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If I may impose on the city for just a moment, I am having a... I suppose conundrum, as I refuse to be so overdramatic as to label it as a crises.

My fiancé, Rei, and my wedding is in November and while I have much planned and coordinated, the location for our wedding and reception just went bankrupt and closed. I am left trying to find a new location that will accommodate massive pokemon of Lapras, Dragonite, and Charizard sizes and even a bit bigger.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

[Ami hates hitches in her plans. But at least she has over two months to try and fix this. She already had her high-strung moment of panic before a swim and calming down.]


Aug. 26th, 2016 03:17 pm
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So this is how it works...?

[One big eye blinks a few times before the girl it belongs to leans back, seemingly satisfied in knowing that yes, she's figured out how the communicator works on her band.]

Ah ha ha! Well...I don't know how many people I've met here or not. My name is Orihime Inoue. Pleased to meet you if I haven't already! do I put this...

[Her bright smiles turns sheepish as she scratches her cheek.]

I'm going to be homeless and study abroad!

[What. Don't look at her like that, she thinks it's funny to sum it up like that.]

After last week, and everything that keeps happening, I don't know. I guess it feels weird to just stay here and pretend like everything is normal. And pretend that I'm normal.

[She smiles down at her lap for a moment.]

There's so much of the world that's changed outside of these city walls. So I want to get strong enough to explore that world, and meet the Pokemon and people who have been living out there all this time. There are probably a lot who have never heard of Union, so...I want to go see everything for myself instead of just reading about it.

[Then she suddenly hoists up a cute blouse.]

Which is why I'm selling custom handmade clothing!

[A Dustox pops up over her shoulder with a gleeful chirp.]

Pyih makes the best string, perfect for stitching thread or even fishing line, so we're going to use our sales to keep ourselves fed when we're out on the road together. I'll still be close by, I know it takes a lot of strength and experience to explore a lot further out. It'd be great if we traveled together sometimes!

And...I guess...that's it then, isn't it? Wish me luck!



Jul. 31st, 2016 09:27 am
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[Elaine appears on screen, looking more than a little distressed. There's a lot of hissing and clacking and thumping.]

I was--

[Suddenly something crashes into the video device, a loud scuffling ball of bug legs rolling past the shot of the hotel room's ceiling light. Elaine's hands come into view as she rescues the device, then retreats to the kitchen where she pulls herself up onto the kitchen counter.]

I was searching for new Pokemon, and was lucky enough to find not just one Anorith, but two. They're rare around here from what I understand.

[Something crashes off-screen, and Elaine's head snaps around. She grimaces, in the way only a direct blow to someone's wallet can inflict true pain.]

But they won't stop fighting over which condiment they like better. If someone would like to adopt one, I'd appreciate it. I also wanted to gauge--

[CRASH. Rheeeeeeeeee! *Hiss*]

..........interest in a massage parlor for Pokemon and people alike.

[She rubs her temple with her fingers.]

Because I think we could all stand a little relaxation now and again. But I'll open one only if there's enough interest, so I don't sink my money into a business no one wants. Let me know.

[Another crash, and a squeal from a very upset Mienfoo snags Elaine's attention again.]


[She launches herself off of the counter to go break things up, and the feed ends.]


Jul. 27th, 2016 04:52 pm
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[Now that it's been a few days since the Attack on Titan Gigas, Lenna feels like it's time to make another public address.  She's wearing her best fancy clothes, befitting her role as head of the Tycoon family, her small dragon horns and wings as immaculately groomed as her hair and skin.]

Hello, friends.  I hope everyone was able to make it back home safely, and that everyone who fought in the battle is on their way to a full recovery.  Once again, we've accomplished something amazing - dethroning Gigas' corrupt Emperor and forging peace anew between our people.  Hopefully, this is only the first step toward a more lasting peace for not only Union and Gigas, but people and Pokemon everywhere.  If we can make our feelings known even to an aggressive society that has traditionally thought of us as an enemy to be conquered, we can surely spread our  ideal of a peaceful world even farther.

