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[A short, thin black-haired woman shows up on the Warp Band. Vin's staring down at the broadcast; like someone who's never quite worked with video before, she isn't sure that it's on. Then she shakes her wrist to be sure, making the feed go all jagged.]

[But then it's back, and Vin's staring down at it.]

So, these Warp Bands... [Greetings aren't a thing.] We didn't have these in Sanctuary. How do they work? Can you actually see and hear me?

[She frowns; it's small and brief.] They can really reach into a Pokemon's mind?
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Oh hell no! [The video starts with a highly frustrated and freshly evolved Fili. There's not much physical change, except for the handful of sharp silver quills that have sprouted from his back and utterly ruined his shirt.] I was doing a Gengar costume, and now I look like a Sandshrew.

[He sighs, and relaxes slightly. As he does so, the quills do too, starting to retreat and lay flat.] Anyone have any ideas? I don't want to ruin another shirt.


[Should you come across Fili in the wild, he's not looking so great. Quills sticking straight out and crackling slightly with electricity, face pale and walking stiffly like he's in pain, the young man will stop often to rub at joints and sit down to catch his breath. After all, it's not every day your skeletal structure turns to steel.]
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[The feed clicks on to a flurry of motion, and Honoka circles around her food cart, Unionomura☆. She looks different than the last time she was on the feed, both in demeanor and overall appearance. She now has a noticeable line across the bridge of her nose, extending out to a small pair of fuzzy wing-like adornments to either side of her head, and her pupils appear as slits like a cat's. She tries to look put off, but mostly just looks fondly happy, and maybe a little tired.]

Well it looks like I came back right around when everyone was heading off on some grand adventure without me, doesn't it? And here I thought evolving was a big deal.

[The statement is very plainly meant as a joke.]

But anyway!! The shop's open whenever everyone gets back, and I'll make sure to have a huge stock waiting. It's been ages!
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[The solemn city of Sanctuary, home to Mages. There's something different in the atmosphere lately, the feeling of relief of years of Gigan rule, a time for schedules to be slightly more relaxed. That's about the only real difference.

Visitors to the city, however, that was also something else. It didn't take long for rumors of the arrivals from Union to begin circulating - a small number at that, but still enough to catch attention - though the context of it varied, from gratitude to disdain, and that was about all.

Aware of their presence, but not certain how to approach them just yet, the young woman did her best to be discreet in her observations of the varied strangers over the past few days.

... still, that doesn't mean she can't be bumped into, such as when she's bringing files to an office. Or on her way to the library to wind down after a busy day... conveniently during the more quiet times of day. Some of those meetings might not be accidental.]

My apologies, I'm not usually this clumsy...

[OOC: Backdated by about a week or so for timeline purposes!]
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( VIDEO. )

[ The video is choppy, and a bit grainier than usual. Judging from the scene behind her, Lux is quite a distance away from Union. A campfire roars behind her, a few tents speckling the background. The blond looks surprisingly chipper despite having traveled so far. Sitting with her back braced against her pack, she smiles at the camera. ]

Good evening, everyone. I know that a few people know already, but I won't be back home for a while. I'll be doing a bit of work for the Seekers in Sanctuary, helping to establish relations there and, if things go well, hopefully a chapter within the city. I believe that there is a lot that we can learn from them.

[ There is a brief pause as she stands, grabbing her pack and heading toward one of the tents. ]

We're close to the edge of the Warp Band's reach, so we've been thankful enough to travel with a supply caravan moving into the city. Otherwise, this might be a much harder trip than it has been. I hope to be back in signal range within a few weeks, but this job may keep me a bit longer, depending on how negotiations go. I will do my best to write letters, at the very least.

[ Finally making her way into her tent, she lets a small ball of light float toward the ceiling, depositing her pack in a corner. ]

Of course, I have other objectives as well. I'm traveling with a few others, to do some investigative work on the homunculi rehabilitation project, and whether Sanctuary is being completely honest with their plans and intentions. It is also my hope to, quite frankly, learn more. The knowledge we have is very limited, and if we are to help people cope, then we need any an all information that we can find. I doubt that it will be easy, but I've always liked a good challenge.

