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[ACTION - The Lake Shrine]

S'been a while, huh Shiva?

[The question's directed at the small Eevee trotting alongside him, made distinguishable from any others by the little black bandana that Snow's tied around its neck.]


Y'know, since we've done a little exploring.

[Seems that's been a pretty big buzzword these days. If the Rangers are planning on an expedition to the caverns, that means that Snow and Shiva can't afford to let themselves get too soft. Which is why the two of them now find themselves at the very edge of the Lake Shrine. Snow pauses a moment, just to take it all in.]

Pretty cool, huh?

[Did he really need to ask? The Eevee looks pretty thrilled to be here, as does Snow.

Ahh, uncharted territory. Just like the good ol' days...]
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A) [Voice | Open]

The restless spirit within me cannot wait. I know not where the ore lies, but with the help of the forces that bond metals and move planets, I think we can find it. I, the scion of legends, will go seek the help we need. Fear not citizens, there is always hope. So long as the soul burns against the dark, we will prevail.

B) [Action | Open]

[Owain can be found exploring he Old City beneath Union City. He's not searching for something, and it's obviously not Iron. Or at least if it is, he has no clue what he is doing. He's also easily distracted and talking to himself.]

...This stone. The sweat and tears that went into building in this city resonate to this day.

C) [Action | Locked to first comment to take this.]

((OOC: Owain is going to run into and bond with a Purrloin. Anyone willing to NPC the Purrloin encounter is welcome.))

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