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Aug. 22nd, 2015 08:57 pm
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In the week of lead-up to the fair, the whole of Union had been ablaze with excited chatter, industrious preparations, and quite a fair number of new faces. People from all over the known world had begun to trickle in with the announcement, some representatives and workers from each invited civilization, some excited young trainers and travelers, hopeful prizewinners and showboaters, cooks, warriors, clothing designers, and of course a wide variety of Pokemon. You couldn’t look anywhere (even a trash can) without finding somebody new, and every single person was absolutely thrilled to be there.

The World’s Fair, hopefully the first of many, sprawled out across the Entertainment District. Large swathes of the area had been cordoned off for the event, stalls and tables, booths and small shelters set out and erected over the course of the week. Local workers and travelers dug in, working in shifts to get everything together on time. Voices sang out around the grounds, work chants accompanied by the beat of hammers and nails, with every soul pouring their hearts into their tasks. A busy time, certainly, and one fueled by a desire for harmony, profit, and to start off the idea with a bang.

There were, of course, a few noticeable exceptions. The open invitation to Gigas that the Council had so warmly extended had been accepted in due time. Those who numbered themselves amongst that great city were distinguishable by their less than friendly countenances and penchant for taking notes, no doubt analyzing the city of their enemies. One likely familiar face made her appearance partway through the week, disappearing quickly into a tent and remaining indoors for the rest of the preparations.

Come opening day, people had already begun lining up at the entrance, awaiting admission. The queue stretched for blocks and blocks, a serpentine loop of people and Pokemon all eager for a chance to see what this fair was all about. Like everything else surrounding the event, there was a certain buzz to it. Chatter filled the line, questions and queries hanging on everyone’s lips. Did you see that robot? What’s that smell? Did you see that Maxime de la Puffette was planning on unveiling her fall lineup here? Oh! Oh! And there are three idol groups! Risette may even make a performance! and there was another rumor that buzzed through the line as well. Gigas accepted the invitation. And so did some of those people from the Archipelago…

Once inside the grounds proper, a dizzying array of sights, sounds and smells assailed every visitor’s senses. Music blared, machines clinked and clanked, food sizzled on grills, exotic spices wafted down the paths, unusual Pokemon let out cries of surprise and delight, and people ooh and ahhhed. Technological wonders stood out on stages, concerts presented a variety of music in every style imaginable, there were whole areas set aside for nothing but eating and fashion, while martial artists, Pokemon and brawlers duked it out in the various arenas. And above it all, airborne Pokemon soared and wheeled, banking and turning as their riders and egos clashed in a competition of acrobatics and skill. All of this could really only mean one thing, and even if by chance you were a Crustle living under a literal rock, you couldn’t miss it.

An event like nothing held since the Cataclysm, and something wholly unique had begun today, and for one week only. The First World’s Fair!

[OOC: This post is open to all players throughout the next week. Feel free to tag around, start your own top levels, and generally have fun during the fair. Some new and familiar faces will be tagging around as well, and may tag into your threads!]
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[ There was a long discussion in the Chevalier household when they found the letter. Cordelia was far more worried than she would ever let on. Who was this "Miss Saber," and why did Rin feel it necessary to sneak off like that?!

The two adults discussed what they would do for quite some time, well into the evening. When the young magi finally made her way home, she would find that the lights in the main room were still on. Should Rin attempt to teleport her way into her room and avoid facing her guardians altogether, she will find a small addition to the note she left, in Cordelia's handwriting. ]

Please come downstairs. We wish to speak with you about your outing today.

[ Should she try to avoid that as well? She'll find Aura, Robin's Espeon, sitting peacefully on her bed as sentry. ]
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[ Today, people will notice a small redhead on their feeds today; he seems to be rather energetic, but at the same time, there's an easy calmness to him before he clears his throat and speaks up, being as polite as can be.

It seems that he's practiced this quite a bit, as it sounds rather professional. ]

Good afternoon, everybody.

