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[Anyone walking around the Business and Entertainment Districts today may be treated to an odd sight: an unfamiliar woman, small and pale, dressed to the nines for... no apparent reason. Sure, the way she walks with no regard for distractions might indicate she has a destination, but now that she and the young Drifloon and Snorunt trailing behind her have passed every establishment in the area thrice over, one might start to think that she's lost.

For the more observant, that conclusion may come even sooner due to the lack of Warp Band on the woman's wrist, despite the Pokemon who are obviously following her. For the most observant, one might spot bare toes peeking out from the ivory fabric of the woman's dress with every step she takes. Is she walking around barefoot?!

Alright, so maybe she's not just lost. Anybody want to stop this walking disaster?]


[As the tiny group makes it's way around, however, the Snorunt steadily slows, falling further and further behind the woman and the Drifloon. Neither of them notices, the Drifloon too interested in the city sights and sounds, the woman to focused on... whatever she's focused on, until the Snorunt gives a pitiful cry of its name. Finally, the woman turns back and, after a moment's consideration, steps toward the Pokemon, crouching down to scoop it into her arms. Something about the action brings the Snorunt a modicum of relief, but it's still rather distressed. Unfortunately, the woman doesn't appear to be in a rush to do much else...]

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Jan. 4th, 2014 09:10 pm
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