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[Four Pokemon are playing around outside one of the houses in the Residential District. An oddly colored Smeargle is currently cheekily dotting the face of a Magnemite, while an Axew chortles nearby. A Metapod, meanwhile, has already been fully painted and seems to be quite proud of its new designs.

Meanwhile, a teenage boy with white hair watches them on the steps of his residence. A notebook is open, but he hasn't written anything in a while. Watching these Pokemon, he thinks back to how they joined him. He appreciates their companionship, but at the same time he's begun to realize something. In pretty much each case he can think of, it had been Takuro who had helped initiate the bond, not Hiroshi. Somehow, there was always a gap there, and Takuro seemed to be the one who always had to pull the two sides together. Even when he bonded with Hiroshi himself...

He's beginning to realize a fatal flaw. He doesn't really GET Pokemon, somehow.]


[Yes, there's a video option now, but Hiroshi is too embarrassed by his request to use it.]

Excuse me, if I could have a moment of somebody's time? I am currently looking for someone with a great deal of experience in understanding Pokemon. I... am looking for someone to help me be a better trainer. If someone out there is willing to help out someone like me, could you let me know? ...I am sorry, I would rather not give my name before I get an offer for help. This is... not an easy thing for me to have to ask.

Thank you, and... sorry for any trouble.
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It was nearing the end of a long week at the Medical Center. Henry had realized that it had been a while since he had done any exploring, and that was sad. After writing up a quick note to tape to the door of the morgue ("Back tomorrow if I'm not dead! -Dr. H"), he grabbed Ghostface from his daily routine of tipping mops onto people and headed off. Though he decided to make a quick warp band call while he walked his way there.

"Hi there! It's recently been brought to me that my friend Ghastly, Ghostface, has been floating around the medical center, dropping things on people while I'm at work. I wanted to ask anyone who has had something dropped on them, Were you surprised? Would you say he's doing a good job? On a level from gust of wind to Poltergeist? I really want to make sure he's developing his prank skills right!"

[Action|The Forest Shrine]
Henry loved the forest Shrine, there were always rumors of dead people and ghosts around, and he really wanted to meet a ghost.

A real ghost, not a Pokemon ghost like ghostface.

He walked around a bit, Ghostface floating slightly behind him.

"Helloooooooooo any dead people around? I'd really want to talk to you!"

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