So, hopefully all will go well. I don't anticipate they will, but I will keep in touch as best as I can. Be well, Union, I'll see you again soon.


[ Throughout the trip to Sanctuary, Lux can be found buzzing about, busy as a combee. She is reading through notes, directing the few assistants from the Seekers she happened to take along with her, conducting interviews with various traders who have been within the city walls--doing everything that she can to prepare. And yet, she still seems a bit on edge when left on her own.

And when engaged by others? She is on 200%. Lux is smiling, more vivacious than usual, despite looking a bit worn down. There are times where she nearly drifts off on the back of her Rapidash, and she can be found reading by lantern light outside of her tent, a tin mug of coffee by her side. ]
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[It's been about three and a half months since he arrived in Union to help his dad set up this branch of Junes, but now came the one thing he was dreading about it. Business was fine, but his dad wanted to advertise a little more, and what better than to have his son do an advertisement for the store on the Warp Band? Yosuke groaned and protested, but eventually agreed. He didn't want to do this, but here he is-]

Ahem. Uh... [He reads nervously now from a paper that's heard as he uncrinkles it, with a cheerful demeanor and an apprehensive customer service voice over the feed. He really doesn't want to do this.]

This week only, Junes is offering a store-wide discount! Most items are ten to twenty-five percent off! Don't miss this great opportunity for all your shopping needs!

Every day's great at your Junes...! Heheh...! [He laughs half-heatedly, embarrassed.]


[There is a scream sounding in your direction. It's distressed. As if someone is trying to escape a deadly situation.]


[The boy runs, looking for help. Shadows seem to be following behind him, closely. He needs a hand, because whatever it is that's following him, is something he can't take on by himself.]
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ACTION / closed to danny  )

( VIDEO. )

[ Jack looks... tired, sitting on the floor of his room. and he's almost blue in certain places, around the eyes and mouth - not like an ordinary person in need of warming up, but like a corpse that's been left out in the cold for a good long while. that isn't the only difference; usually in video messages, he's curled up somewhere with his Pokémon draped all over him. for once, the majority of them are nowhere in sight, except for a Sneasel plastered against his front and a Froslass tucked into his side. ]

Soooo. First things first, I'm heading off to Sanctuary with Lux for a while. I'm gonna check up on the Homunculi there, if anyone else actually cares. [ that is definitely a bitter jab there. he's not at all happy about how the negotiations turned out after everyone made all those reassurances. ] Oh, I evolved just recently, that's another thing. If you noticed it get about ten degrees colder for a minute the other day, yeah, that was me. Kind of a weird experience, to be honest, and definitely not one I personally would choose to repeat! It might have been nice to get a warning about it? You know, just, a common courtesy, "by the way, if you haven't evolved before, you should know that it might feel like you're dying at first. But don't worry about it!"

[ evolution does not make his Homunculus body more stable, and because every part of him was completely unequipped to deal with the change, it was an awful shift that he's still adjusting to. he doesn't yet realise this isn't the normal experience that everyone has. ]

But on a slightly more pressing note, uh... Does anyone have a problem with not being able to touch things? Or people, or Pokémon - and I mean, ever. Because— this?

[ he picks up his familiar shepherd's staff, and immediately, thick frost begins spreading across the wood. the exasperated expression on Jack's face may be telling of the fact that he is not deliberately making this happen. ]

This is kind of a problem. [ a Growlithe comes shuffling into view to nose at Jack, and Jack gently pushes it back with his staff, laughing. ] No, idiot, I keep telling you! You're gonna get frostbite if you cuddle up to me now, you know. That's, actually, general warning for everyone — uh, don't touch me anymore! Unless you do want frostbite, in which case, hey, happy to oblige.

[ it doesn't seem like he's particularly upset about this, eyes still bright and cheerful, but his smile is somewhat tense. ]

World Fair

Aug. 22nd, 2015 08:57 pm
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In the week of lead-up to the fair, the whole of Union had been ablaze with excited chatter, industrious preparations, and quite a fair number of new faces. People from all over the known world had begun to trickle in with the announcement, some representatives and workers from each invited civilization, some excited young trainers and travelers, hopeful prizewinners and showboaters, cooks, warriors, clothing designers, and of course a wide variety of Pokemon. You couldn’t look anywhere (even a trash can) without finding somebody new, and every single person was absolutely thrilled to be there.

