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Who: Rise Kujikawa, Jeff Andonuts, Sollux Captor
What: Searching for components
Warning: Shouldn't need any

"...and Musashi here is probably the rarest guy I've Bonded. At least, I've never seen another Scyther around," Rise explained as she walked along the mountain path with her two(-ish) traveling companions. Her Scyther bowed in acknowledgment of the description as she relayed it to Jeff.

"He's a Bug and Flying type, but he's a lot stronger than either of those usually are - probably because he practices with those scythes so much," she continued. "You're getting all this, right Jeff?"

She had volunteered to help him with a project of cataloging Pokémon in exchange for making a gift for Toyo, after all.

"So anyw--whoa there, Musashi," she said, putting a hand gently on his shoulder as he moved to position himself between her and a wandering Geodude. "I told you about Rock-types. Don't go picking a fight with them, okay?"

((Any posting order really. We're wandering around to look at rocks here.))
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[Jeff looks down at the video screen of his Warp Band, his bottle lens glasses obscuring most of his face. It's obvious, however, that he's a young boy with freckles dusting his cheeks and smooth skin. That bowl cut might be a bad choice though, if you're into fashion. He seems to be studying the screen more than anything, and doesn't speak for a long moment. He looks over at a shuffling sound though finally, and an Elekid pops up on the screen too. Finally, he speaks.]

The visual quality is good, but I'm sure there's a way to make it broadcast in color. I wonder if I'd get in trouble for modifying it myself...

[He realizes he's broadcasting this to all of Union, but the idea of vandalizing their communication system for a good cause seems innocent enough. He seems to shrug, pulling his wrist back from the Elekid's face, the Pokemon having looked like it might be trying to get into the screen to "get the other Elekid" inside it.]

Uh. It's only taking a moving visual of you, Zap, there's not another Pokemon inside it.

[Zap just seems to huff a little bit and Jeff adjusts his glasses before scratching at his cheek.]

They're calling it "video". Fascinating. Next time someone brings in a broken Warp Band I'll definitely look at the new equipment.

In the mean time I'll tinker with mine.

[He clears his throat a little.]

Oh, I'm broadcasting. Sorry. I'm Jeff.

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