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[It isn't that unusual to find Ishimaru out for a walk on the weekends, but this time he isn't the one leading the pack. Truthfully, he hasn't been acting quite the same ever since he came back from Sanctuary. Worry lines were creased deep into his forehead, dark bags became more prevalent under his eyes, and even in class he seemed distant, far away. If he'd been sleeping at all, it hadn't been well. Some part of the prefect just seemed fundamentally broken, and it's clear he's been trying to pick himself up, but to no success.

His Blaziken and his Watchog have taken that initiative for him this time, trying to cheer their trainer up. Even his usually curious and impulsive Blaziken was hanging back just a little, holding Ishimaru's hand gently in his talon and guiding him along. Watchog is perhaps a little less on-task, occasionally running off as she spots a candy wrapper in a trash bin, but her trainer seems too drained to properly discipline her.

In the end, it had been Yukiko's evolution that saved them - not the efforts and passions of an ordinary man, but the epitome of natural, in-born talent, the kind he could never hope to gain. And as grateful as he is for her sacrifice, to be alive, as grateful as he is that everyone else is alive, there's a voice in the back of his mind telling him he failed. Failed his city, failed his family, but most of all, failed everything he believes in. That's not even taking into account the atrocities committed by Sanctuary, those horrors he can barely stand to stomach, wildly different than any of his first impressions of the place.

War leaves a lot to weigh on your mind.]

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It’s just after midnight when the column arrives outside of Sanctuary, shrouded in darkness under the pitch black of a new moon. Bordered by mountains to the north, the city has two primary gates to the West and the East, both of which are shut tight with massive oaken doors, centuries old and further secured with an antique portcullis. The city itself is surrounded by walls of stone, easily one-fourth the height of those found in Union and about twice the height of many of the homes, sturdy stone buildings with triangular roofs, about the same size as Calderan homes. Like Union, there are many towers within the city, but unlike Union, the towers are cold, aloof structures that stand alone with no connection to the other towers. The city itself is stone, cold, gray, and unfeeling, with small drops of light from streetlamps which line the streets, emitting an eerie blue-white glow. This is Sanctuary. Home of the Magi, conquered by Gigas for forty years. This is the city that must be reclaimed.

[OOC: If you did not choose to take the Pokeballs (you don’t have to have affirmed in an NPC thread, it’s entirely up to the character), they may have either 1 large Pokemon or 2 small Pokemon. A large Pokemon is classified as any Pokemon that is 4’ tall or long per the official Pokedex guidelines, anything smaller is considered a small Pokemon. Without the aid of Pokeballs the Pokemon will be required to be out and active throughout the log, and will not be able to be recalled or sent away if they are injured and must be carried if knocked out. As always, please limit yourself to 2 major actions in the log, and declare all Pokemon accompanying you in your first tag to a log. As always, to keep the logs moving, we will be responding every 24 hours.]
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Good afternoon, Union! I hope your day thus far has been as productive as possible!

[The intense-looking boy on the Warp Band gives an impassioned salute and moves the camera over to encompass both him and a girl around his age.]

Yes, good afternoon! For those who do not know us, I am Pearl Fey, and this is Kiyotaka Ishimaru.

[The girl in question gives a smile before bowing politely, looking every inch the proper young lady. ]

As I am sure you are all aware, the recent earthquakes in the city have taken a toll on all citizens, some to a harsher degree than others. That’s why we feel it is of the utmost importance to deliver this information to you as promptly as we can!

We of the Kurain School in Ninetails Vale practice meditation as a way to hone our spiritual abilities, but it can have many positive effects even for those who don’t study the spiritual arts! That’s why the two of us have decided to pool our efforts to help anyone in Union who may want to learn how to properly meditate in order to help deal with any stress or negative energies that may be burdening you at this time.

If you are interested in calming your spirit once more, we will be giving an instruction at the Kurain School for both beginners and those with some experience already! We hope that you take this offer into consideration.

As always, stay vigilant!


Apr. 24th, 2015 11:26 pm
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[Lenna has been conspicuously absent from the Warp Band network and scarce in general ever since coming back from the trip to the past.  While it was a harrowing experience that gave her a lot to think about and genuinely frightened her a little, her sudden week-long disappearance from Union society actually has nothing at all to do with that.  Instead, when she returned and examined the Dragon Plate she received from Cresselia, it awoke a dormant power within her.  The ancestral power of the Tycoon family.  The power of Dragons.]

Ah... hello, everyone.

[As the feed flares to life, the change in Lenna's appearance is immediately apparent.  Her normally straight pink hair is slightly longer, wavy, and a bit untamed, but more than that - she now has two blue dragon-like ears on the sides of her head.  As she fidgets and turns from side to side in front of the camera, it's also briefly apparent that there are two small wings on her back, reminiscent of those of a Dragonite.]

I'm sorry I haven't contacted anyone since we all returned from investigating the earthquake, but I've gone through some... changes recently, and I had to do some alterations on my clothing first.

[She seems happy, but also somewhat embarrassed, clearly not quite used to it all just yet.]

At any rate... I know we've all been through a lot recently, but I feel the gods must have shown us what they did for a reason.  I can only hope they're proud of the progress we've made as a people.  We certainly must be doing something right, as it seems they've given us their blessing once again.  Let's all continue to live by the example of the Savior, and show the same kindness to both Pokemon and each other.
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[ For someone who seemed positively tickled at the idea of investigating the strange things going on, Lux doesn't look particularly happy once the search parties make their way back to Union. ]

I hope everyone got back safely. Things--ah--got a bit intense while we were down there, and I don't think I really understand what happened. We all saw some things, things that some of us weren't prepared for.

