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[These past few weeks, Eve has been training, and training hard. And it's finally paid off. When she appears on the video feed, she looks several years older than she did before, not to mention looking more confident. She may still not have a complete grasp on emotions, but that took a seat behind her newfound strength.]

This...is this evolution? I feel stronger. Much stronger.

[She pauses for a moment, thinking of what she should say next.]

I need to test my strength. I require a partner with enough power to rival my own.

[She'd be very pleased if there aren't any, but if there are, they would make an excellent test to prove her strength to herself. To see if this is truly the height of what she can achieve.]
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[Eve turns on the video to show a Scyther that appears to have been through a barrage of electrical attacks. Although beaten, it still somehow appears full of pride. Maybe that has to do with the fact Eve has a fair number of scratches and scrapes.]

My search for a strong Pokémon has been successful. This is Palla, the newest addition to my allies.

[She reaches up to wipe at a scratch on her face, only seeming to actually smear blood across her cheek. Eve winces a bit, but it doesn't seem like a big deal to her.]

I also appear to be leaking, and I believe this is pain I am feeling. How do I make it stop?
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[It didn't take too long for Eve to figure out how to use the Warp Band that she'd been given by Robotnik. A device that allowed her to communicate with both humans and Pokémon. She'd already tested it on the latter, the proof being the Magnemite and Klink floating just behind her.

She stares intensely at the device before she begins to speak. For the most part, she looks completely human. If you ignore the strange core and band of metal obscuring her forehead.]

People of Union City. I need your combined knowledge.

[A pause. She wasn't sure if this was working properly, but she would find out soon enough. She might as well finish speaking first.]

What is the best way to form a strong bond? The best way to enhance my own strength? I need to know these things.

[Even if people gave her different answers and opinions, she could piece together her own answer using theirs.]

If this recorded properly, I can be contacted through this device. I'll be waiting.

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