It's because of this that I've decided to take a trip to Gigas to see their city and experience their culture for myself, now that the scourge of war is behind us.  If we are to live in this world together, we need to work hard at fostering an understanding between Union and Gigas.  We've been both enemies and allies of convenience in the past, but it's my hope that in the future we can simply be friends.  I'm sure the Council will have their own negotiations with the Gigan command in the coming days, and I do plan to deliver a message of my own as head of the Tycoon family, but first and foremost, I'll be there simply as Lenna.

So, to this end, I'd like to invite anyone else who's interested in getting to know the people of Gigas to come with me.  I expect to set out within the week, and to stay as long as people would like.  I'll pay for travel and lodging for anyone who's worried about being able to cover their own expenses as well.  This is an important turning point in our relationship with Gigas, and I don't want anyone to feel left out.  Union is more than simply the name of our city, after all - it's a way of life, and everyone has a voice.  Now, more than ever, it's important that we let that voice be heard.

Thank you, everyone.  I'll be looking forward to hearing from you.
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[It was a long hike back, and Rose spent the night in the medical center. Her wounds were such that they wanted to keep an eye on her. While Enlightened healing powers can do a lot, she is still on the mend. She looks it, too; she has a blue button-up shirt on, but the white bandages along her torso for her broken ribs are visible where the sleeves end and near her neckline.]

[Not to mention her left arm, which is in a sling, and black and blue bruises on her face. She looks like she's seen better days. But, she's out, and she has a mind to take a walk. Unfortunately... she doesn't really have the energy for it.]

[So about halfway through the walk, Rose is sitting down on a bench along one of Union's roads, trying to rest. Behind her, a Blaziken is fussing -- Efreet, who evolved on the way home.]

[Video, sometime later]

[Eventually, Rose does get back to the Tycoon estate. She's resting, then, but the room is visible behind her when she flips on the warp band. She smiles down at it; her face is a bit less puffy, now. Enlightened healing is a thing.]

Hey, everybody. So... that got intense, huh?

How's everyone holding up?
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[Lenna and Rose hatched a brilliant scheme: GO TO THE BEACH.]

[Specifically, down to the tropical island. After terrible revelations about Gigas, after gods and deaths, and after finding out about Rose's double life... honestly, it sounds pretty nice! But, most importantly, they have Vaporeon slippers. Rose steps onto the beach, wearing a stripped red-and-white two-piece swimsuit.]

[A beachball is under one arm. Her feet are clad in her slippers. She is ready.]

Bring it on! It's beach time!


May. 17th, 2016 12:07 pm
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[How has everyone in the Union been today? Hope everyone is doing well because you'll find one, Fuuka Yamagishi convered in nothing but dust and dirt today! There might be some coughing sounds coming from the distance but all she could do was nervously smile]

I apologize but I wanted to ask you a question. Is anyone familiar with rotomcycle tech? After my visit to the Gigas, I wanted to try and attempt to make a vehicle like what they had there.

Although, I'm afraid I might need some help. I'm not sure what I did wrong but if anyone knows, please let me know.

[And then there was a pause before looking the left over debris]

And I might need some help cleaning a few things as well!

012 [Video]

May. 8th, 2016 01:22 pm
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[Pamela's looking considerably more composed since her last accidental broadcast. She's got her Lilligant, Dahlia, with her as she speaks.]

Hello everyone. A general question for all of you: what are you the most proud of?
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[Being friends with Lenna has its advantages. Case in point: not only can she live with her, she has a roommate on road trips. Just after the mission, she is on the way back to where they were staying. She beat Lenna there -- she thinks, at least -- and is thus in their room. She better change quick.]

[After all, she has a secret to keep.]

[Case in point: the mask made of bone, resting in her opened bag for the world (or, at least, the room) to see. Rose has it off and her hood down, but she is still wearing the brown, snug-fitting, and thick clothing she wears for her missions as the Scattered Bones's boss.]

[She's pulling off her her dagger belt, sticking it in her belongings, when she might hear the door opening.]
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[Today over the Warp Band, it's not just Yukiko that appears, it's Fuuka and they're both standing outside of a small stone building on the bottom floor of one of the newly reconstructed towers. Dressed nicely, they both bow at the camera and smile broad, happy smiles.]

Good afternoon, everyone. Today we wanted to announce that Yamagi-ya is officially reopened. The flower shop, engineering shop, and my move tutoring services are all completely ready and at your service.