My name is Shirou Emiya, and I've only arrived in Union just a few days ago, after travelling around a lot. [ Since his old man decided that this would be a good way to learn new things. ] Anyway, me and my old man - who you might have heard about - we've been trying to help others out. So basically, what I'm trying to say here is that if anybody who can hear this message needs any assistance of any kind, whether it be cooking, cleaning, or protection, I am willing to provide at no charge.

I also have knowledge in creating weapons. My specialty is primarily in swords, but I can make some shields as well. Of course, depending on the item you wish to craft, it may take more time for some people than others, but I shall try my best regardless in that matter.

If anybody has any questions about anything, feel free to contact me back. Thank you very much. Alright, I think that should about do it... [ And he subsequently shuts off the video after that with a determined nod. ]
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As the characters arrive, they will find what appears to be a rather deep cavern. Upon entering, the caverns are quite narrow, with twists and turns everywhere and different tunnels that all seem to be interconnected. As characters travel deeper within the caverns, reality around them will start to warp, they will start to see and hear things that aren’t necessarily there - images of old enemies, past failures, voices of condemnation, visions that strike at the soul and core of the characters. Once this begins, it will only increase in power and volume, demanding it be confronted, lest they be trapped within these caves forever.

[OOC: This event will run for a week. All characters who enter the caves will be subject to some of their deepest fears, darkest demons, and most abject failures. To overcome them, characters must help each other out, finding their purpose through strength of character and resolve to move forward. In general, these visions should require characters to come to grips with themselves. Illusory images and voices can and will appear and can take any number of forms, depending on what is most appropriate to a character. Additionally, characters may thread with each other and are encouraged to help each other out to overcome these personal demons. For those who wish to take part, they are able and encouraged to narrate their own personal demons, which will be on display for everyone who enters their thread. IC threads may be made in this post.]
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[ Cordelia never made a big fuss about her birthday. Until a few months ago, it only served as a reminder that she had once again survived another year of being unmarried--something that her mother insisted upon reminding her of, at length. Usually there would be a formal dinner at the main estate, but with her father away on business, they would need to pencil it in another time.

Which, honestly, Cordelia was fine with. So much fuss over her was still a bit uncomfortable.

She told very few about the day, save for her coworkers and, of course, Robin. It didn't actually matter, at least that was what she told everyone.

Going through the day, she hoped someone would mention something. She was 27 this year. It wasn't a milestone year to be sure, but a little pomp and circumstance on her behalf might have been nice. She even decided to wear a nice skirt today. She is in high spirits toward the beginning of the day, but by the end, her spirits are low, and she can be found around either the Rangers or Swords headquarters moping. ]

Ah, I wish this day would end...
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How has everyone been? Cordelia and I have been quite busy of late, my apologies for being unavailable. Married life is, as it happens, keeps your free time rather limited, but I must say it is highly recommended! The recent contact with the city of Sanctuary has lead to some rather interesting revelations! I'd always noticed my abilities were somewhat different from that of the normal Enlightened. Once I learned the name, it all fell into place, and my eyes were able to reveal the truth. Apparently, I am Magi, as the Enlightened of Sanctuary are. It's a rather fascinating development! I still am not certain how I ended up here at all, but it would explain why nobody has recognized me before. Perhaps I managed to make it near to Union before meeting a grisly end, only to reawaken alive and bereft of memory within the Forest Shrine! At the very least it's interesting to speculate about.

20 [Text]

Apr. 29th, 2015 11:49 pm
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someone tell yuuna im not talking to her anymore

id tell her myself except for how im not talking to her

[Well, someone is handling that argument they had with grace and dignity.]
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Cut for martial arts stuff )

Sorry everyone. Apparently Shinji and Geshiko decided it'd be a good idea to make you watch some of our practices. Which...I guess makes as good an advertisement as anything. Get over here...

[At a gesture, the Roserade and Gallade scuttle over to join their trainer, and a sullen looking Primeape and Toxicroak slink in as well.]

Okay. For those that don't know me, my name is Yuuna Sugasawa from the Rangers. I teach martial arts and self defense classes at Yashio's Dojo, and I've been doing joint work with Fei Fong Wong's school as well.