The World’s Fair, hopefully the first of many, sprawled out across the Entertainment District. Large swathes of the area had been cordoned off for the event, stalls and tables, booths and small shelters set out and erected over the course of the week. Local workers and travelers dug in, working in shifts to get everything together on time. Voices sang out around the grounds, work chants accompanied by the beat of hammers and nails, with every soul pouring their hearts into their tasks. A busy time, certainly, and one fueled by a desire for harmony, profit, and to start off the idea with a bang.

There were, of course, a few noticeable exceptions. The open invitation to Gigas that the Council had so warmly extended had been accepted in due time. Those who numbered themselves amongst that great city were distinguishable by their less than friendly countenances and penchant for taking notes, no doubt analyzing the city of their enemies. One likely familiar face made her appearance partway through the week, disappearing quickly into a tent and remaining indoors for the rest of the preparations.

Come opening day, people had already begun lining up at the entrance, awaiting admission. The queue stretched for blocks and blocks, a serpentine loop of people and Pokemon all eager for a chance to see what this fair was all about. Like everything else surrounding the event, there was a certain buzz to it. Chatter filled the line, questions and queries hanging on everyone’s lips. Did you see that robot? What’s that smell? Did you see that Maxime de la Puffette was planning on unveiling her fall lineup here? Oh! Oh! And there are three idol groups! Risette may even make a performance! and there was another rumor that buzzed through the line as well. Gigas accepted the invitation. And so did some of those people from the Archipelago…

Once inside the grounds proper, a dizzying array of sights, sounds and smells assailed every visitor’s senses. Music blared, machines clinked and clanked, food sizzled on grills, exotic spices wafted down the paths, unusual Pokemon let out cries of surprise and delight, and people ooh and ahhhed. Technological wonders stood out on stages, concerts presented a variety of music in every style imaginable, there were whole areas set aside for nothing but eating and fashion, while martial artists, Pokemon and brawlers duked it out in the various arenas. And above it all, airborne Pokemon soared and wheeled, banking and turning as their riders and egos clashed in a competition of acrobatics and skill. All of this could really only mean one thing, and even if by chance you were a Crustle living under a literal rock, you couldn’t miss it.

An event like nothing held since the Cataclysm, and something wholly unique had begun today, and for one week only. The First World’s Fair!

[OOC: This post is open to all players throughout the next week. Feel free to tag around, start your own top levels, and generally have fun during the fair. Some new and familiar faces will be tagging around as well, and may tag into your threads!]
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[Naomi's grinning from ear-to-ear on the warp band, holding her new friend Oddish in one arm. She's in the park today, her other two pokemon no doubt nearby to keep an eye on her.]

Hey, does anybody wanna play tag with us? We're in the park so come stop by!


[And that afternoon Naomi can be found running around the park with her three pokemon playing tag. Of course, if she sees anyone passing by there's a good chance she'll be running over and tagging them, whether they were coming to the park to play after he message or not.]
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Union. We need to talk.

[The residents of Union who are currently tuning in to the Warp Band Network are treated to the sight of one (1) Waver Velvet, traveller from Sanctuary whom some know as a self-taught Magus. Alternately, some may know him as Waver Mackenzie, a psychic type Earthkin-- because, clearly, the young man cannot keep his story straight. His normally pristine hair is in a disarray, his clothes are unusually wrinkled and torn, but there is a familiar look of resigned irritation in his eyes that his scattered acquaintances would plainly recognize.

The room around him is also in shambles. Chairs have been broken up and thrown around, the coffee table (with plant on top of it) has been entirely overturned, lamps are shattered to pieces, and the curtain is tattered in such a way that it vaguely looks like someone (or something) decided to take a rather large bite out of them.

Waver let out a startled yelped when the feed rocked-- as if he were sitting on top of something...]

...Well. It might be better if I show you.

[With the video feed panning down, Waver revealed a rather innocuous looking trunk. It was clearly an antique, with ancient wood panels darkened with the patina of age and many haphazard attempts at polishing. There were scratches along it's lid and sides, as if it had seen many a battlefield and somehow returned alive and unscathed....