We'll handle whatever it is you need, though all custom orders are still going to need a few days to complete, so please keep that in mind when you're ordering. I hope you'll consider us for whatever you might need, and we both look forward to serving y-

[She cuts off as a Snorlax paw slides over the camera.]

Peter. Don't. You. Dare.

[The paw slowly retracts.]

As I was saying. We both look forward to serving you. Our hours are 10 to 9, but we can schedule appointments whenever you might need.

[and the feed shuts down.]


[Throughout the day, Yukiko and Fuuka can both be found at their shop, working away. Flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and a sullen Snorlax is doing penance by sweeping the gym.]

((ooc: This is a joint post with Fuuka and Yukiko. You may get one or both of them, unless you specify!

To make Item requests from Fuuka please reply here, and to request Move Tutoring from Yukiko please go here.))
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[Councilman Palpatine's voice is a familiar enough one. Like some old timers, he has a penchant for using the voice function of the Warp Band; video is still quite new to him. However, he sounds relaxed today. Even a little grandfatherly.]

Good evening, people of Union. I hope that this finds you well. I know the last few weeks have been trying. The tragedy that befell our city was felt by everyone, and all of our lives were touched by it... and, I think, by the aid so generously brought by our allies.

[Enough of that.]

I'm hoping to submit several proposals to the Council for the rebuilding of the city. One concern that we should consider is defense -- how to prevent attacks like that, and, should one occur again, reduce the loss of life.

I thought I should ask all of you what sorts of defenses you might see. Shelters and evacuation routes seem necessary, first and foremost, I think.
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Mild Warning for Nero being Nero )

Action, Union:

[In the early evening, Nero and Agrippa wander back into town, dressed in a weirdly flowing red outfit that belies her short stature. She's barely five feet tall, though her unruly ahoge adds a good six inches if that counts. Confidence oozes from every step, and the sword at her waist probably has seen some action in recent months, but the most eye catching thing about her is probably the sparkles. She practically glows, her outfit and skin seeming to refract the waning light, and her manner more that of a gallant young man than any maiden.

She moves into the city without any real sense of purpose, seeking shelter where she might find it, but the act of navigating seems to confuse her a little bit. The network of unfamiliar streets, coupled with the construction and wreckage make it difficult on a stranger...but she's a little too proud to directly ask for help. Instead of that, she might simply mumble loudly near anyone who seems to have a clue about what's going on:]

Umu...there's all this work being done that way. How troublesome.

[While Agrippa the Lotad just looks up at you, eyes pleading. Help...please...]
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[ Shortly after Ezreal's short, abrupt appearance on the network, Lux makes an appearance on the band. Looking like she's gotten a bit of sun, her expression is surprisingly dour for someone just returning from an extended vacation. ]

It looks like a lot has happened since we left. I'm not sure if I can rightfully say that timing was on our side or not. I'm sorry I couldn't be here to fight alongside everyone. I'd like to check in with everyone if I can, but I know that some of you... some of you were injured. If you could let me know that you're all right, I would appreciate it.

A few people have filled in the bigger details, but I want to make sure that everyone is all right. Before you ask, the shop is fine, outside of a broken sign and a few other cosmetic problems. Our home... could be better, but we'll be able to rebuild. The Crownguard Estate has seen better days, but I know father won't let something like that deter him too much. They've already started rebuilding.

Everyone seems to be. I'm... I'm glad to see that. I've talked to a number of people, and it looks like we've had some visitors into the city; if any of you can see this, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

For those affected by the devastation that this "Elite Four" caused, the Prodigal Explorer will do what it can to help rebuild, as well as keep people restocked, although most of our efforts will be placed on getting the signal tower back to where it used to be--or better, if we can. To that effect, we'll need a few extra hands willing to go into the Old City to search for parts. We'll pay a premium for what we can.

It also sounds like the Seekers are up to their necks in work right now. Ceilto and Maeve were both hurt in the attacks, and the rest of us have taken a personal interest in investigating further east. Right now, we're adhering to the council's request to not pursue. Any information that you may have about this group, their representatives, the God-dragon or the events that took place, however, would be greatly appreciated.

