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[After being silent for a few weeks, Kaido, Mari and Atsuro's place has been suddenly bustling with activity.

At first it was just moving and cleaning and pokemon occasionally running around, but today there's the sound of hammering and a lot of voices...

... and halfway through the afternoon, when people are starting to get out of jobs/school and into the streets, a makeshift wooden stand is erected outside the building, with a big sign on it that reads:


(And under it, in smaller letters that from the scratchy handwriting are probably Kaido's:

Until we run out, anyway)

Mari, Kaido and Atsuro are taking care of the stand, looking much tanner than you'd usually see them. Ask them for a glass? Mingle? Trip on one of the pokemon running underfoot? The possibilities are endless]

[[You can tag any of the characters, ask in the subject line if you're talking to more than one, or just mingle in the mingle area]]
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Who: Mari Mochizuki, Tadashi Nikaido
Where: Their home
When: January [backdated]
What: The final preparations for an expedition are made.
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03| Video

Oct. 15th, 2014 10:54 am
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It's good to finally be getting back to Union! The Archipalego is quite a trip, I almost wasn't sure I'd make it in time for Soulfasting. It would have been a shame not to participate two years in a row-

[A Noibat sleeping on her shoulder interrupts with a rather loud snore. In the background a Nidoking snarls, sounding pained, and even Mari winces a little.]

-Yes, my apologies, I was getting to that. I don't suppose anyone would happen to know a way to alleviate Pokemon snoring? I know a few methods that can help humans, but I'm not sure how effective they'd be on this little one... and I'd rather not muffle its ears if I can help it.
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[If your morning somehow wasn’t chaotic enough, if you’re walking through the residential district, you may hear... raised voices]

...--and don’t slouch, Nikaido. You make me look undignified.

Oh yeah? How the hell am I supposed to do that? It’s freezing--Savior, how do you do it?

Focus and determination.

Your hair’s getting in the way too, what the hell. Never does that for you.

[Has Kaido always been this tall? Did Satsuki seem this cranky before? It’s not very hard to figure out what happened, especially when "Satsuki"'s bundled up in three sweaters and "Kaido" is proudly wearing a uniform.]

Er... guys...

[The tiny girl in the too-large hoodie would be Atsuro, currently stuck in Mari's body. As for Mari herself, she's surveying the world from her shiny new vantage point, perfectly content to let Kaido and Satsuki bicker as long as they don't break out the weapons]

[[You can interrupt Kaido and Satsuki, but all four characters can be tagged individually. Just specify who you're talking to!]]
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[Saturday, mid-morning. Hello world, it's a Gabite! Or, rather, a Gabite stomach; it isn't until it bends down in an attempt to pick up the warp band that anyone can see its face. Extremely upset, it stares intently at the feed which shakes back and forth. As it turns out, trying to pick up and hold anything when all you have is little nubby claws is a bit difficult. Oh thumbs, how she missed you.]

Someone help! I--waaah!

[That sounds like Shyvana.

And the warp band slips from her claws and falls to the ground. Noooo, it took her so long to even get it turned on. Laying on its side, it unfocuses and focuses on the Pokemon's feet. How is she going to even...

Okay, bending down now, the Gabite attempts to pick up the camera again, this time juggling it in its wings(?) and hoping that that will be a bit more secure.]

I woke up like this! ...Not like this, but in a different body. And then it did this! I can't figure out how to make it turn back, let alone why it changed in the first place. [She readjusts the camera a bit.] I tried pinching myself a few times, but I'm not dreaming. What's going on?!


[Wandering around Union is a Gabite, followed by a Mareep, who is trying to be as supportive as possible. It looks like she's trying to make the most out of the situation, and has large grocery bags draped over her wing-like arms. And a few on her Dorsal fin. She looks rather proud of herself. After all, when life gives you lemons, then it's time to make a lot of lemonade.]

02| Action

Jul. 15th, 2014 08:45 am
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[Anyone walking through Union may notice a strange sparkling on the ground. A trail of glitter leads in from outside the walls, where a miss Mari Mochizuki has recently returned from training. She's found a relatively empty area and keeps trying to brush the sparkling mess off her clothes, but the more she moves the more seems to appear. Her Crobat flaps near her, looking at her curiously.]

Thank you, but no, I don't think blowing it away would help...

[The dust looks very much like what she uses to attack and affect stats. Probably not the best thing to go spreading all over the city. She sighs, but, well, an evolution is an evolution.]

03: video

Apr. 24th, 2014 08:17 pm
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Put that - put that back, guys!

[Yes, that's the sound of a flustered Kanji. That is to say, a very loud sound coming over the airwaves, combined with a few scattered Pokémon sounds. In a moment, he's got the Warp Band back and the view's panning around erratically-]

...I guess you wanted to show off, huh. Fine.

[Alright, so he's on air now. Might as well take advantage of it. And now the Pokémon become visible...

