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[With worrying recent events and the frustrated feeling Kaido's had for a few weeks that something is almost within his reach but not quite, he's starting to think something is wrong with the way he trains.

And, well, considering how much he trains... there aren't that many possibilities.

Which means if you check the network, you might see an unusual request:]

Does anyone know a good diet for strength/muscle building? Contact on audio/video thx

[... yeah he's pretty desperate]
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[After being silent for a few weeks, Kaido, Mari and Atsuro's place has been suddenly bustling with activity.

At first it was just moving and cleaning and pokemon occasionally running around, but today there's the sound of hammering and a lot of voices...

... and halfway through the afternoon, when people are starting to get out of jobs/school and into the streets, a makeshift wooden stand is erected outside the building, with a big sign on it that reads:


(And under it, in smaller letters that from the scratchy handwriting are probably Kaido's:

Until we run out, anyway)

Mari, Kaido and Atsuro are taking care of the stand, looking much tanner than you'd usually see them. Ask them for a glass? Mingle? Trip on one of the pokemon running underfoot? The possibilities are endless]

[[You can tag any of the characters, ask in the subject line if you're talking to more than one, or just mingle in the mingle area]]
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[Today, residents of Union, if you care to look down towards your feet, you might encounter a Petilil. A Petilil with a leaf hat, a stick turned into a cane and a leaf... backpack???

She was supposed to wait at the habitat, but it's been too long since she heard from her trainer, and she's worried--what if he's poisoned somewhere and in need of her healing skills??????

So she's been planning and sewing and she's all set out for her big adventure.

The only problem? She's used to being called from the warp band once they're already outside the walls, or riding on Kaido's shoulder sometimes. From this knee-high perspective? She doesn't recognise anything.

Which is why she's been getting lost for the last hour, bravely trying to find the city gates.

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Who: Mari Mochizuki, Tadashi Nikaido
Where: Their home
When: January [backdated]
What: The final preparations for an expedition are made.
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Real world

[Usually, Kaido's not one for these festivals (he's one of those "it's childish" guys), but something's changed after last year. So while he's not going to be running around in costume himself, he's gotten himself a mask, and you might find him shopping around for sweets to give out.

Despite the festive occasion, he's not looking very cheerful. But on the other hand, it's a calmer, more collected kind of dark mood, not his usual cranky self]

[Or, if you're in the dream world...]

Kaido's dream

This place looks like Union! But there's something a little off. )

[But if you follow the stray petals you might encounter here and there, you could stumble out of his and into...]

Floette's dream

The world is really big! And full of flowers! )
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[If your morning somehow wasn’t chaotic enough, if you’re walking through the residential district, you may hear... raised voices]

...--and don’t slouch, Nikaido. You make me look undignified.

Oh yeah? How the hell am I supposed to do that? It’s freezing--Savior, how do you do it?

Focus and determination.

Your hair’s getting in the way too, what the hell. Never does that for you.

[Has Kaido always been this tall? Did Satsuki seem this cranky before? It’s not very hard to figure out what happened, especially when "Satsuki"'s bundled up in three sweaters and "Kaido" is proudly wearing a uniform.]

Er... guys...

[The tiny girl in the too-large hoodie would be Atsuro, currently stuck in Mari's body. As for Mari herself, she's surveying the world from her shiny new vantage point, perfectly content to let Kaido and Satsuki bicker as long as they don't break out the weapons]

[[You can interrupt Kaido and Satsuki, but all four characters can be tagged individually. Just specify who you're talking to!]]


Aug. 30th, 2014 05:17 am
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[Hello, Union.

(Or anyone else within reach, really)

It's three am. Are you asleep? Good. You can stay asleep.

If you're awake or just dozing and within reach of your warp band, though, you might see a public transmission]

Yo. So who the hell else is up?

[Kaido is definitely not asleep, and he's bored]
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[If you're walking around the residential district today, you might run into Kaido.

Or, to be precise, Kaido and a new pokemon.

He's sat the pokemon on a bench and is crouching in front of him, staring into the pokemon's face. And being stared at back, though this gaze is more curiosity and less... whatever Kaido's glare is (his face is always like that okay).

They've been staring at each other silently for a while. You might want to snap him out of it, or he might not even realise you're here]

05: video

Jun. 11th, 2014 09:02 am
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[Kanji looks a spot edgy on the feed today. His plans for the week? Take a trip over to Caldera to help with the repair efforts. However? He'd made a promise - no long distance journeys, even with the warp, without a Flying type by his side. Just in case.

Said Flying type... well.]

Hey, everyone. Got a problem.

I'm ... kinda worried about Flick. Uh, she's my Pidgey? [Panning the view around to the bird in question (the cute little waistcoat making it quite clear who's training her) - she's trying to hide from view.] She's always been kinda shy, but it got worse after me 'n a few of the others went off training - you know, the other week. When we evolved. Wasn't sure what'd gotten into her.

