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This new wood is great! I've been making some stronger fishing rods, anybody want one? My prices are very reasonable I assure you.

Edit - another Voice post a few hours later:

Hey, any Engineers available? The Rangers are asking for a bulk job on the new rods, and it's hard to manage on my own. I could use some help. We'll split the profits, of course.
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Hey everyone.

[Quinn being neutral as ever, but the video feed is completely thrown off track by some very obnoxious laughing. Not from Quinn, but from someone in the background. What does it sound like? Something like this. From her spot on her paper covered desk, she turns behind her.]

Mai, come here for a second! You said you wanted to join in on my next broadcast.

[With a sudden shadow overcasting behind Quinn and white tentacles wrapping around her neck loosely, it's a little creepy yet Quinn seems not affected by it. The face of the the Overturning Pokémon comes into view. She seems interested yet suspicious. She starts to speak, but if you can't speak Pokémon language, it's just a bunch of "mal's/mala's" type of sounds coming from her.]

((Oho? So this is how you speak to other pathetic creatures from large distances?))

Correct. You are a pretty unique Pokémon from the islands that evolves under a certain condition so why not share about you to others?

((Very well.))

Mai here is a Malamar, which is the evolution of the Pokémon known as Inkay. She was already strong when I bonded with her, but her requirement for evolution requires for her to turn herself upside down to activate it. Normally, Pokémon evolve normally when they reach a certain level of their power or use a stone, but doing something mundane like a handstand to activate their evolution is kind of interesting, don't you think?

((However, she's extremely weak to Bugs so throw your worms at her!))

[Those squawks coming from the background, which was from Valor. That got both ranger and Malamar to turn their heads behind them.]

Valor! ((Shut it before I break your tiny neck, fool!))

[Quinn turns back to the feed.]

Also, good luck to those that recently applied to the Rangers. I will most likely see you guys at training camp if I do attend to help with the training. I can answer any questions if needed to new recruits and trainers alike.
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[Eve turns on the video to show a Scyther that appears to have been through a barrage of electrical attacks. Although beaten, it still somehow appears full of pride. Maybe that has to do with the fact Eve has a fair number of scratches and scrapes.]

My search for a strong Pokémon has been successful. This is Palla, the newest addition to my allies.

[She reaches up to wipe at a scratch on her face, only seeming to actually smear blood across her cheek. Eve winces a bit, but it doesn't seem like a big deal to her.]

I also appear to be leaking, and I believe this is pain I am feeling. How do I make it stop?
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Hello everyone. I do hope that you are well.

[A smiling face greets the feed, though what one will probably notice first and foremost is her fancy, if not a bit old fashioned clothing. With her pale skin and black hair, she almost looks like a doll. Her arms are steepled together just below her neck, and on her lap is what appears to be a Budew.]

My name is Celestia Ludenberg, though "Celes" is also acceptable if you prefer it. I've seen many people use this network, but so few actually introduce themselves. Rather rude to ask for favors and the like without a proper introduction, don't you think?

[She giggles, though it's not a particularly girlie one. In fact it almost sounds rehearsed. Her Budew looks up and stares at her curiously, resting its head against her stomach. In response Celes gently pets its head with her index finger. ]

But I digress. This little one and I managed to bond a few days ago, though it's still become apparent that I've a lot to learn when it comes to exploring. So with that said, would anyone mind accompanying me on my next venture? It would be more logic to travel as part of a group than with only myself and my two partners, of course.


Mar. 11th, 2014 02:14 pm
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[ The recording opens up to a little girl with red eyes and a red necktie holding a Budew in her arms. It looks curiously into the warpband, Ib gives a polite nod and a quick smile to anyone watching this. She couldn't wave or properly curtsy while holding a Pokemon. ]

Does anyone have some advice?


[ She looks down at her Budew which is looking back up at her. ]

... Please. We're new. [ To training, she means. ]

( As an action option you're free to meet her around town or out in the woods while she attempts some training or bonding. )

7 ♪

Mar. 10th, 2014 09:53 am
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Hey guys. No video today because I got really sunburned while fishing over the weekend. Uh, speaking of which, does anyone particularly want a Magikarp? I know that she has a lot of hidden potential and whatnot, buuuut I don't know what to do with a Magikarp or what one evolves into.

Um, kind of a different topic, but I had a look at my finances...


*sigh* We had a look at our finances, and it turns out trainers don't make nearly as much money as performers. I'm not...ready to go back to the radio, so I was wondering if anyone knew of any jobs I might be able to do? My backup plan isn't...super-pleasant.


[Shortly afterward, during lunchtime in one of Union's many specialty soy-product restaurants...]

Hello and welcome to Marukyu Tofu and Fine Soy Products. Would you like to sample our fried tofu today?

[Well, at least she can always count on her family for a job. Even if it's food service.]
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[There's no show today. Actually, her Pokémon are all looking kinda bored behind her. Miller has a pork pie hat on his head, though, and is giving the warp band a scowl. That's because he's a detective.]

Hi, folks! No Yang Show this week. I gotta take a week off sometimes and my genius plan to have the tournament's winner didn't quite pan out.

[She sighs.]

I got a question, though. I want a Pikachu. Does anyone have one they'd wanna breed, maybe? I'd take very good care of my new little buddy and your grand-poké-baby! I was thinking of breeding Detective Miller, anyways.

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