Looking absolutely adorable. His Flaaffy's in a sweet little fuzzy waistcoat, and his Pidgey a little hat and scarf. They all seem to have acquired some accessories or outfit pieces or other - nice looking ones, all around. Even the latest addition, a Helioptile, has a decorative ribbon on one ear. She seems rather too happy.]

Yeah, I was workin' on a jacket for Silk here [and he points out the Flaaffy] but the others wanted to get in on the action too. I couldn't say no, could I? C'mon, they were lookin' at me with those eyes...
S- so, anyway, what do ya think? I never made stuff for Pokémon before...
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[The feed turns on to show Renko rubbing at her temple with her free hand for a moment, like she'd just woken up. Behind her appears to be a wall that's apparently quite old. Anyone who's been to the ruins will probably realize that's where she is.

She lets out a sigh before she speaks.]

Has anyone ever encountered a Pokémon in the wild that was unusually colored? I know that they're supposed to be unbelievably rare, but...I'm fairly certain I just encountered one.

[She mumbles something about the fact that she didn't even get a chance to try and bond with it, but it's not very audible.]

Are there any tricks to locating them? As in, do their behaviors differ from others of their species? I'd be interested in finding out if anyone else has experience with them.
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For those who fear the encroaching flowers herald events of a slightly more urgent nature, perhaps it isn't really paranoia so much as sensibility.

Two days after they first appear, every single flower in Union blooms overnight. The sight is incredible - the entire city is blanketed in rainbow waves of color, and the scent of the flowers themselves is quite fragrant. The strange pink blossoms are particularly attractive.

For many of the residents of Union, however, the flowers may not be the first thing on their minds as things go a bit chaotic.

1. Enlightened with a Bug, Fairy, or Grass typing will become subject to extreme emotion swings. Primarily, the emotions will be positive, like overwhelming ecstasy, a sensation of giddiness, and a desire to spread cheer amongst their friends. These Enlightened may also suffer from confusion, an excessive amount of energy, and general loopiness. When not in sunlight, they'll swing towards the negative end of the emotional spectrum.

2. Bug, Grass, and Fairy type Pokémon have taken it upon themselves to settle into this new paradise, with the Bug types descending in swarms from above, and the Grass and Fairy types wandering in through the gates whenever the guards aren't looking. Though not violent, they'll be generally insensitive to the trouble they cause for the humans and will react negatively to anyone or anything harming the flowers.

3. Other strange Pokémon have also wandered into Union and while most appreciate the gentle sunlight, a few of the more mischievous have decided that the city could use some more variety. Each individual Castform may alter the weather between sun, rain, and hail within a certain area of the city ranging about two blocks. If Castform is creating Rain or Hail, Fairy, Bug, and Grass Enlightened will respond in a negative manner.

4. Allergies will be more fun to deal with than ever.

5. Finally, the following event Pokémon will be temporarily available to be bonded with as an extra bonus for this week. Please respond in the Map and Wild Pokemon post as per the usual to claim these. The level range is 5-8.


This event will end on April 13th. You may use this post as an IC mingle or make your own entries as you wish. If your character is a Fairy/Bug/Grass Enlightened and you prefer not to play the effects, you may opt-out.
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After an unusually long and cold winter, the land is finally beginning to stir in the anticipation of spring. In the forest, the first flowers are beginning to peek out of the ground, the hum of Bug Pokémon begin to be heard, and of course, the first wisps of pollen begin to incite misery amongst the more sensitive of the population. The sun sets later and later each night, and at the end of a long workday, the prospect of escaping early to enjoy a stroll out in the brisk spring air becomes more and more enticing.

The pall cast by Team Evolution has long faded into little more than a distant cloud on the horizon. Though the mystery of 'Mega Evolution' remains unsolved, it seems inconsequential in the face of the strength that Union itself is gaining. All damage from the earthquakes has finally been fully repaired, production of iron and steel has been greatly enhanced by the discovery of the mine, there were plans to build a new port and to enhance the range of the Signal Tower, Enlightened and Pokémon everywhere were evolving one after another... On the whole, morale was high.

The city takes it upon itself to reflect this.

When the people of Union begin to stir early one spring morning, they will awaken to discover a cheerful city, indeed. All of Union, overnight, has become covered with vines and shrubs and flowers - plant life, everywhere the eye could see. Though the majority haven't yet begun to flower, the rainbow assortment of buds promises a lovely sight to come in the near future. A few citizens, annoyed, set to work removing the intrusive flora from their properties, but the majority simply take the unusual sight for what it is.

And for the particularly observant, dotted here and there among the landscape, the occasional large pink blossom can be spotted already in full bloom...

((You may use this post as an IC mingle if you wish!))


Apr. 5th, 2014 05:04 am
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[Outskirts of Union]

[If you're anywhere near Kaido's training spot today, you might notice something is... off. He seems more aggressive than usual, working himself out a lot rather than paying the usual attention to his pokemon, and at the same time... he's not quite as fast and efficient as he normally is, and might even be trembling slightly.

His pokemon have noticed something is off, Scraggy half-hiding in his own pants while Floette flies around, trying to keep an eye on him and his surroundings both.

