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Hey, check it out!  The Gible I found down in the canyon a few weeks ago evolved!

[Chie, beaming with pride, swings the camera over to show off her awesome new dragon, whose body has finally grown into its comically huge jaws.  Despite its frightening countenance, it seems to be in a pretty good mood, its tail wagging back and forth like a big puppy when Chie reaches over to pat it on the head.]

It makes me feel like I should be working hard too, so I'm gonna ramp up my daily training regimen.  Trial of the Dragon!

[Grinning widely, she pumps a fist in the air excitedly.]

[Action; all around Union]

[And true to her word, Chie is training like nobody's business today.  She can be found jogging here and there and everywhere throughout the streets of Union, periodically stopping to launch some kicks into the air to practice her form.  Notably, her Pokémon aren't with her during all of this - this is her solo training time.  And also of note is her attire.  She's got training weights strapped to her ankles, and she's running everywhere barefoot.  All in all, she's sweating more, breathing harder, and running slower than usual, but Chie's never been the type to give up once she's decided to commit to something, so she's doing her best.

Feel free to run into her in the middle of her training - be it during a run or to watch her practice her kicks - or after she can't handle it anymore and is collapsed on the ground in the middle of the park, catching her breath and rubbing at her aching feet.]

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