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Fascinating. I've known this was possible but until now Flux's Psychic tenacity was not at a level high enough for telepathic communication.

[Laurent is sitting with his books on screen as usual, but it seems he's deemed this moment fantastic enough to document for future reference. He's writing in his journal, but his Solosis is sitting on the desk in front of him looking ... a bit pained in concentration. If observed closely, Laurent's own expression is quirked in the same fashion.]

I'm unsure if the phenomenon is singular to my own Pokemon companions, all Psychic Pokemon, or any number of groups, but Solosis's thoughts become my own if concentrated on. Of course, he lacks the level of comprehension as of yet to understand why... But it is my belief that all Psychic types and Psychic inclined Enlighteneds can obtain this ability. My mother's own research is proof enough. It's still arduous to grasp his feelings in this way, however. I am still unsure as what it is he wants, as his thoughts are subject to change so quickly... Truly, his nature proceeds him. Quiet, yet finicky.

[He stops writing a moment, placing his hand against his forehead and thinking on it hard. Then, he looks a little... disappointed.]

... I already fed you all today. Just because you can tell me directly now doesn't mean you get a second helping...


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Yo! Union, I got a question for you.

Okay, so, the thought just came to me [No inspiration or anything..] I got these two little guys here. [He holds his Nidorans up in his arms, either Doug is a really small guy or the Nidorans are oversized...

So for years I've wondered this, maybe some of you Enlightened guy can help me out. Why do they both say "Nidoran"?

[The male Nidoran goes "Nido" at that and the female goes "Ran" both seeming rather happy in their masters arms.] Is one of them shiny? I don't think so, I mean, that's just a color thing.. right?? This one is a legitimate different shape and size, they can't both be the same pokemon.

They both know different attacks too.. one's a boy and the others a girl just so you know. This is Nigel [He lifts the male Nidoran, facing him--] and this is Nina [--then he lifts the female.]
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A - [12:00PM] Video

Well, it's certain that in the aftermath of all this tragedy that... we're experiencing a bit of happiness, at least. I've noticed many Pokemon hatching lately, I mean. I don't mean to sound sentimental.

[Laurent doesn't look sentimental though, he almost looks a little ...scared?]

In any case, I'm sure there are many new Pokemon around to study... I'm quite excited.

B - [12:15PM] Action

[Around the same time as his broadcast, Laurent can be found in the Pokemon Habitat. He's sitting at one of the picnic tables with his own Pokemon egg... which has hatched open, but the Pokemon isn't anywhere to be seen. No, she's still inside it, staring up at her new master with big yellow eyes, her flame burning purple in the dim light of the shell. She's a Litwick, just born, and Laurent is very very apprehensive about this entire thing. Being a primary Psychic type Enlightened made this extremely difficult. The vibes off the soul sucking Ghost type made him queasy.]

[Open on the table are his notes, a book pulled open about Litwick with the page open to the Dex entry:
Litwick shines a light that absorbs the life energy of people and Pokémon, which becomes the fuel that it burns.]
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A - [12:37PM]

[Laurent is holed up in the archives today, as usual, looking through old books in the University library and going through them page by page. He's a real egghead, so he actually enjoys doing this, believe it or not. What he doesn't like so much is the dust, which is making him sneeze more often than usual. So he's taken his findings (about six large texts) out to a quiet park near the University and sat down at one of the tables usually used for chess. Instead, he has the books strewn around, and he's writing in a blank page journal that seems to be mostly filled already with a fountain pen. His Solosis is bouncing around nearby and generally being more interesting than Laurent himself, getting grass stuck to himself every time the gelatinous ball rolls on the ground.]

B - [5:26PM]

[After school, Laurent can usually be found in the Business or Residential Areas either heading home or simply people and Pokemon watching as he shops. His mother gives him a small monthly allowance so he's decided to stop by Pokeco to see if he should get anything for his Pokemon friend. He's tried his hardest, but Solosis has gotten a bit spoiled... The young man is looking around the different products with his bag still full of books to continue reading at home and his Solosis on his shoulder wobbling excitedly.]

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