But she was workin' hard last week, and... I saw her start to evolve too. Thing is, soon as it started - she kinda freaked out 'n - stopped.
I get the feelin' it's not the first time from the way my others looked at her.

[He sighs.]

How'm I meant to help her?
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Hawke's been plenty busy these past weeks helping refugees and running errands for people; he's finally getting used to the city, and becoming familiar with it, as well.

It's not unusual to see him walking to and fro trailed by a pack of puppy Pokémon. The Houndour sticks to his side like a second shadow, but the Lillipup, Vulpix, and Growlithe all have a tendency to trail behind from time to time when an interesting person or Pokémon catches their attention.

Lillipup will busily investigate anyone sitting on a bench or at an outdoor cafe table, sniffing efficiently to determine if there might be any forthcoming treats.

Vulpix is mostly attracted to people or Pokémon that appear to be alone. She herself doesn't like to be alone, so when she notices that condition in others, she makes an effort to change it.

Growlithe likes to join groups, especially if it looks like a game is going on. If you're training with your pokemon, don't be too surprised if you suddenly find yourself with an addition!

Hawke is pretty good about noticing the straggler and doubling back to collect, but sometimes it takes a few minutes. Plenty of time to make a new friend!

[ooc: If you'd rather talk to Hawke directly instead of engaging one of his puppies, feel free to start a new thread!]
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The Advance Party arrives to find a city besieged. Nestled about midway up a towering mountainside, the area to the east is stained with the glow of torches and the assembled legions of Gigas, their distinctive gray banners flapping in the wind. Their encampments are neat and orderly, with rows upon rows of soldiers, Ponyta cavalry, and Pidgeot cavalry, as well as several cannons well-protected within the ranks.

Upon your arrival, the city greets you warily, and it takes a number of exchanges before an aged but stern man appears on the walls. These walls are much smaller than those of Union, but they are unique in that they appear to be formed of raw iron, not forged but instead shaped around the city. The city itself is also rough-hewn from stone and steel, the buildings squat and functional but not terribly graceful. Caldera is easily the size of Union, but without the sweeping towers of Union it is much smaller in population, numbering perhaps only 200,000 souls at best. But it is a hearty place of strength and resilience, and even as beleaguered as it is the soot-stained faces of its people still shine with grim defiance.

After a brief discussion, the man orders his men to open the gate and permit access to the city.

"I can't say my people will trust you, but any offer of allegiance is better than none. I am General Brand Ironborn, I have defended Caldera for some fifty years now. Gigas has ever claimed this land to be part of its former empire, and demands our surrender that we might be re-incorporated into their civilization. We would have none of it, but we cannot fight much longer. You are welcome within my city, and any reinforcements you can send are appreciated.

You may have free rein of the city and I am happy to answer any questions you might have. The major issue before us is the army. We cannot hold them for much longer. We either need to convince them to back down, or we need to cripple their supply lines that they cannot keep themselves fed. Hopefully that will prove enough to force them to withdraw. Either way, if this "Union" you speak of is as large as you say it is, then perhaps we can make it through this siege yet.

He hesitates for a moment.

"I hate to be the beggar, but in our hour of need I am left with no choice. Please, good people of Union, some of my men are gravely injured, and we have many elderly and children behind our walls. I need them escorted to safety, if you can spare the aid. Will you take them in?"

[This is an open post, characters are free to tag General Ironborn at will and ask questions about Caldera and the situation]
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[The Advance Party has definitely made great progress, but they are now in the middle of the Western Desert. While they are reasonably well-supplied, it's not necessarily pleasant.]

Savior. Why is it so hot?

[This is open to all Advance Party members! Feel free to make your own threads and mingle as you wish!]
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[OOC: Private to Kaido and Sanageyama

Satsuki seems to be even more frowny since the Caldera announcement. Less than even an hour later, she video-messages both Kaido and Sanageyama, her expression even more stern and resolute than ever.]

Nikaido, Sanageyama. I have a favour to ask of both of you. You must have heard the news already, and I am sure you both realize I shall be going there. Sanageyama, I expect you to come with me. Nikaido... Do what you want. But I need both of you to meet me as soon as possible outside Union, close to the walls. Be at your best. There is something I need to try.

[The message ends there. And when you two arrive outside Union, she'll be waiting there, easy enough to spot with her usual white clothes. Not as usual this time, though - unlike most of the time, she's wearing Junketsu. Which might give you an idea of what she wanted to try.]
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Action: At Magnet Rock )


Uh. Hey, folks.

[And there's Kanji's face on the screen, looking rather proud. Not quite as those who know him might recognise it, though. Zig-zag markings in golden yellow sit at the side of his face, and a small one across his nose. His ears have changed, long and pointed, tipped with the same colour - small nicks out of them look almost like battle scars. Compared to this, the blond colour of his hair's nothing...]

