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Who: Pamela Isley and OPEN
What: Pamela’s 19th birthday party. Everyone is invited.
When: July 18th
Where: The Isley manor

[Although Pamela’s mother Cordelia Isley is a known socialite, the Isleys don’t often throw parties – or not large ones, anyhow. Pamela’s father Walter Isley is a high ranking Engineer and a workaholic, so most Isley parties are just small affairs organized solely by Cordelia, or sometimes by Pamela’s grandparents, Hugh and Jocasta. In the latter case, the parties tend to be for an older crowd.

In light of Pamela’s nineteenth birthday, her recent evolution, and her involvement in the diplomatic relations between Union and Caldera, her grandparents felt generous and decided to throw a large party. Pamela herself had been hoping for a small event, but her grandparents and mother were having none of it. So Pamela took it upon herself to personally improve her grandparents’ front yard and garden. There’s a long winding path leading up to the Isley home, thoroughly adorned with flowers that are in full bloom.

The invitation was extended to everyone in Union as well as their Calderan visitors. Although nowhere near the entire city is here, there’s still a fairly large turnout of people from all social stations ranging from poor to nobility.

(ooc: Changed the date from the 19th to the 18th so that characters can attend without clashing with the upcoming game plot!)
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[Beeping on the warp bands in the late afternoon.]


Missing Pokémon. Approachable yet will be hostile if threaten.

He's a Zoroark. He will most likely take his illusions of common people and pokemon he spots around Union. Under the illusion, he will have similar red eye markings like a normal Zoroark would. Please pay attention to face features of your Pokemon, loved ones, and even yourself. He should be harmless, but please do not threaten his power. Please keep an eye on possessions, as he loves food or anything with a shine to it. He should still be in the city so Rangers outside do not have to worry.

Oh and his name is Tristan.

Please call if spotted or if you have any questions.


[action: rosetta side]

[A girl wearing bright yellow and greens, appearing like she has a shiny aura as part of her Fairy typing, has been wandering around Union very quickly. Usually taking back roads and every other shortcut in the city with any paths she can, she is on the hunt for something and won't stop until she got it. She has even been jumping up on low roofs to get better view on the streets.

She's not trying to cause any harm and she shouldn't even be in this form, but it's much faster this way. Only Beatrice is with her, who is tearing up due to exhaustion and worry about her friend leaving the house all of the sudden. Rosetta does stop to comfort her little friend, petting her with her fingers.

It's okay. We will find him.

[She approachable and anywhere in the city, but better be quick as she will be on the move often.]

[action: zoroark side]

[No matter where you are or what you are doing, you might have something off. Why is there two of the same people? Twins? One of them seems... off.

Perhaps you ignore it for now. You check back and one of the two is now gone.

... Hey, there is another familiar person. Wait... Is that... you?

Another weird day in Union: Clones.

((No matter where you are or what you are doing, a prankster of a Zoroark is roaming around Union. Mostly harmless exploring, but if you drop food or something shiny, he might snatch it off as finders keepers. React as you wish and Tristan will react accordingly! Just a post of double hijinks.))
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Log Deputy: nor PM, church PM
Log Deputy Schedule: We're both on around 9PM-9AM EST usually if you need us right away.
Participating Characters: Anyone who wants to join!

Plot Description: Spring Gala at the Fabre's!

Every year, Judge Fabre throws a birthday party for Asch and Luke's mother Suzanne. Because she's a bit sickly, the party is thrown outside when the air is the freshest in the spring. Any and all nobles and those of high standing in the community are invited, but there are... ways for the common rabble to get in and have a good time as well. Namely, the part of the manor ground's fencing that was torn down during the earthquakes. That, or maybe the guards are having a good time too and wandered away for some ...action. Either way, everyone's eligible! There will be food and drinks (children, mind the wine,) cake, dancing and more! Don't forget the fireworks at midnight, it might be something romantic for you and your sweetie. Wear something nice and mingle!

Warnings/Notes: Nothing but fancy outfits and maybe a little alcohol around here.

Welcome to the Fabre's, please enjoy your stay.
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Who: Asemu Asuno, Alice Yotsuba
What: A ranger making a daring rescue
Where: Volcano
When: Over the weekend
Warnings: Volcanoes lend themselves to very catchy music.

I don't know where I'm a gonna go when the volcano blow )
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Who: Feliks, and whoever shows up. Mingle log, everyone's invited!
Where: The old Łukasiewicz manor
When: In the evening, on the day after spring's sudden onset.
Warning: Alcohol will be available? Otherwise, depends on the players--stick a warning in the subject line if anything gets out of hand.

Swaying and sweeping, and always keeping cool... )


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[The Seedot that comes on is quivering in a combination of strain and excitement as the camera is hurriedly focused on it. A moment after the image stops shaking, it nods, relaxes, and starts glowing. Motes of light swirl around it as its glowing body nearly doubles in size and reforms into a humanoid shape before the light blasts away to reveal a newly-evolved male Nuzleaf, who flexes and lets out a cry of "Nuzleaf!"

But that isn't all. After a pause where Nuzleaf nods, the image shakes as Apollo's hand comes into view and sets down a Leaf Stone. The stone begins to glow as Nuzleaf picks it up, then Nuzleaf himself starts to glow. The glow of the stone flows into Nuzleaf and his body becomes a foot taller as it reforms, then the light kicks up dust as it blasts away once more to reveal a Shiftry, who gives a rather evil-looking grin as the depleted Leaf Stone cracks and becomes shiny dust that blows away in the breeze.

Apollo's voice comes in from off-screen.]

He wanted everyone to see both of his evolutions. He's a Shiftry now.

[Shiftry makes some fighting poses that somehow, despite being fairly conventional, have a vaguely ominous air about them.]

He wants to know what everyone thinks about his evolutions and his new body.
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Oh good, it's working! Everyone, say hello.

[Took a second for the video to start up besides the audio going through immediately, but it shows a young girl sitting on a bench in the park in Union. A couple of Pokémon are surrounding her, which are a Cleffa on her head, a Teddiursa in her arms, and a Kricketot peeking over her shoulder from behind. They all let out their own cries in response. The girl just gives a nice smile.]

I hope everyone is doing well on this fine day. I assume new trainers are suppose to introduce themselves to the public when they get their Warp Band, so I am here today to do that. My name is Alice Yotsuba.

Cleeeeffa! (Hii! I'm Hoshi!)

Ursu~! (I'm Lance!) [That "ursu" almost sound like he said his own name.]

Kriii. (My name is Weise.)

We just returned from a lovely adventure to the mountains where I met and bonded with Lance and Weise. It's always nice to make new friends these days, so we hope to do the same with other trainers and their Pokémon. Things are much calmer now, so I do have time for a few adventures. If anyone needs an extra hand or company, we will be happy to join you.

Until then, I hope you all have a pleasant week.

[A small nod before the recording ends.]


[action | in the streets of union/around the business district:]

[Just a casual stroll around the city, showing her brand new Pokemon friends the sights of Union. Finding a well-dressed girl with a parasol opened in daylight and a pack of Pokémon by her side is pretty common as noble girls with Pokémon walking around happens every day. They are heading towards the Business District, which someone has to help with family work before retiring home... Just simple check in's on how things are going, but finding her along the way is possible. Or spotting a young girl with her little Pokémon pack walking into businesses and speaking to various adults.]

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