And anyone with the senses to reveal it would notice a particularly malevolent aura that surrounded the otherwise innocent looking trunk.

Innocent.....except for the glimpse of sharpened mahogany teeth that could be seen under the lid as it shifted restlessly underneath the weight of every single living being in the house.]

This is a legendary beast from the libraries of Sanctuary, [Waver explained, in a weary voice that was edged with annoyance.] No one knows how old it is-- just that it's particularly fond of salted crisps, the occasional spearow, and the safety of the few of us that it followed in to Union.

[The 'few' meaning 'one,' but Waver wasn't about to out his good friend from the libraries.]

We call it the Luggage, and in Sanctuary everyone was just content to let it be. But, in Union? I don't think that's possible.

[A sigh. The video feed returned to the tired looking young man.]

It's also a ghost-type...and an electric-type, which I never understood. Legendary beasts are just that, though. Legends. Why try to understand a force of nature?

But it's also becoming harder to handle here, and we don't want it taking over the local library. That's why I'm opening the floor to suggestions, because maybe the scientists and engineers here can figure out something that the Magi couldn't.

[He shrugged, an gesture that seemed to indicate that he didn't expect anyone to answer. Just before he closed out the feed, he could be heard muttering something about needing to clean this entire blasted mess up before someone returns to the house...]

[Action-- including Saber, Rincewind, and anyone else who makes it a point to harrass them.]

[Anyone wandering near Waver's place of residence would be treated to the sight of various parties, both human and pokemon, running around and screaming at eachother-- as there seemed to be a fight happening between an aggressive Gabite, a grumpy Skitty, and, strangely, an ancient trunk that seemed to move of it's own accord.

Disturb at your own risk. No one can guarantee your safety.
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[Feliks looks like he's in Union for the moment -- in a noble house, by the looks of the fancy furniture and his high-fashion outfit. He's got his boots off, on the floor next to the couch where he sits with a Growlithe curled up next to him, petting a tuft of fluffy fur.]

You guys seriously have zero chill, you know that? Like, I go out for a couple of weeks and come back and you got all mixed up with gods again?

Never a dull moment, I guess... But seriously, way to have all the excitement without me! Super rude, Union. You're gonna hurt my feelings or something, all hanging out without me and junk.

So? How badass was it?

[Action - Various places around the Business District + Teeter's]

[As usual when he's in town, Feliks has errands all over the shopping district. He spends the morning restocking on potions, food, and assorted adventuring supplies, then hits up some of the mid-range clothing shops for things to wear out in the field, things that aren't too fussy or too fragile.]

[In the afternoon, he steels his nerve and goes to his old favorite high-end shops. He gets fitted for a few new suits at a good tailor's, then ends up in one of the fancy dress shops, laughing and making a fuss, teasing the attendants and any other patrons nearby as he tries on one thing after another. All in all, he seems in great spirits, with the exception of one moment when he catches sight of himself in a mirror -- dressed up and laughing with the fire stone necklace glinting at his breast, and the weight of the last year comes crashing back all of a sudden. He ends up having to sit down for a moment to recover, like it's a damn fainting spell -- and of course, all the people working here know all the stupid noble gossip, so they know exactly what his problem is, but he still finds himself making excuses to anyone nearby.]

Sorry, my bad -- I think this corset's a little tight after all! Haven't been wearing them for a while, you know?

[In the evening, he ends up in Teeter's, because the classier places have never actually really been his scene. After a couple of drinks, any hints of shyness are well and truly gone from him.]

Hey, hey -- I'm bored. Wanna do something fun? Like, like a drinking contest. Or a dancing contest. Or a drinking and dancing contest!


Aug. 7th, 2015 10:45 am
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There was a small crisis at the market that I helped solve and long story short...

[She pans the camera around to a small pile of boxes behind her that are FULL of apples.]

There's no way we can eat all of these before they go bad, but they insisted I take them as thanks. Does anyone want some apples?
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[A: Text, to everyone]

I hope that everyone is recovering from the recent ordeal. It was worrisome, to say the very least. Nonetheless, it seems that some benefit may have been derived from it, at least.

Has anyone successfully done one of these new evolutions?