But more than that... I'm glad Union managed to remain standing, where others might have fallen. I feel terrible that I couldn't be here to protect my city, but I want to do everything that I can to keep this from happening again--here, or anyone else.


Before you go off searching for the people that did this, before you disappear from our lives again; I'm coming with you.


Please, if you haven't already, check in with me. And if there's anything that I can do to help--anything at all--please let me know.
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[It didn't quite work out, when Rose planned to move in right after she talked to Lenna. It took her a few days, actually; she discovered a few pieces of paperwork she needed to do, especially with the Spearowfeathers stuck in Union for a couple days. So, plans had to be pushed back a little.]

[But, now, the plan has proceeded! Rose only had two bags to bring with her; she has since dropped them off in one of Tycoon manor's rooms, which is now her own. She'll unpack them later. (They include her materials for being leader of the Scattered Bones.)]

[She's back in the living room, stretching as she walks down the stairs.]

All right! [She calls it out, cheerful as can be.] I think that's everything! This is gonna be fun, huh?
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[There was really nothing to be said about the state that Union currently was in. News of the attack the city had endured had reached the surrounding areas quickly and, although Kon had planned on waiting the season out in Caldera before he trekked down the cold passage to Union, waiting wasn't an option any longer for a city in need. His passage with the band of Calderans who had trekked south to help the ruined city had been seamless-- no one questioned his joining in their caravan, and the offers to assist with manual labor and cooking had been much appreciated.

Sure, he didn't have much experienced as a trainer or an organized fighter under his belt, but he knew his way around bartering very well...and he was far from actually useless.

And, just as he had fallen into place with the caravan that he had travelled to Union with, he fell into place with the relief efforts as best as he could. The gangly young man in the floridly bright overcoat and the messy bun was easy to spot in the crowd, but among the sea of new faces milling about his presence could hardly be counted as a surprise. His trusty Litwick was perched on his shoulder, looking out for anyone or anything that looked vaguely familiar from it's long journey...but, in the wreckage, nothing in particular stood out.]

Sheesh, [Kon could be heard grumbling on occasion,] Can't believe the Valkyries actually beat me here.

[Not that it was a problem-- Kon had actually been closer to the city than they were, and they still beat him.

He can be found anywhere that an extra hand is needed, probably bartering his physical skills for a safe place to sleep. There was no place to do anything more as the city currently was, but that was to be expected in the aftermath of a rampaging god. Setting up a regular residence was out of the question for the moment, there was so much to do.

It was a small price to pay for a city that somehow managed to survive such a disaster...and, at least Kon wouldn't have any reason to be bored.]
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The battle is joined. The gods of Union, while mighty, seem to pale in comparison to the singular dragon of ice. Although they strive mightily to avoid damaging the city, already the mysterious blue dragon has been flung directly into a tower, earning itself a nasty gash over its eye, much to the dismay of the red dragon. While it has rejoined the fight, it is clear that the gods alone are not enough - the people of Union will have to step forward if they are to save their beloved city. The cries of the wounded and terrified citizens echo through the streets as the flames of battle rage. Now is the time - they must be stopped!
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The day begins with a commotion around the gates of Union. The Guards, who otherwise have been left with little else to do but to clear the paths leading in and outside of the city’s walls of snow and ice, gather en masse as a small party of strangely dressed individuals congregate there. Standing at the head of the crowd is a young woman, her two-toned hair and odd clothing a stark contrast from the norm around Union, holds herself confidently, a jovial smile on her face.

“Like I said,” She began, her voice surprisingly peppy, bouncing slightly on her heels, “We want to speak with your leader. It’s very important, and we've come such a long way.”

It’s an unusual scene to say the least, and as people pass by, they may catch the young woman’s eye, getting a pleasant smile and a chipper wave before she redirects her attention to whoever she happens to be talking to. Passers-by are urged to keep moving, nothing to see here, and after a very long, very circuitous series of conversations, the newcomers are given a personal escort.

The rest of the day passes without incident, until the evening, when all Warp Bands come to life. Standing in the frame is a young woman, no older than 18 or 19, her black-and-white hair tied up to one side with looks to be a crystal of pure ice. She smiles, practically beaming, leaning in toward her audience.

