not used to visitors. We wish you no harm, unless you wish it upon us.

[The eevee continues to snarl. The purrloin soon saunters to her side as well, looking at this visitor almost hungrily.]


Feb. 19th, 2014 05:51 pm
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[The Habitat is as hopping a place as ever, with caretakers of all sorts watching over both the Pokemon and occasionally going in to check on the eggs. A relative newcomer is among them, and she is a flurry of activity, to the point where some of the older employees are convinced she can bilocate. Truly, a force of nature.]

Come now, don't put that in your mouth! You three, be careful playing, we don't want anybody getting hurt. Hmm, I believe this egg warmer might be malfunctioning. Could somebody check on it please? You there! I saw that!

[She looks like she knows what she's doing, at least, if someone needs to talk to her.]


[...of course, even forces of nature abate on occasion, and so here's Ran, sitting outside the Pokemon Habitat with a nicely packed lunch and a slightly exhausted look on her face. Whether this is a better time to speak with her is up for debate.]
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[Lea is lying on his back on his bed when he turns on the new, fancy camera on his warp band. A Darumaka is on the pillow next to him, his arms and legs tucked in and rocking back and forth while he naps]

Hello! Ain't this a fancy new little... thing. Video, is that what it's called? Pretty cool, gotta say! I can see everyone's smiling faces without even getting out of my bed.

[Lea's smile fades a bit]

You know the worst part about weekends? [SIGH] They end. Tomorrow it's back to work and I don't feel like I've done near enough sleepin'.

Oh! [he snaps his fingers, and the darumaka stirs a little before going back to sleep] I remember what I meant to say. I'm opening up shop for tutoring again. I can teach your pokémon moves they might not otherwise learn. I can only do one a week, though, and I need to see the color of your money upfront. But hey, it might be useful for all you Rangers and folks going out into the big world to fight bad guys.

[Private; Roxas]

Yo kiddo! What kind of snacks do you want me to bring you tomorrow? Aside from ice cream. Ice cream is great but it's not real food.


Feb. 6th, 2014 01:27 pm
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[action, against the walls of Union]
[Today, anyone venturing outside the walls of Union may come across an interesting sight - a woman with long, green-tinted hair slumped up against the walls.

Surely she's hurt! Injured! Exhausted or starving, having barely made it back to civilization only to collapse right against its front gates. Perhaps if care is swiftly brought, she may still be able to rec -- ]


[A light snoring can be heard.]

[public video, much later on]
Well met, everyone.

[The woman appearing on the Warp Band has a mild, pleasant smile as she dips her head slightly. There is a brief flicker of the eyes to her wrist as if she's not entirely sure what she's doing.]

I have been told it would be to my advantage to introduce myself through this device. ...My name is Tiki. It's a pleasure to find myself in such a lively place, though... I see this city, too, has seen better days. Tragedy has been recently averted, I hear.

If there is aught I might be of aid with, I should be glad to lend my help. I am what you would call a Shifter.

[She dips her head again, and it might be noticed now that her hair is a bit too green and her ears too sharply pointed to be normal.]

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