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Hey, check it out!  The Gible I found down in the canyon a few weeks ago evolved!

[Chie, beaming with pride, swings the camera over to show off her awesome new dragon, whose body has finally grown into its comically huge jaws.  Despite its frightening countenance, it seems to be in a pretty good mood, its tail wagging back and forth like a big puppy when Chie reaches over to pat it on the head.]

It makes me feel like I should be working hard too, so I'm gonna ramp up my daily training regimen.  Trial of the Dragon!

[Grinning widely, she pumps a fist in the air excitedly.]

[Action; all around Union]

[And true to her word, Chie is training like nobody's business today.  She can be found jogging here and there and everywhere throughout the streets of Union, periodically stopping to launch some kicks into the air to practice her form.  Notably, her Pokémon aren't with her during all of this - this is her solo training time.  And also of note is her attire.  She's got training weights strapped to her ankles, and she's running everywhere barefoot.  All in all, she's sweating more, breathing harder, and running slower than usual, but Chie's never been the type to give up once she's decided to commit to something, so she's doing her best.

Feel free to run into her in the middle of her training - be it during a run or to watch her practice her kicks - or after she can't handle it anymore and is collapsed on the ground in the middle of the park, catching her breath and rubbing at her aching feet.]

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The Kricketune Theaters are Proud to Present: A Night of Laughter and Tears! starring... Union!

Banners and streamers had begun popping up all over town a week in advance, and it wasn't long before the rumors began to spread. The Kricketune Theaters were taking a dive financially and needed a quick promotion to stay in business. The Kricketune Theaters were so rich and their warehouses stocked with so many treasures that they just felt like giving things away out of caprice. (They were artists, after all.) The Kricketune Theaters were a front for the underground gambling industry, and this was a distraction for the rest of Union while the ruffians and thugs of Union divvied up the illicit gains of the year. The Kricketune Theaters were a front for Team Evolution and this was yet another object demonstration; the Team would once again spring Mega Evolution out of their sleeves and win all the prizes.

...Well no one really believed that last one.

Regardless, the news spread quickly: a night of performances put on by the trainers of Union. The best performances by audience vote would receive a prize - some treasure previously unseen in Union altogether. Whether or not one was interested in putting on a show, it was at least a chance to see something out of the ordinary. Or many things. The sign-up list tacked outside the front doors slowly grew in length; everyone had their thoughts as to what would be the ideal production...

Soon enough, the night arrives. 7:00 sharp, the doors open to allow the spectators to come streaming in for a nominal fee; the performers had assembled an hour earlier and now stood nervously watching through cracks in the curtain or conducting last minute rehearsal.

"Laaaaaadies and gentlemen!"

The unseen voice booms out across the theater.

"Please take your seats. The show begins in 15 minutes!"

((You may still sign up groups here. If you are unable to find a group but would like to participate, make a note in the Planning section of that page and we can pair you up with someone. This log will run all week. Voting will begin May 10th based on log progression up to that point.

The grand prize will be, as announced Prism Scales from the swamp. Other prizes for participants will also be available.))
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[If you're looking at your bands right now you'll be able to see a shaky video feed, and maybe a random leaf once in a while.

An Oddish is holding the warp band and pointing it at what seems to be a bonfire, somewhere outside, with a Litwick floating around it and a Slugma curling up in one side of the flames.

The poor Oddish is trying to stay away as much as possible, shaking a little, but holding the warpband no matter what. The Litwick comes and waves at the camera, pointing at the bonfire and laughing. You can hear a laugh from the fire itself]


[If you happen to be walking by the bonfire in the video, you'll notice it's not really a bonfire, but rather a man spouting flames from every part of his body and he's laughing like a little kid, waving a hand in front of his face with a small ball of fire in front of his face]

I evolved!


Apr. 25th, 2014 05:56 pm
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[and over at the Water level at the Habitat, one Michiru Kaioh has been hogging a nice, long section of the pool. Leisurely swimming her laps, she's doggedly followed by, of all things, a Magikarp. There's a Kirlia dipping her toes in the water as well as a Budew, ensconced in an inner tube and having the time of her life.

Or well, Michiru was followed by a Magikarp. Almost two weeks of hard work has resulted in a gigantic sea serpent who looks entirely too pleased with herself. Looking around for the highest hoop that had always eluded her, Gyarados reaches up and up and finally bumps it with her forehead.

Michiru laughs, treading water.]
I think that's cheating.

[regardless, Gyarados sinks back down to be petted.]


Apr. 25th, 2014 12:25 pm
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Hello, Union! My name is Blue, and I'm looking for a particular stone if anybody can help me out.

I know the nido lines evolve with the help of one, and I have a gorgeous nidorino I wanted to keep one for. If you know anything about where to find one or have one yourself you wouldn't mind parting with, I'd love to chat. I could offer money or maybe teaching a move or two to your pokémon... we can discuss the details together.

Annnyway - that's all, really. Thank you if you can help me out! And congratulations to those with newborns to care for after the spring fun some of the pokémon had.

locked action to Green Oak )


Apr. 19th, 2014 01:07 pm
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So hey, this is probably a pretty weird question, but, uh... does anybody know how to milk a Skiddo?

[Yup.  That's it.  That's the call.]
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Hello, everyone! My name is Mana Aida, and I thought now that I've decided to become a trainer, it was time I introduced myself! Some of you may already know my good friend, Alice!

Let's see, I suppose I should tell everyone about myself... Well, I'm student council president at the school I go to, and my family owns the Grumpig's Tail in the entertainment district! We'd love it if any of you could stop by!

My partners are an Eevee named Cheryl and a Purrloin named Joker! They're both my precious friends... though Joker likes to play tricks sometimes... Heh heh heh...

Oh! Interesting about all these flowers and vines, huh? I guess you could say they're symbolic of the changing of the season... new beginnings, right? That makes this a really meaningful time to be a trainer and start an adventure, right? I'm so excited!

I'm really excited for the chance to get to know you all!

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