[B: Text, private to Kyouko]

[Yeah... here's why she did text. She doesn't trust herself to not get emotional talking to Kyouko about this.]

I saw it in my memories. Inside of that cave that the others went inside of. Not the real thing.

[C: Action, later, at Junes!]

[Mami promised that she would stop by Junes. She wants to go see it, besides; she could stand to buy a few things, especially a few things from home. But her friend boyfriend it's complicated really there's not a good word for him special cute buddy Yosuke works here. And that is more than enough reason to get her here.]

[You might find her browsing the aisles, looking over the various goods. Especially some of the clothing. Winter is coming, after all, and she means to be ready for it. But she's also looking for Yosuke, peering about all parts of the store.]

[And later, she's sitting down at a table in the cafe portion, sipping tea. Because of course she is!]
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[Today’s warp band feed features two individuals, and one massive gigantic grey blob. Friends might recognize Yosuke Hanamura and Yukiko Amagi. And some might even guess that blob is the infamous “Snor-Lord” but then they might also easily not, because really he’s just kind of a dweeb. There’s a serious look in the teenager’s eyes, like they have something incredibly serious to say. And even the infamous outlaw Snorlax seems quieter than usual.]

Hey. So, Yukiko and I sorta had an encounter the other day. Like, one of the divine kind.

[He takes a deep breath.] One of the gods contacted us. And it had some pretty important things to say.

[Yukiko’s head dips as she greets the viewers, and she pushes up her glasses before speaking in an equally solemn voice.]

It was a god named Suicune. It said it was the North Wind. The...Gale that brings the frost. One of the winter gods, I’d guess. It had kinda a lot to say, but it was, mostly because it wanted us to ask questions and not the other way around.

[He nods, looking at her and then back to the feed.]

And the answers we got weren’t exactly good. [She breaks in with a nod.] No, they really weren’t.

[He takes another breath, trying to recall everything to the best of his ability.]

We asked about Gigas, and Sanctuary. Turns out the gods have an opinion on them, too.

[She takes a breath as well, and Snor-Lord’s hands drop down onto both of their shoulders. The big brute leans in between them and grunts.]

It also said a few things about the gods too, and how they think. Like...they definitely are testing us. And they have a reason. But it didn’t say what, and it seemed like it was working for another god. Which I guess points to a kind of hierarchy?

[Snor-Lord nods again and speaks in a serious series of Snors/Laxes/Snorlaxs.]

Yeah, it was also kind of a jerk. Talkin’ about manners like a big lamer.

[Yosuke rolls his shoulder in irritation, not wanting the big pokemon’s hand there.]

Get your paws offa me! Anyway, it was seriously freaky. Especially with what it had to say. But we couldn’t sit here and keep this to ourselves. We’ll be here if anyone’s got any questions.

((ooc: Replies will come from either Yosuke and Yukiko and Snor-Lord, and if you prefer action they’re in one of the residential district parks. If you want a joint thread or one of them specifically, let us know in your header!

Also, order doesn't matter- feel free to boomerang either one of them if the other isn't around! It will help make things go faster :D ))
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hey! everybody else pissed off about those caves? good, cuz i'm calling for an emergency party. there needs to be some real fun around here after whatever the hell that was.

i'm still pretty new here, so suggestions on place? stuff to do??? really somebody else can handle organization, that sounds boring, i just wanted to put out the word.
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As the characters arrive, they will find what appears to be a rather deep cavern. Upon entering, the caverns are quite narrow, with twists and turns everywhere and different tunnels that all seem to be interconnected. As characters travel deeper within the caverns, reality around them will start to warp, they will start to see and hear things that aren’t necessarily there - images of old enemies, past failures, voices of condemnation, visions that strike at the soul and core of the characters. Once this begins, it will only increase in power and volume, demanding it be confronted, lest they be trapped within these caves forever.