“Hello, people of Union! My new friend tells me that all of you should be able to hear and see me. What a convenient thing, haha. In any case, my name is Sveta, and I come representing a group of individuals calling themselves the Elite Four. I must say, actually seeing this city, I’m impressed! The stories don’t do this place justice. I hope to be able to meet more of the Gods’ chosen for myself while I’m visiting!”

Humming a bit to herself, she sits down, crossing her legs. “We believe that fate has brought us together. We heard that there were other civilizations out there, but never did we imagine that there would be people with the same aspirations as us! But I should explain. You see, the Elite Four, seek to understand our past, and be able to atone for the wrongdoings that our ancestors have committed. So you can imagine how excited we were when we heard about Union. I had to rush over.

“I promise that we won’t take up too much of your time or space, but I want to get to know you, the people of Union, better! I believe that we can all come together and create a better world. Your council has been kind enough to give us temporary lodging here within the city. I hope that we will be able to get along! Okay, how do I turn this of--”

And with that, the impromptu feed ends, the cheery young woman’s face fading away before another quick message takes over the airwaves. But worry not, citizens of Union. Over the next few days, the young woman from a strange new land will be wandering the streets of your city, observing, talking to others, and generally doing her best to not make a nuisance of herself. It’s hard to say how successful she’ll be at that last part.

[[This post is open for interaction.]]
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Hey, everybody!

[A red-haired girl in her late teens, perhaps early twenties, is leaning towards the Warp Band -- she'd just made sure it was on -- and flashing a smile down at it. It's bright; it's also practiced, like any true saleswoman's would be. She's done this before.]

My name's Rose. You've probably never heard of us, but we're the Spearowfeathers. We're merchants from Caldera, and we decided that we couldn't let Junes have all the fun.

[She winks.]

...So come check us out! We've set our wagon up in the business district, and we're selling some stuff we brought from Caldera -- and from Glacier, too! If you've got any special requests, you can bring those in, too.

I can also help you with trading Pokemon. I'm really good at that.

[Action, a little while later...]

[...unfortunately, things aren't going quite as well as Rose hoped. The wagon is there, sure, but the Gogoat that was pulling it got away an hour ago -- and all of the running in the world just didn't catch up to it. One of the other Spearowfeathers had been training that particular Pokemon. That leaves their wagon tipped over.]

[And with a cracked wheel, which Rose is holding up, and stuff scattered throughout the street. Spearowfeathers -- wearing their tan trousers and blue vests -- are darting to and fro, picking up goods.]

I... guess this could be going worse.
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[Today when Rei addresses the Warp Band, it's in her most formal attire, her clothing perfectly pressed and everything about her as positively lovely as can be. It's important to her to present this face to Union, for both of them. And for her family name. She didn't care much about how her father perceived it, but she didn't want to make trouble within the Council either. It might make things harder on Ninetales Vale, and she couldn't have that. She had responsibilities, and she had her reasons, and to be honest? She wanted to look good for the announcement.

Clearing her throat, hands folded out of view, Rei speaks in a solemn voice.]

Good afternoon, everyone. This is Rei Hino, High Priestess of Hikawa Shrine and daughter-heir of Councilman Takashi Hino. I know it's been some time since I actually broadcast anything, but something happened to me a few days ago. I've been trying to process all of it, to sort out my thoughts. As many of you know, Ami Mizuno and I have been courting one other for some time now.

[She takes a breath, lets it out, and stares significantly at the camera.]

That chapter of our lives has now come to a close. We are no longer dating.

[Lowering her eyes, Rei smiles a wispy little smile and raises her hand to show off a ring.]

We are engaged to be married, and plan to do so within the next year. I want to thank each and every one of you for your support during our courtship, and for your continued support during the transition. It brings joy to my heart knowing that some of you took time out of your day to help her with her proposal plan.

[Her eyes flick up, her lips peeling back in the happiest smile she's ever given in any sort of public appearance. It's as much a dig at a certain someone as it is an expression of genuine delight.]

Thank you for listening, and Happy Salvation to all of you.

[Closing down the feed, Rei lets out a breath and awaits the inevitable flood of visitors, neighbors and callers. It's going to be a busy day.]

((ooc: Ami may threadjack threads here and there, and Rei can be found in Hikawa Shrine if you'd prefer in person interactions.))

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