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[Well, this little device was an odd little thing. Kyoko didn't get why they seemed so important, but whatever. She'd give it a try. If what she'd heard was right all she had to do was...tada, she got the voice function activated. She doesn't waste any time in speaking once she realizes this.]

So, this is the Union, huh? I expected something a little...I dunno, more.

[Well, something considerably more exciting, anyway.]

There anything good to eat around here? I'm starving.
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Who: Mukuro and Maki
Where: A cafe in Union
When: A few days after the Heatran event
What: Mukuro and Maki are totally not on a date, nope, what gave you that idea
Warnings: Don't think any?
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[No Nozomi today. The video comes on to a very face. Coeus is no longer a floating bubble butt baby, but look! He has nubs for arms! He wags them to illustrate. He is one step closer to being able to help out more in the shop! Maybe soon he'll be able to put things away, you know, with hands and arms! How cool would that be?

He's even convinced his human to teach him how to write! So cool!]

Coeus, what are you doing?

[Nozomi's voice chimes in from off-screen. Whoops! He's not supposed to be using this, eep! Feed off!]


[With the recent goings on between the raiders of Citadel, and the appearance of a God, Nozomi is feeling just a bit inadequate. It made since that Eri would show both her and Maki up in a fight--she was a trained fighter, after all--but it bothered her that she could not defend herself, let alone the other person with them.

So, during the week after the attack, Etteilla will be closed. Nozomi and any number of her pokemon can be found outside of Union, training. It seems that Nozomi has picked up a staff and is attempting to learn how to use it, to varying success.

When not trying to beat whatever it is she's trying to fight to a pulp, she can be seen sitting and meditating.]
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[Hey there Union, are you feeling a little more relaxed now? Well, even if you aren't, Mukuro is. She's decided today is a good day to finally get around to really exploring all the corners of Union... And what better way to do that than to shift?

If you're around Union today, you might see a Poochyena trotting around. She might stop and watch you, but generally won't interfere with anything unless you come bother her. You might also notice she's a bit more... freckly than other Poochyenas.
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[ The courtyard of the Divine Defense Force has been repaired for a while now. Haruka's even taken to hanging out there again, running her Pokémon through tiny drills or just killing time with them when she doesn't feel like making the trek all the way to the Habitat. Today she has Swadloon, as always, and her still-new Spritzee, who she's in the process of training. The egg that'd escaped from the theater last week is sitting in a leaf nest, packed tight to keep it warm.

It doesn't stop the egg itself from peeking out the top, however. Or keep a murder of Murkrow from noticing something's been "hidden" down there. What is it? Could it be treasure?

The Murkrow wheel and then, deciding in a single body, zoom down for the assault. Sensing a change in the air currents, Haruka whips around in midsentence, but the birds are already practically upon the egg. Shoot! Why?!

Swadloon sees the birds before Haruka and promptly panics. Not the egg. His Trainer is bad at showing affection to anyone who isn't his Trainer's best friend or World Shaking, so that egg must mean a lot if she's keeping it by her side all the time! He has to save it!

But those Murkrow's beaks look so sharp, and their eyes look so scary. Swadloon gulps, retreating halfway into a leaf ball himself - but this is his Trainer's egg. This is his friend World Shaking's baby. There has to be something even a coward like him can do.

A thick cord of String Shot arcs out, splatters onto the egg, and yanks it out of the way just in time for all three Murkrow to bruise their beaks against the ground. Another moment and Haruka is upon them, face a blank that somehow manages to frighten them even more than her tall silhouette looming across them does. ]
Is that fun?

[ The Murkrow scatter, taking to the sky with Spritzee hot on their heels. And let that be a lesson to you, you ruffians!! ] Zee! Spritzee spritz spritzee!

[ Haruka sniffs, then turns to Swadloon, who's examining the egg to make sure he didn't hurt it. She approaches. He nearly balls up again. He roughhandled the egg! Is that okay?

And then a hand reaches down and pats him on the head, and a soft voice drifts down on the wind. ]
Good thinking.

[ Swadloon looks up. Haruka smiles.

And the strangest feeling begins spreading over Swadloon. He feels amazing. He feels powerful. In fact, basking in his Trainer's affection, he feels... ]

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[The feed turns on to everyone's favorite fortune teller, accompanied by a cute little Pancham sitting in her lap. Something seems different too. The way that she's dressed; Nozomi has ditched her usual loose-fitting robes that she wears in the shop for something more fitting for the hot weather. It's a bit scandalous compared to the usual fashion in Union.]

They weren't kidding when they said it was hot out here!

[But the clothes were cute and airy, so it didn't bother her much. This place could use a beach.]

It's much different out here too. All the pokemon are really cute, and the people are interesting. This has been a nice vacation. I feel like my spiritual power got a boost from the trip, not to mention a bit of shopping done. Maya, Jinxie, I got you something special~

The fashion here is really cute, and keeps you cool. If anyone wants me to pick something up while I'm here, let me know!


[Exploring! Caldera was nothing like Union as far as Nozomi was concerned and, with Mithra and the new kid Sarutahiko the Pancham, Nozomi can be found wandering around the city, poking her head into various places.

If they're playing today, she'll even go to check out a game of Earthkin Clash, although she'll find quickly that she doesn't actually like it that much.]
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[ video ]

[ At the start of the video all a person can see is the lower half of a girl's room, expensively decorated in what must be some kind of mansion. Nothing moves on screen, even as Maki's voice speaks up. ]

D-Does anyone know anything about Shifters? I-It's not like I need help or anything, I-I'm just trying to learn more about them.

[ Even though she says that, her tone of voice, the awkward stammers, it's clear that she's not being 100% truthful. ]

What if someone ended up getting stuck completely transformed...and didn't know how to turn back? N-No, wait! What I mean is... not like that but...

[ If the person in question isn't completely clear by now, it's made even worse when a woman's voice is heard off camera saying, "Maki, are you coming down for dinner?". ]

M-Mama! [ Suddenly scrambling to turn off her Warp Band, a purple, feline looking Pokemon comes into frame for just a moment, and then the video turns off. ]

[ action ]

[ If you happen to see a slightly off color Purrloin wandering the streets, or perhaps just sitting and listening to someone playing a violin somewhere in the city, it might just be Maki. This is the first time she's ever fully transformed, and is still afraid of people, though she will try not to run away from anyone who approaches her. She's also not sure how to turn back, worried that the more she stays like this, the more permanent it might become. ]
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[The feed clicks on and off a few times with static and blurry images. Then it finally stays on for more than a few seconds, and the image focuses on a teenage girl fiddling with the settings. It takes her a moment to realize the feed it on.]

Ah - there we go. I didn't expect it to take this long to get working.

[She clears her throat.]

My name's Mukuro. I just got my band a few days ago. And...

[And? What else? She hadn't really thought this far. Mukuro frowns and glances away to think.]

Uh... what's the best place to train?

[That's... a start, she supposes.]

[If you're anywhere outside in Union today, chances are you'll see a Houndour trotting around. He stops every once and a while to sniff something, and makes sure to stop in front of anything that looks Important. Even though he walks quickly like he's on a MISSION, he'll probably stop for you if you bother him.]

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