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[Everyone today is graced with seeing Tohka on the network! She looks a little dirty and sweaty, but the reason for that is...pretty obvious. She's training!

...in a ring of fire, facing off against what appears to be the angriest looking Charizard anyone has ever seen. So this probably isn't the greatest time to be making a video, but that doesn't seem to occur to her.]

Hi everyone!

[Hopefully no one gets motion sickness as she rolls to dodge an attack.]

Is there anyone else who wants to train with me? Trogdor will get tired sooner or later, so it'd be nice to have some backup!

[The Charizard in question makes a snarl of disapproval at that, breathing another stream of fire at the girl...who blocks it with a Protect.]

I'm right outside the city, so feel free to just show up!


[And sure enough, Tohka will be outside the city there for most of the day and evening, facing off against Trogdor when he has the energy, albeit aided by her Vivillon's attacks from above. Challenge Mode ahoy!

Feel free to stop by and join her! Or just watch and eat popcorn on the sidelines like her Goomy.]
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[ video ]

[ Whoops. The camera is shaky for a moment before steadying itself with a quiet vee. All set!! What's onscreen?

Well, the Pokémon on screen appears to be in the Verdant Forest....until you take a second look, at which point it becomes clear those bushes are, in fact, painted on wooden sets. The star of today's production is a small male Nidoran, decked out for the occasion in a flower corsage and a stylish bow tie....and he has a poem to declaim for anyone who might be listening.

Clearing his throat, he begins. This is a poem for his beloved, Stradivarius the Nidoran! ]

Nido nido! Nido nido, nido ran? [ But, soft! what light through yonder window breaks? ]
Ran nido, nido ran nido ni. [ It is the east, and Stradivarius is the sun. ]
Nidoran ran nidoran nidoran, [ Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon, ]
Ni nidoran ran do ni do ran, [ Who is already sick and pale with grief, ]
Doran nido nidoran ni: [ That thou her maid art far more fair than she: ]
Ran do ni nidoran ran do ni; [ Be not her maid, since she is envious; ]
Nidoran nidoran nidoran [ Her vestal livery is but sick and green ]
Do nido nido nido; nidoran. [ And none but fools do wear it; cast it off.

When he's finished declaiming, he pauses for a moment, chest puffed out, to let the moment sink in; then, he takes a sweeping bow and the feed ends....or, well, topples sideways, fades to static, and cuts out with a yelp of "Eevee!"

Nailed it. ]

[ action ]

[ Haruka is dozing up in the tree in the Union Divine Theater's courtyard: she'd gotten the same kind of strange premonitions the night everyone's bodies returned to normal as she had when the flowers vanished in the spring. There's definitely something - several somethings; it wasn't the exact same sensation - out there, and they're aware of the city, and playing with it...

She has no idea her own Pokémon have been playing, however. In fact, she looks asleep. ]
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[The first thing anyone gets to see is a super close up of a girl's dirty face. Although dirty, she looks extremely happy. Tohka honestly has no idea how long she's been gone, but that doesn't bother her right now.]

Heeeeey! I made it back, everyone! It was really tough out there, but I did it!

[Surely someone will be excited to see her triumphant, but unexpected return, right? Her smile turns into a thoughtful look for a moment, before she remembers something, reaching down and plucking up a Goomy with her free hand, which just sort of dangles there and looks confused.]

Oh yeah! This is Squishy! I found him when I was on my mission! Isn't he so cute!

[Why did the poor thing just appear to sigh? The world may never know.]

No one can eat him, though. I tried, and blech! Anyways, I should probably check in with the rest of the Swords. But I'm back! If anyone wants to hang out, just let me know! I'm starving!

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