[ That was an understatement, considering her tone of voice. ]

The Gods were testing us. They wanted us to see those things. Past humanity's hubris. They wanted to see how we would react.

I don't--

[ She paused for a moment, then smiled a bit hesitantly. ]

We should remember this, and how we reacted. Whether or not we thought it was the right thing to do in hindsight, this is the impression we've left, for better or for worse.

I hope we did the right thing.
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[Action 1]

This morning, a mighty warrior approaches Union astride his noble steed, weaponry and a trophy of his previous conquest displayed for all to see- wait no. No that's not it.

Approaching Union this morning is a kid with mohawk, piercings, and tattoos, dressed in the leathers and hides common to the Valkyrie tribes and with a glowing disk hanging from a cord around his neck. He's riding a slightly-smaller-than-normal Rhyhorn, who's also carrying a couple of packs and a bundle of sleeping furs along with a short spear and small shield. A Zigzagoon is running back and forth around them, examining everything it sees. The group comes to a stop outside the gate and looks up at the walls.

"This thing is huge! Not as tall as the Citadel, but it must have taken forever to build it!"

"Looks strong. Hard to break. Want to try."

The boy pats the Rhyhorn's head.

"We'll have lots of time to try. Let's look around first. There has to be tons of wrecked stuff to see here!"

The Zigzagoon runs in a circle in excitement.

"Lots of stuff! Shiny things! Smelly things! Fun things!"

"I bet! Come on!"


[Crooked shakeycam video is a go! Have a kid who's very clearly not from Union because who in Union would make themselves look like that? Though that look does seem oddly reminiscent of some of the Valkyries who robbed caravans last year...

He's a bit loud when he speaks, as if he's trying to make himself heard by even the people who are far away. Hey, when you're talking to someone far away you have to raise your voice so they can hear you. It's not like he has any idea how this technology actually works.]

Hey! I'm Domri Rade! [The camera wobbles and points at a Rhyhorn.] And this is Little One [And now to a Zigzagoon.] and Root. [And now back to Domri.] We got here today and just got this "Warp Band" thing. This place seems pretty wrecked. I heard a lot of weird stuff happens around here, anything interesting happening right now? Any good places to check out? I need a place to sell some stuff too, where can I do that?

[Action 2]

And now Domri's riding around Union on his Rhyhorn because otherwise he wouldn't be able to see over people's heads, looking around at all the things he's never seen before. His Zigzagoon is with him too of course, darting between people's legs as it tries to look at everything (and perhaps acquire some new shinies in the process). He can be found pretty much everywhere at some point, frequently because he's lost but he won't admit to that.
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Action, around Union

[With Spring arriving, Robin has more freedom to go outside. And so it is that he is in one of the ground-level courtyards with all of his Eevees, drilling them. While those who know Robin might know that his Eevees are lazy and rather mischievous while at home, today there is no trace of that at all. They move with military precision, as if they are a small army working together and moving in tight formations with great grace and skill.

However, because they are all Eevee evolutions, it's still the most adorable goddamn thing you've seen in awhile, to be sure]
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[The feed opens to show an absolutely furious-looking Junko, eyes blazing, striped tail up and bristling as she strides purposefully down the street. Her luxray looks more concerned, gaze darting around the area then to Junko and back again as he pads along at her side.]

Has anyone seen a fucking stupid spiky-haired eevee.

[It comes out more of a snarl than a question, practically spitting each word--]

His name's Hajime Hinata and he's missing and I'm gonna wreck his entire life for this, I swear on the Savior--

[She breaks into another low grumbling growl, cutting the video abruptly.]

terra incognita, baby )
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[Hey, Union! Were you having a nice, relaxing afternoon? Well, someone's here to spice it up a little.

Any semblance of peace is interrupted by a teenage boy in the Brentwood uniform with piercing red eyes coming on the network all of a sudden. He's not yelling, per say, but he's certainly projecting, and it's enough to snap anyone out of a daydream or a lazy trance.]

Good afternoon, Union! I can only hope that your day so far has been efficient and productive! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kiyotaka Ishimaru. My motto in life is simplicity and fortitude! Let's all work together and study hard!

I received a Warp Band some time ago, but I never took the step of getting acquainted with this video network. Now, however, I have a specific purpose for coming here...and that is to organize an unofficial study group!

[He coughs, bringing his hand to his mouth.]

"It is difficult to stand against the billowing waves alone. Having support from others is the way to go." And in the case of our education, teaming up with others going into similar fields will surely be beneficial to all parties involved! Isn't that so?

[There's a small sound of something falling over in the background as a Torchic nudges a Riolu forward with its beak. The canine Pokemon looks a little unnerved, but soon straightens up and nods once he sees the camera. The Torchic just looks confused, tilting its head rather adorably. Noticing the intruders unto his video, Ishimaru turns around to briefly reprimand them for making a mess.]

Rii. [The Riolu at least seems apologetic, but the Torchic looks down at its feet and chirps as if to say "it wasn't my fault." Nevertheless, Ishimaru turns back to the camera.]

In addition to the academic benefits, if you have any Pokémon to bring along, I would highly advise it! Perhaps these two would have the chance to form new bonds. If anyone is interested, feel free to contact me at any reasonable hour!

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