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Who: Junko (and Arashi) and anyone who wants to deal with a teenager with authority issues. (open!)
Where: Around Union
When: 1/16, midday
What: Vandalism, except a version that's less likely to get her arrested. Hopefully.

and cause i started young, i learned a ton )
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[Amidst all the celebrations and decorations, late late at night at completely unreasonable hours were two ratty and bundled up teenagers, looking for all the world like they'd just stumbled blindly into the city from the wilderness. Which, was a pretty accurate assessment actually-- they were two faces that hadn't been seen around the city for over a year, the girl trailed by a scruffy little Shinx, and the boy carrying a perky little Cleffa on his shoulders, all of them wandering around outside in the cold.]

Jeez... is it Salvation Day already? Didn't realize it was already that late in the year...

[Well, he certainly didn't seem to have any qualms with addressing the public at large, despite the odd hours of the night.]

Um... Happy Salvation, I guess? [Awkward.] If anyone's still awake right now at least...

Is everyone celebrating right now...?

[The girl hangs back, glaring a little towards the watch, letting out a visible little annoyed huff. She’s not exactly camera-shy but this just feels so unnecessary-- it’s not like anyone is going to care about this.]

Hajime, it’s like 2am, who the hell are you even going to talk to?

[She leans down to scoop the Shinx into her arms, grumbling under her breath as she presses her nose into his fur.]

Can we look for someplace to fuckin’ sleep? Somewhere that isn’t this goddamn cold?

[The Shinx yowls happily, glad to be bundled up with her rather than padding along the freezing ground, and Junko’s expression softens briefly.]

I mean, y’know, as much as I love all your holiday spirit or whatever.

[At the brief scolding, Hajime instantly seems to dial it back a bit, paying more attention to Junko and looking a bit bashful.]

Uh, right-- Sorry. I was checking to see if anyone knew where we could go… but you’re probably right.

[Over aaaand out. Seems like they'll end up wandering around the city for awhile...]

(OOC: video replies will come from both Hajime and Junko individually; action replies will come from both!)

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