Our school's always taking on new students, and with as weird as things have been lately, I can honestly say there's no better time to start taking lessons. We primarily work with non-Enlightened, but we do have a few students with supernatural abilities as well. What we do runs the gamut of the very basics to some pretty advanced classes meant to help defend against people and Pokemon who are stronger than a normal human. The same applies for swordplay, and the owner, Master Yashio? Is as fine an archer as I've ever met.

[She smiles as warmly as she can, letting out a huff of breath.]

If I'm not here because of Ranger work, he is, and he'll train you even better than me. Our prices are pretty reasonable, so if you have the time and the inkling, come by. The first three lessons are free, and I don't want to sound like a salesman, but I do recommend taking up some sort of self defense. It's been an eventful year, after all.

[A pause.]

Oh, Martin? I was right about Roselia.

[And with that, she closes down the video.]

Action at the Dojo and Business District

[For the remainder of the day, Yuuna's at the school, practicing and helping take care of interested parties after her impromptu ad. After that it's off to shop, because she has some ideas and thoughts. She can be found in flower shops, wineries, and a couple of fine dining places getting stuff to go. Fancy stuff.]

Action at Home, Closed to Merrill

[With all that stuff gathered up, Yuuna heads straight home and enters without fanfaire. Looking around, she calls out.]

Merrill dear, are you home? I brought dinner!
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[ She was never particularly good at these things, but considering recent events, it was reasonably necessary. Taking a breath, Cordelia pauses before finally speaking into the camera. ]

Hello, my name is Cordelia. I imagine some of you know me, and some of you may not. I have been an acting member of the Rangers for a few years and, formerly, an officer with the Swords of the Savior before taking an extended leave of absence.

A leave that will be lifted, effective immediately.

[ She smiles a bit at the camera, closing her eyes. Yes, this actually felt good. She continued. ]

My duties will be slightly different this time around, as I will still be working primarily with the Rangers. I will be working as a warrant officer, acting as a training officer for new recruits, as well as helping spearhead a new cavalry division alongside the Rangers.

There are many of you whom I have yet to meet. I look forward to doing so in the coming weeks. You can find me on the training grounds.


[ Hello Union! This is Rotom, and it will be your guide for this adventure! Turning the feed toward itself, the pokemon waves at the camera--which it holds entirely too close to its face, so it appears to be more of a close-up of its eye with an occasional lightning bolt-shaped appendage waving in front of it--before turning it back around.

You're in for a treat today, everyone! Rotom has some exclusive footage, never before seen by anybody! Remember that tall, possibly somewhat intimidating red-haired workaholic woman talking about the Swords earlier? ]

That's a very good boy, Eevee! Now jump!

[ Holding her arms in a ring-shape, the redhead cheered as her Eevee soared through. The two did this again a few times, before moving on to some other tricks. Both seemed to be really into it. Contest circuit, here they come!

Eevee noticed the cameramon first, barking a few times before sauntering over. WAS IT TIME FOR HIS CLOSEUP? DID YOU SEE HIS COOL TRICK??? ]

Eevee, what are you--

[ Turning toward the camera, Cordelia stopped, the gears turning in her head. Rotom. Warp Band. The "RECORDING" light was on.


Oh Savior did everyone just see that? Her face turned a deep shade of red before she charged forward. ]

R-Rotom! Stop! Turn that off right now!!

[ The camera charges forward toward a wall, Rotom snickering the entire way. It looks like the pokemon assumed it could take the Band with it when it passed through the wall, but instead the feed is treated to a close up shot of it before falling to the ground. After a few seconds, Cordelia picks up the band, looking extremely embarrassed.

