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[Wiegraf is training. He hasn't fought -- really fought -- in long enough that his sword arm has gotten rusty, and that simply won't do. A Sword of the Savior can't be rusty, and certainly not metaphorically. Of course, while he's sparred with his fellow Swords, he wants to try himself out against people who go out in the field.]

[Which is why he is at Versus today. The officially sanctioned arena is the furthest thing from tasteful to Wiegraf, but it serves a purpose. Other Trainers and Enlightened come here; it's relatively safe, and it's a chance to practice in a relatively safe place.]

[Aries, his Mareep, sits nearby him, looking at the proceedings on the arena with a frown. It matches Wiegraf's neatly, while he waits for a potential sparring partner. Being off duty, he has a plain dark green jacket and yellow scarf around his throat, but the sword hanging at his side is ornate enough. He reaches a hand down, idly, and scratches the back of Aries's head.]


I see the weather hasn't kept many of you within the walls. [He grunts softly.] Good. I've known a few workers in the Industrial District's foundries, and they'll be grateful once we've found an iron mine. The shortage will hit them hard.

[He pauses, then goes on.]

Be careful in the city. Some bridges and paths iced over.
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[action-- business district: salvage shop and (later) surrounding areas]

[The salvage shop is a frequent stop on Moonbay's travels, earning a visit from her roughly twice a week. Its owner has come to both fear, respect and tolerate her throughout the years, and one could say the feeling is mutual. Arguments over decent prices are often heard during those visits, and today is no exception.

Anyone around the shop, or even out on the street, can most likely hear some shouting, a few choice words more prominent than others.]

Twenty bucks for this piece?! C'mon, I could get more from the guy two streets over-- the one who eats Pokemon food, and he doesn't even know what it is!! Thirty or no deal.

[Similar talks continue for at least another half hour until Moonbay grabs her bag of remainders, pockets a wad of cash, and steps out the door to leave with a wave to the store owner.

Then she finds her rhyhorn missing. Again. With an exasperated sigh, she takes her warp band and begins to speak.]


If anyone's around the business district, specifically the salvage shop, I've got a little issue. My rhyhorn's wandered off [again] and I have no idea which way he went. So if you see a random one nosing through stuff or generally being weirdly social, gimme a call. Name's Moonbay. Damned thing.

I'll be looking myself, so... I guess watch out?

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