Well... Ain't any hiding it, is there? Been dreamin' about this day since I was a little kid... Always wondered what it'd be like. An' ... [he laughs] here we are. Brand new me, huh?
Feels kinda weird, though. Like I'm gonna break everythin' I touch. How long does this take to get used to?

But... [A slight blush starts to creep onto his face, tinting the ends of his ears.] This is kinda awkward. Could someone warp me, uh. An extra large set a' clothes? Only the set I brought don't, uh, quite fit right now... Ma, if you're watchin' this? Sorry 'bout that, but... ya know.

[He lifts a hand to scratch his head, revealing an arm similarly marked with angular patterns in yellow and black that suggest gloves, and black bands bearing short spiky studs that sit around his wrists.]

Maybe somethin' with wider sleeves, too? Guess I know what I'm doin' next week...


May. 12th, 2014 05:51 am
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[Seeing Kaido at Teeter's isn't exactly a rare thing.

What's more rare is to see him at Teeter's alone, fairly more drunk than usual (and with his resistance, that means he's drunk quite a lot), and looking generally cranky and miserable.

He's sitting in a corner, Floette conspicuously absent, and drinking some cocktail the barman suggested because why the fuck not, yeah?

Hopefully none of his friends will show up or notice he's there by which I mean, go troll him]

[[Depending how much he trust you, he might not breach the actual subject that's been bothering him, but feel free to bother him all the same]]
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It has been suggested that I might make a good delver, but I only have a vague idea of what the position entails. Are there any delvers that I might speak to about this? He who recommended this profession specifically mentioned a Sir Ezreal for this purpose.


It seems like most of the people in this city have Pokemon as friends. Not wanting to be left out, Morgiana has gone to see about trying to befriend one herself. You might find her in a park, where her latest efforts have her approaching a Sewaddle in a crouch, trying to look as non-threatening as possible. The Sewaddle looks up at her blankly as she slowly extends her hand towards it.


The Sewaddle's response is to immediately chomp down on her fingers. Morgiana flinches, then shakes the bug type off in alarm. The Sewaddle promptly escapes into the underbrush, leaving the poor girl to suck on her injured fingers.


By the bandages around several of her other fingers, this is not the first time today that this has happened.
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[If you're looking at your bands right now you'll be able to see a shaky video feed, and maybe a random leaf once in a while.

An Oddish is holding the warp band and pointing it at what seems to be a bonfire, somewhere outside, with a Litwick floating around it and a Slugma curling up in one side of the flames.

The poor Oddish is trying to stay away as much as possible, shaking a little, but holding the warpband no matter what. The Litwick comes and waves at the camera, pointing at the bonfire and laughing. You can hear a laugh from the fire itself]


[If you happen to be walking by the bonfire in the video, you'll notice it's not really a bonfire, but rather a man spouting flames from every part of his body and he's laughing like a little kid, waving a hand in front of his face with a small ball of fire in front of his face]

I evolved!
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Who: KIRYUUIN SATSUKI, Tadashi Nikaido, and their innocent witness
Where: Outside the gates to Union
When: AT DAWN (well, sunday the 27th)
Warnings: A lot of ridiculous screaming and some violence.

(Note: anyone around at that hour is welcome to have witnessed this stupidity)


03: video

Apr. 24th, 2014 08:17 pm
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Put that - put that back, guys!

[Yes, that's the sound of a flustered Kanji. That is to say, a very loud sound coming over the airwaves, combined with a few scattered Pokémon sounds. In a moment, he's got the Warp Band back and the view's panning around erratically-]

...I guess you wanted to show off, huh. Fine.

[Alright, so he's on air now. Might as well take advantage of it. And now the Pokémon become visible...

Looking absolutely adorable. His Flaaffy's in a sweet little fuzzy waistcoat, and his Pidgey a little hat and scarf. They all seem to have acquired some accessories or outfit pieces or other - nice looking ones, all around. Even the latest addition, a Helioptile, has a decorative ribbon on one ear. She seems rather too happy.]

Yeah, I was workin' on a jacket for Silk here [and he points out the Flaaffy] but the others wanted to get in on the action too. I couldn't say no, could I? C'mon, they were lookin' at me with those eyes...
S- so, anyway, what do ya think? I never made stuff for Pokémon before...
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[Anyone outside or on the walls of the city early this morning will notice a stranger approaching the city. Heading from the woods, they're wearing a dark grey hooded cloak that hides their face rather well. They seem to be carrying a sword, as well as a lightweight-looking bag strapped to their shoulder.

They also seem suspicious.

When the person comes close enough, they briefly look up at the walls - if anyone watching is attentive enough, they might be able to make out the features of a girl - and smile, giving a small "hmph" of satisfaction. Finally here.

With that smile, the girl continues on towards the city gates.]

Let's see how much has changed here.

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