Suddenly, after delivering a vicious kick that sends his dummy's head flying, he keels over, his skin starting to glow in patterns, shining brighter until it flashes, leaving him panting, still one knee to the ground, and...

... apparently unchanged, at least as far as physical features are concerned]

Damnit... no one told me it would hurt.

[His voice, however, sounds... uncharacteristically hoarse]

[Residential district]

Or you might encouter him later in the day, pacing the area and looking rather cranky. He doesn't want to go home just yet, for a bunch of reasons, but he's got nothing to do, and he's too restless to just go to Teeters or something.

So he's walking around with Floette, a scarf wrapped around his neck. The way he walks is slightly different from usual. A bit unstable, but also more fluid]
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[The image flickers on, but nothing coherent can be made out for several seconds- only blurry images and a great deal of clattering and crashing. Every now and then, it steadies and a bright blue Nidoking comes into view, roaring and pacing about, obviously agitated. Mari's voice comes in from off-screen.]

I know, I know- but you have to calm down, behaving rashly will only- ah!

[The video stops as suddenly as it started. A few minutes later, though, it turns back on. This time there's only Mari, smiling calmly enough, though it does look a little strained. The sounds of chaos have momentarily turned to some subdued growling in the background.]

My apologies, it seems I turned the video on by accident earlier. I hope I haven't disturbed anyone.

Action, for Kaido and Atsuro:

[So. There's a severely upset Nidoking in your house, that Mari is currently just barely able to stop from charging off and attacking Team Evolution single-handedly. What do?]


Feb. 16th, 2014 07:46 pm
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[There seems to be a bit of a scene in front of the Pokemon Habitat today. Some other teens seem to be accosting another one, who is standing with a stony expression on his face. If you move closer to the group, you might overhear the conversation; they're not exactly quiet about it.

"Hey, we should contact the authorities. Some idiot let the Murder Nerd have Pokemon, ha ha."

"Hey little Axew, how about you come be my Pokemon instead? You'll live longer. Ha ha ha ha.

Man, where'd you get this Smeargle? It's WAY too cool looking for you -- hey, the little bastard just ruined my shirt! Lousy --"

You might know the one standing by saying nothing, although he does seem to stand up for his own Pokemon here and there. When people say terrible things to HIM, however, he shuts up for some reason. Is this something you even want to get in the middle of?]


Feb. 10th, 2014 05:16 pm
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[If you are currently near the outskirts of Union, you might hear a bit of a racket.

Or you might outright just find Kaido, Flabébé and Sraggy.

They've set up a set of twin practice dummies (a big one for Kaido, a smaller one for Scraggy) and are practicing kicks and punches with synchromised timing, with Flabébé alternating between checking on the egg they have nearby and pushing a large ball around with Fairy Wind.

They've been at this for a week. Someone stop them.

Or alternatively, complain about the noise]


Jan. 27th, 2014 12:01 am
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Iron Mines:
The trip to the eastern mountains is punctuated by the continuing aftershocks. After each one, it may be tempting to glance back at Union to see if any of the towers have fallen yet. The expedition parties move with incredible speed, knowing that the fate of their City hangs on the line.

When they reach the mountains, guided by the coordinates given of the 'strange radio signal', the parties will find that many of the normal entrances and routes have been blocked by cave-ins. In contrast, however, a gaping hole has opened up where none existed before. As this seems to be the easiest way to gain access, the parties slowly lower themselves in...

They will find themselves in the long-sought iron mines.

But there are so many twisting turns and tunnels, it will be impossible to stay together and make any sort of progress. Each group will have to take their own paths from here...

Old City:
Each of the twelve entrances down into the Old City take a different meandering route through the ruins. Though several are blocked off by this time, there are still many potential paths to take. The state of the Old City is poor, being underground as it is, and occasional soft rumblings are certain to cause unease. As the report states, however, there is enough of an interval between quakes that it should be possible to investigate safely.

It would be unwise to venture down alone, but it is impossible, too, for everyone to stay together if they wish to make headway.

The wild Pokémon continue to come out of the Old City, though the frequency has been somewhat lessened. Rubble lines the streets and though no towers have collapsed as of yet, some seem to be dangerously close and certainly nobody should be staying inside of them. As stated, the towers in Sector 3 are the worse off and construction crews work frantically to attempt to restabilize the foundations of these buildings.

The injured are innumerable, the number of casualties is as of yet unknown, and the chaos and panic is difficult to fend off.

There is a great deal of work to be done.

((Please post below with your groups - in the first comment, please note the members of your group, where you are, and whether or not you intend to keep a threading order. Regardless of threading order, mods will be responding at least once every 24 hours to keep the event moving. Groups should be three to four people in size.

At this time, all characters entering the iron mines will be able to choose to bond with a free extra Pokemon listed under 'Cavern' in the Map and Wild Pokemon post. Please respond there if you intend to make use of this. Characters who have already claimed a free Old City Pokemon may not do so.))

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