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Who: Lucina and Chie
What: Sparring practice
When: November 21st, late afternoon
Where: A park in Union

[Friday came, and the day's training was over with. After Lucina shot off a quick message to Chie, she could be seen walking to the park, carrying a pair of practice swords. A tiny entourage made up of her Honedge, Vivillon, and Growlithe followed along with her.

As she waited for Chie to arrive, she drew Noble from his sheathe, and began practicing various forms.]
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[Once again, Lucina's on the Band, looking significantly more well-rested and cleaned up than when she arrived.]

It's been several weeks now since my people and I arrived in Union, and the response to that has been much, much better than I'd hoped, especially now that I know we came in just on the heels of a significant crisis.

I'd like to personally thank Lenna Tycoon and all those who donated to her charity. It's been a significant help to us, but I, personally, would feel wrong relying on that for much longer. So, as of tomorrow, I'm beginning my training to join the ranks of the Sword of the Saviors. I hope to be able to serve the city well in the future.


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[The day after the Dreamworld closes, a caravan of thirty-or-so people travels towards the city from the direction of Caldera. The carts are beat-up, and the people and Pokemon are weary, more so than even a trip through the West Desert could manage. Their clothes are old and worn, patched several times over, and the few weapons they carry are makeshift. The only weapon in good condition isn't truly a weapon at all. Rather, it's a Honedge willingly strapped to the side of the young woman who leads the group, additionally accompanied by a Polar Vivillon.

Eventually the caravan enters Union. The woman speaks to the guards, and soon enough rumors start spreading through the City like wildfire. It almost sounds like something out of a fairy tale. A group of refugees, coming from a city destroyed by Gigas, led by the last living heir to the throne. Despite her status as deposed nobility, those who say they've talked to her find her friendly, if a bit guarded and a little formal.

Inbetween conversations, Lucina waits, contemplative. Hopefully the stories the Calderans told were true, that Union was accepting as they said it was. Her people needed a new home, and short of doing the nigh-impossible and finding a way to Ylisse, Union was their only real option.]

[The Warp Band video reveals a young woman with a Honedge and Vivillon floating next to her.]

...Is it working?

Hello Union. My name is Lucina of Ylisse, and these are my companions Noble and Grace. I wish to introduce myself, and thank the city for taking in my people. We've been without a place to call home since Gigas destroyed our city, and it's wonderful to finally see that change. I know I'm not in much of a position to ask anything of anyone here, but I hope you'll treat them as well as you'd treat your own people. It hasn't been an easy time for them.

In any case, thank you so much for what you've done so far. I know my parents would have loved to meet you all, were they still with us.

[The smile she gives is a sad one, and the Honedge and Vivillon fret a bit, with the Honedge being the one to speak up]

Are you alright, Milady?

I'm fine, Noble. You don't need to worry about me. Again, thank you Union.

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