[OOC: This event will run for a week. All characters who enter the caves will be subject to some of their deepest fears, darkest demons, and most abject failures. To overcome them, characters must help each other out, finding their purpose through strength of character and resolve to move forward. In general, these visions should require characters to come to grips with themselves. Illusory images and voices can and will appear and can take any number of forms, depending on what is most appropriate to a character. Additionally, characters may thread with each other and are encouraged to help each other out to overcome these personal demons. For those who wish to take part, they are able and encouraged to narrate their own personal demons, which will be on display for everyone who enters their thread. IC threads may be made in this post.]
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[Action - Union]

[Teddie wasn't sure what to expect when he made it to Union, but he was rather surprised at the wonders the city held. He strolled down the streets, gawking at every little thing in sight, sometimes he even pressed his nose against the window of a few shops. Though what he did not realize was that he stuck out like a sore thumb on account that he was a Cubchoo that was roughly four feet tall, and one that was going to get lost very easily without someone to guide him around.]

[Action - Library]

[With so many places to explore it was difficult to choose where to go first, but that's what a game of eeny meeny miny moe is for.

The silence within the library was quite a contrast compared to the hustle and bustle outside. Teddie carefully made his way between shelves, wishing to not break the silence while his gaze shifted from one side to the other. There were so many pieces of literature, none of which Teddie would attempt to read on account that he couldn't, but that didn't stop him from taking a look. He was a rather curious bear after all, so much that he pulled books off the shelf, and when he went to put them back, it would always end up as the wrong book in the wrong place.]

[Action - Junes]

[Now this was a place of wonder! The sheer amount of products in the store was astounding, and they were all so foreign that he just had try everything out! Problem is though, Teddie had no idea how almost anything worked. Pots and pans were bashed together and some were worn as hats for a short amount of time until they got too uncomfortable or fell off. Electronics were generally given a baffled look while paws toyed with all the shiny buttons that begged to be touched. Clothes however? Those Teddie could understand. That's what humans wore, and he's seen quite a few of them. It was simple enough, until he wandered into the lingerie section and ended up wearing a pair of lacy underwear on top of his head. They were the perfect size for a hat!

At the end of his exploration, Teddie found a very comfortable place in the freezer section, eating entire boxes worth of popsicles. He seemed content with sitting in the freezer, so much that it could be assumed he didn't plan on going anywhere for quite some time.]
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1. The Refuge Camp [Action]
[ Nestled deep in the refuge camp was a travel trunk. Like all travel trunks, it was both well-used and well-traveled. It was also asleep. A cacophony of sawing sounds rumbled through the tent flap, causing a passerby to sharply veer away. Rincewind stepped outside and stretched. He had a long day ahead of him. There were groceries to procure and clothes to reluctantly buy. He needed to get out of the camp and find an actual place to stay. The tent was all fine and dandy, but at the end of the day, it was on the breezy side and didn't offer leg room. He had to duck which meant his hat never stayed on his head when he had to stand. ]

[ No, he had to find a new residence. Somehow. But, food first. Rincewind picked a direction and strode. ]

[ The Luggage woke up. ]

2. The Residential District [Action], 3. The Library [Action], 4. Junes [Action], 5. A window of panic [Video] )
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[ A familiar face is on the screen. She looks a little like she's been living life rather... uh, naturally. To the earth. Mud bathing, the like.

Despite that, though, she's looking good. Happy, even. Her pumpkaboo is clinging onto her shoulder, as per usual, as she looks around and starts to speak once she's sure the camera is on. ]

Uh- Hello. It's Shyvana here. I left rather suddenly last time, and for that I apologise. I am back now, and will be returning to my duties as a Sword of the Saviour. I look forward to serving you all. [ She bows slightly, and the pumpkaboo waves as the transmission ends. ]

[ Later during the day Shyvana can be seen slightly cleaner and more rested. She's walking around the shops, marveling at the various foods that come packaged these days and seeing if she can catch anymore familiar so she can catch up.

Her merry band of pokemon include a trapinch running to keep up, and aforementioned pumpkaboo rested on the Trapinch's head. They are rather small, so hopefully they don't trip anyone up while they're in a mad dash to catch up to Shyvana.... ]
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If I may please, I would greatly appreciate the advice of those who have sought a place to live on their own.

I am interested in moving and have never done so before. While I have read many books on what to ask about and what to look for, real experience in the matter is incredibly important and prevalent.

So, if anyone would be so kind as to speak with me, I have several questions for you if you do not mind answering them.

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