Eevee barks excitedly in the background. More games! This was great! Cordelia let's do the thing again! =D ]

Please... forget what you saw. For everyone's sake.
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( i: action; all around union )

[ meet Teasel, everyone - the new addition to the Baggins household, and a right royal pest. first it was Bilbo's spoons. then anything else in the house that was shiny and not nailed down. by this point, she's built a nice little overly shiny nest for herself, and you'd think that would be a good place to stop, locked in an eternal tug-of-war with her Trainer of put those back right now and finding new and more out-of-reach places to construct her nest of bling.

except no, instead she's taken to places further afield for feeding her shiny addiction. "places further afield" being "anywhere and everywhere in Union, nevermind whether or not the shiny things are junk or if they actually belong to someone else."

she's trying to be stealthy about it, for the most part. she doesn't want her fussy Trainer catching on to what she's up to, after all. but some of those shiny things are just too good to resist even if it means thieving a little bit more... well, publicly.

Union, you may or may not find items of yours suddenly missing, or catch a Murkrow shamelessly fleeing the scene of the crime! what do. ]

( ii: video; forward dated a few days )

[ if Bilbo looks stressed in the warp band feed, that might be because he is. his face is in a deep-set frown, and he gives a deep sigh right before he starts speaking. ]

I think I owe quite a few people an apology for a certain somebody's antics over the past few days. [ he glares at something or someone off-screen before adjusting the warp band to reveal... well, a sizeable collection of shiny odds and ends piled on his kitchen table. ] Listen, I - I honestly have no idea who all of these things belong to, let alone how I'm supposed to return them, but if you do recognise anything, please, please let me know so I can get it back to its rightful owner. Again, I'm dreadfully sorry about all this. Won't happen again if I can help it.

[ at that, there's a sullen and only very slightly repentant cawing from off-screen... followed by the sound of breaking pottery, and the continued sound of squawking as Bilbo whirls around in its direction that almost sounds... melodic????. ]

--Teasel! That was my mother's best china, it was over a hundred years ol-- [ abruptly, he seems to remember that he's still recording, and with an effort of will breathes in through his nose before saying in clipped tones: ] Excuse me.

(( ooc: feel free to say that your character has lost a shiny thing and had it stolen by Teasel, or we can also action-thread it if you like! thefts will have been happening from ~9th march onwards. ))
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[ now there's a new face on the network. if you've had to do with smiths lately you may have run into Thorin before, but that's about it. he's got a gruff look about him, somewhat unimpressed. ]

Since one of the librarians has taken it upon himself to ban me from the relevant sections of the library, [ that may have been a wry smile there but it's gone very quickly, ] I was wondering if one of you could tell me something about the history of Union. The story of the Saviour aside.

[ was there anything else- right. yes. perhaps he should give his reasons. and his name. ]

My name is Thorin. I came here from Caldera a few months ago, but have not had the chance to ... immerse myself in the culture.

[ not that he's all sure he wants to. something off to the side catches his eye, and he closes the feed with a nod. ]
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With the revelation of the presence of the Enhanced, Union was able to quickly mobilize. As the strange conditions continued to worsen, the Trainers of Union once again set out to bring order to the chaos.

This time however, they do not walk entirely alone. A small, dedicated team remains behind in Union, sorting through the dossiers and information that Crystal and Rory have collected. Connected to those in the field via Warp Band network, hopefully they can identify the Enhanced and find a way to calm them before a tragedy occurs.

[OOC: There will be a thread for each active team based on the sign-ups. Any areas that did not have any sign-ups will not be present and will be addressed later. As per our usual standards, moderators and NPC helpers will progress the log at least once every 24 hours. The Union log will work somewhat differently from the battle logs in that the participants will be collecting information concerning the Enhanced; when enough information has been accumulated, they will be asked to tag into the battle threads to provide guidance and support to those out in the field.

Characters participating in the Union log will function as support staff for this event. They will have their own log interacting with Rory and Crystal and as characters in other logs encounter the Enhanced, they can use the observations made to try to find out more about the Enhanced in the field and help the people in the field determine an appropriate situation. Because of this, players in the Union thread may threadjack any ongoing log to relay information as needed.

The outcome of this event will depend very much on player decisions and the ability of the characters to respond to the threats at hand, so we would highly encourage you all to tag as regularly as possible. Thanks!]
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Who: Robin, Cordelia, Ami, Rei, Kuzuryuu and Souda
When: Week of 1/26
What: After reports of strange happenings in the mountains, the Rangers have assembled a small group of members and volunteers to investigate what might be causing the disturbances.
Warnings: Stuff like this.

