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[Yoshino wasn't overly fond of new things, or new people. They could be pretty scary. She'd...managed to get away from that frightening place where those people in white coats had done things to her. Made her do things she didn't know she could do.

...like make it rain.

Having been too nervous to try and enter the city, Yoshino remained outside the walls just out of sight within the forest. However, finding her wouldn't be too difficult considering the little rain storm was localized to an area maybe the size of a football field.

For the time being, the young girl distracted herself from those thoughts of strange, frightening things, jumping between puddles that were forming on the ground, watching the water splash as she did so. It was...kind of fun, really. She liked the sound of water splashing like that, and the sound of the rain pattering against the leaves. It was relaxing. For the moment, Yoshino was blissfully unaware that someone could be approaching, investigating the rain.]

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