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Hello. My name is Ashlynn Gealb'honn and I will be heading into the Old City through Entrance 8 in five hours, once I've gotten supplies together. I intend to search the remains of the Old City for pokemon and Delvers who may have been caught by debris and to help get them out and get to safety. I would greatly appreciate help in this endeavor. I repeat, I will be leaving in five hours. Meet me at Entrance 8 if you intend to help.

If you are a Delver trapped in the Old City, please respond if you are able and with a rough estimate of where you might be if that, too, is possible. I'll do everything I can to get to you.

[Action - All around the city, preparing for the excursion]

[Ashlynn is busy and focused on getting plenty of food, medical supplies, and other necessities for a rescue mission. She was probably defying a few safety and emergency regulations, but she didn't care.

You can catch her at almost any part of the city during the five hours after her broadcast with her houndour 'Brom' and her scraggy 'Cake'.]
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[It is almost precisely 2AM when the first earthquake hits.

The ground vibrates dully at first, like the rumble of construction machinery or the shaking of a heavy Pokémon coming down the streets. In the throes of sleep, it seems unalarming, if a bit out of the ordinary. Worse than this has occurred in the past.

Then the walls shake. Paintings tilt and sway and objects teeter and fall off the shelves, one after another. The ground shifts underfoot and a cautious step out of bed only succeeds in sending the frightened sleeper reeling to the floor.

High up in the sky, the towers sway. An infinitesimal amount at first, but any amount of swaying is terrifying, unfathomable, an event so utterly wrong it is inconceivable that it could be happening. The tilting progresses, becomes noticeable, measurable, and it can only be hoped that it is a reflection of a panicked imagination rather than reality.

After an eternity, the rumbling dies down...

Just when it seems safe to investigate, about a half hour after the quake began, the Warp Band flares to life. A voice speaks - it can be heard, too, from outdoors, issuing from the emergency broadcast system. It is a woman's voice, speaking briskly, efficiently, holding no trace of fear or panic.]

Effective immediately, the Council has issued a state of emergency for Union. This is not a drill or an exercise. All citizens, please be prepared to follow standard residential tower emergency procedures; all relevant instructions are posted on every floor. For the majority of citizens, this means to stay in place and to take shelter until the quakes are confirmed to be over. Do not attempt to evacuate unless instructed to do so now or unless severe injury has been sustained.

This message is for Towers D and E of Sector 3 and the Cloud Towers in Sector 5. Again, this message is for Towers D and E of Sector 3 and the Cloud Towers of Sector 5. The gas lines have ruptured, and all residents should prepare for immediate evacuation. Swords and Guardsmen assigned to these sectors should proceed immediately to their stations to assist. Further instruction will be given by officers on site. Again, residents of all other towers should stay in place at this time.

Entrance 2 to the Old City has collapsed and Entrances 3 and 5 have been severely damaged. Again, the Industrial District entrance has collapsed and the Habitat and the Southern Wall entrances have been damaged. At this time, a large number of wild Pokémon are seeking entrance into Union from all other entrances. Rangers and remaining Guardsmen, please report to these areas to begin containment measures. Be prepared for potential aggression.

All medical personnel trained in Emergency Medicine, report to the Medical Center if and when possible. All Habitat employees with Level 2 clearance and above, report to the Habitat Tower to initiate emergency stabilization protocols.

All citizens, please stay alert for further information. Major aftershocks are predicted to continue for the next six hours, and damage assessments will be ongoing. Be ready for further quakes and be prepared to contact emergency services if an emergency situation is seen developing.

[She cuts off with alacrity. An uneasy echo hangs in the air after she concludes...]

((This post may be used as a mingle thread to address any of the issues raised within. You may also make your individual posts at this time. Responses may be addressed in regards to the initial emergency situation, or forward dated to address the assessment of damage after the first major quake. The wild Pokémon will not stop coming, and the aftershocks will continue for long after six hours.

Characters may follow instructions but may also feel free to move around at will and help however they can. Actions taken throughout this event will be noted and may affect the status of Union after the end of the event.))
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[ Voice / Action ]

Shame I can't show a picture over this thing, huh.

[ It's said into her Warp Band as she's lounging in a chair at The Outpost. She's basically just keeping an ear to the ground right now, but she's also here with her newly recruited Aron. The pokemon is staring back at her with a pleasant looking expression while she just looks at him with confusion. Hence why she's talking into the warp band despite being across from him ]

Still haven't thought of a name for this guy. ... It's an Aron. Bonded with it in the caves.

[ If he reacts to being called an "it" he doesn't show it. Rather, the expression is pleasant all around. She sighs, and just closes the communication. Though she does hang out here most of the rest of the morning - ]

[Action 2]

[ Because come the afternoon, bundled up in a thick set of travel jacket and boots (she's really over-budget because of these boots, but they looked so sturdy and nice...) she's out on a patrol. It's a simple patrol, only into the Verdant Forest's south area, but you never know when some pokemon might be taking up territory they don't normally have near the city and cause problems for people. Plus, while she thinks she performed well enough at the Caverns Expedition, she's still not exactly of rank with the Rangers ]


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A nice little perk of working at the Union Central Library is that one of the best known coffee houses in town is right across the street, Cafe Marellia. When the stifling dust and quiet gets to be too much for Zarvora, she occasionally takes her work outside to finish with a cup of coffee or tea and some mindless chatter surrounding her like white noise. During such excursions, her fletchling, Charles, would dart around enjoying the comparatively open space and catching bugs out of the air.

Today Zarvora was extra focused on the book she had, occasionally adding to a huge sprawling flowchart of symbolic logic in the notebook lying on the table before her. Her brow is furrowed with what might be intense concentration and might be irritation at the couple seated at the table directly behind her, who are lost in each other's eyes, exchanging sickeningly adorable pet names in between rounds of noisy kissing.

At "My Sweet Fromage" she slammed her pen down and turned around to glare at the couple, who looked up in surprise. "If you're going to call each other names without having the decency of doing it in private, at least stick to ones that makes sense! Fromage isn't a kind of flower, it's an old word for cheese, but with how oxygen starved your brains must be by now I'm not surprised you didn't know that!"

She sat back down, surrounded by an aura of irritation that left her unaware of the rude looks she was now getting by about half the room, and tried to get back into her work.
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[Ashlynn probably shouldn't have broken off from the more well known paths through the Old City. She was still new to doing the whole delving thing and staying where other Delvers frequented was much safer when you only had one pokemon to back you up. Having a group of Delvers was, of course, the safest.

...but where was the fun in that?

She had already spent months traveling with other Delver groups to get her bearings in the unfamiliar environment. She knew her way back to the main passages... mostly. And she had Brom (her houndour) with her. She'd be fine!

Holding her lantern High, she headed down the broken path between broken former-buildings that were little more than foundations now. The light could be seen for some distance until she disappeared behind a large slab of stone leaning at an angle. Her footsteps weren't exactly silent, but she wasn't the type to talk to herself and draw attention that way, either.]

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