A song of ice and fire )
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[Cordelia can be found in various places in the city. Recently evolved, she looks sleeker, and her movements are much more graceful than before. She seems to be in a rather cheerful mood, a spring to her step. She had a very clear mission today, to find as many Salvation day gifts as possible, but she kept stopping in front of bridal shops.

At the Rangers HQ, she seems a lot more laid back than before, and is actually smiling and laughing much easier than she had been for a long time. Something definitely had changed, and the more astute observer might notice that she has acquired a new piece of jewelry.]

[Cordelia has also been more present at the Fabre estate since Luke and Asch's return, insisting that she take care of their training personally. She has yet to break the news with her extended family (and somehow her mother has managed to keep it quiet, which is something of a miracle) and their friends. While around the mansion, she will wear gloves, trying to pick the proper time to tell anyone about the news.]


I have heard that the tree in Citadel is still blooming. I am planning to make a trip out there to investigate this myself, for my own reasons. The flowers might be a wonderful addition to any Salvation day decorations. Would anyone like to accompany me?


Dec. 9th, 2014 03:06 am
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Who: Luke, Asch ([personal profile] albertstyle), and you!
What: After almost 2 months, the twins return from the wastes.
Where: Just inside Union's gates.
When: 09/12, around 9AM

[He was tired, hungry, and still kind of scared when they finally saw the city on the horizon. It felt like a mirage, but it was all he could do to hope that they had finally made it home. Once they'd become lost, Luke and Asch had been forced to survive with only the help of their Pokemon and their Shifter forms. For two spoiled, pampered young men it had been more than difficult. At least, in their Pokemon bodies, they had a bit of instinct and were able to survive. This had also forced them to evolve. Once Fennekin, when the two twins finally arrived at Union they were bigger, taller... Two identical Braixen with curiously green eyes entered the city, looking skinny and beaten up, their fur scruffy and unwashed. Unhostile, the Guard let them pass through and they wandered inside, Luke feeling almost apprehensive.]

{We're actually home... can you believe it?}

[The twins had never quite gotten the hang of changing back and forth from their Shifted forms, so they've been stuck like this for quite a while. It would be simpler to change back and make a beeline for the Fabre estate, but while they were still unsure of how to change back it was difficult. At least, this time, they could climb steps. Luke looked at his twin, almost unsure... Over the course of the months he'd gotten quieter, listened more. He had relied on Asch to get them out of the trouble he'd put them into. His loud mouth had been quieted, at least for the time being. They were home, and that was what mattered. Hopefully, they would run into someone they knew on their way back to the mansion to help explain what was going on. The last time they had returned as Pokemon hadn't been very pleasant.]

{ooc: Asch and Luke are back! They've evolved into two scruffy Braixen and are back home after 2 months spent surviving outside of Union. Asch and Luke will both be replying as we go, so have fun!}
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Hello, my name is Cordelia Chevalier, for those who may not know me. I am here on behalf of the Rangers and Swords of the Savior to make a small announcement. Due to the colder-than-normal winter that we experienced last year, we will be providing warm weather gear for those travelers wishing to go outside of Union, as well as those in Union who are ill-equipped for the upcoming winter. Our hope is to also be able to branch out efforts to bring warm weather gear to those in Citadel as well.

However, we will need a few donations to make this possible, as well as volunteers to help hand out supplies both in Union as well as Citadel.

[There's something in her voice when she mentions Citadel. There are more than a few Rangers that are a bit... hesitant to go back there a second time. Something about being tared and feathered does that to you.]

In any case, our headquarters will be open to any and all who need assistance, as well as those willing and able to help. Please feel free to stop by.

[ACTION 1; open log style]

[Snow is falling, and sure enough, the Rangers HQ is abuzz with activity, people flitting about either trying to get supplies or providing supplies to other people. There is a pavilion outside providing warm drinks available to those who need them.]

