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[ There was a long discussion in the Chevalier household when they found the letter. Cordelia was far more worried than she would ever let on. Who was this "Miss Saber," and why did Rin feel it necessary to sneak off like that?!

The two adults discussed what they would do for quite some time, well into the evening. When the young magi finally made her way home, she would find that the lights in the main room were still on. Should Rin attempt to teleport her way into her room and avoid facing her guardians altogether, she will find a small addition to the note she left, in Cordelia's handwriting. ]

Please come downstairs. We wish to speak with you about your outing today.

[ Should she try to avoid that as well? She'll find Aura, Robin's Espeon, sitting peacefully on her bed as sentry. ]
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Action, Noble District:

[Rin definitely figured this was a trip her caretakers weren’t going to like, but she really wanted to go. And she really wanted to try out her new spell, too. So, she carefully writes out a note for anyone that happens to come into her room to check up on her…]

I went to the Ruins with Miss Saber. I have my Pokemon with me and I’ll be back tonight. Don’t worry, she’s very strong. I will be okay.

[And before anyone can come bother her? She Teleports out of the tower with a blinding flash of purple light. Maybe someone nearby would spot her? Maybe not. In any event, she’s off! Dashing down the streets on the back of Gudrun, the Deerling she’d bonded when she first came to Union, she heads towards the gates. Hope nobody minds a tiny girl on a tiny deer running by at the speed of child.]

Action, Ruins. Closed to Saber:

[Well, they’d gotten through the swamp okay. And here they were at the entrance, the tunnels that run down, down, deep into the earth. Only? It’s now that Rin’s suddenly not terribly sure of herself. She’s not alone, she knows that…and she can get out, but…it’s dark and scary…so dark and scary that even Cthulu and Carbuncle are kind of shivering, cowering behind her and peering out behind her dress.]

O…okay…so here we are. Are you sure it’ll be okay?
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[Today? Your warp band opens up to a feed of a young girl who's fiddling furiously with the controls. A Carbink hovers beside it, sparkling and shining cheerfully. There's not really much going on, but she blinks when it comes to life.]

Oh! It works! Um...hi!

[A wave, and then she pokes the camera with a finger.]

This thing is confusing...

[More fiddling...]

Is everything here just more complicated than it needs to be? I-

[And then whoops, it cuts off.]

Action 1

[In the Residential district there's the distinctive patter of tiny feet and a screeching, child-yelp. The screaming continues and grows louder as a small girl runs by with a Carbink in her arms...pursued by a pair of angry Spearow.]

Stop following me! Go awaaaaay!!

Action 2

[In the library, someone is definitely not being quiet. A little girl's voice echoes down the long rows of books, exclamations of wonder and delight. She's never been allowed in a real library before, and the fact that she's able to touch books that don't belong to the Tohsaka's personal collection is like a Birthday and Winter Festival present rolled together. Rin climbs up and just grabs several big books at random, tottering over to a table and setting them down with a thud. And if someone doesn't stop her, she's going to get a few more...]

Action 3

[Finally, it's getting on towards nighttime and a sleepy Rin is trudging her way home. She'd eluded guardians all day, but even she had to admit that it was time for bed. Only...she doesn't exactly know where that is yet. She'd scampered off in daylight and now it's too dark for her to get her bearings. Is it this fountain or that fountain where you turn left? Was there a Noctowl statue sitting on the roof when she'd come by at noon?

It's troubling enough that she starts by going over to tug the nearest stranger's pant leg.]

Um. Excuse me...can you help me find my way home?

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