[ACTION 2 (closed to Rangers & Swords); open log style]

[It's the end of a long day of volunteering and, because so many people are together, someone--either a Ranger or a Sword, it's hard to say--has decided to plan a party to celebrate the Savior, or snow, or getting inebriated (it's not clear which).

Regardless of who planned it, there are drinks and food, as well as music. Families are encouraged to attend.]
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[Hi Warp Band users, have a video of a Frosslass.

A Frosslass who, if you understand Pokéspeak, is chiding someone for being so foolish as to come all the way out here when he clearly can't.

Also it's outside on the mountain. What?]

Yes, Tiria, I get it. Give me my Warp Band back, please.

[Still chiding and telling him she's started a feed, she obeys. Martin comes into view--he's in a cave of sorts. He looks...pretty sick. Boar and his Misdreavus are off to the side, giving him Looks while a Swinub cuddles in Martin's lap.]

I...this is embarrassing, but I seem to have pushed myself too much and can't make it back to Union right now. I will be fine, but it may take me a few days to get back. [Boar starts in about how of course he pushed himself too far, he didn't even take a week off before going traveling, training non stop for a week, and hiking to the highest part of the mountain he could feasibly get to. Does he want to die twice?

Martin ignores him]

So...please, don't worry. I'll be fine.
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[He'd heard they had video on the Warp Bands but his old one hadn't had that feature. Maybe it's a good thing this one does.

Martin is in a room in the medical center when he starts it. Which is the problem. He died. He's not supposed to be back in the medical center two months later decidedly not dead and an Enlightened!

But he's back and now he has to adjust to these sharp little claw-nail-things on his fingers on top of everything else. What is his life?

Before Martin gets a chance to say anything, a Budew grabs the band and starts poking at it.]

No, Laterose, not right now.

[The Budew goes out of sight and Martin focuses it back on him with a sigh]

Um. I...I'm not quite sure what to say right now. I'm back? Is that what you say when you die and wake up two months later in the Forest? Is this normal for Enlightened?

[He clearly has more questions but cuts himself off]

Anyway. Could someone catch me up on the last two months?
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I have a question for all of you! What are good hunting and foraging spots within the Verdant Forest? I'm trying to save up a bit of money, and unfortunately that means I've had to cut a lot of things out of my diet.

Food in general, for the most part.

I asked my Eevees to make similar sacrifices but they weren't too keen on that so there you go. Anyway, I've been relying a lot more on food I can find myself, but I find I'm still a bit hungry more often than not and Pokemon food really doesn't taste very good at all. Any suggestions?
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Who: Lenna Charlotte Tycoon, the Kagamine twins, and open invite for all
What: A Soulfast-themed charity concert and dance
When: Sunday night
Where: The Tycoon family estate
Summary: Lenna is hosting a charity event to benefit Union's poor and homeless population, along with refugees from war-torn communities outside Union's walls and people who are moving into the city but need some help while they get on their feet.  The entire city is invited, and donations are not required but are strongly encouraged in the form of Lenna smiling and making big moe eyes at everyone as they enter until they do.

[It's the beginning of the Soulfasting holiday, and despite the complications with Cresselia and Darkrai, Lenna has miraculously managed to pull together the final preparations for her charity event at the last minute.  The party itself is being held at the Tycoon mansion in the noble quarter, and the doors have been opened for any and all who wish to come and make merry.

The spacious foyer of the house has been set up with numerous tables with food and drink for the various attendees, plenty of room for dancing and mingling, and of course a large stage at the front of the room set up for Rin and Len Kagamine - Lenna's roommates and the headline performing act of the night.  There are donation boxes situated around the room, and Lenna will also be accepting larger donations personally so that she can secure them elsewhere in the house.

And because of the time of year, there is also a table set up with plenty of Pokemon-themed masks for people to wear, with a fancy sign hand written in calligraphy: 'Courtesy of the Tatsumi Gallery.'  Lenna herself is wearing a
short red party dress with matching heels, greeting everyone as they enter and more or less just buzzing about making sure everyone is having a good time.]

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