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[It's another beautiful morning in Union and what does that mean? For some students, it means being up at 8am for Professor Albert Heinrich's Pokemon Ethics lecture course. The giant blackboard in the university's smaller lecture hall is covered in notes all written in neat and even rows of white chalk and Albert paces in front of it. Today's class, as it's near the beginning of the term, is an overview of Legend of the Savior and an open discussion on how humanity came to be so arrogant in the past and what they can do as a society to prove that humankind has learned in the time since the Savior.

If any student wants to speak up in class all they need to do is raise their hand. If they want to discuss today's lecture, feel free to catch Albert after class. If anyone's late, they'll need to stand at the back of the room but are still required to participate. Disruption will not be tolerated! Professor Heinrich has a reputation for being something of a nurturing hardass; try and stay on his good side.

And remember, Pokemon are allowed in class, but if they can't behave the consequences are on the trainer.]

((ooc: Any sort of interaction is welcome for students! He takes all ages in his class and encourages lively debate either with him or each other so long as it doesn't become disruptive. If it does you might get detention.))
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That was the hardest work I've done in my life... but also the most rewarding.

[She sighs, sounding tired, but at the same time refreshed.]

I did my first day of work at the agricultural tower today. I know it doesn't sound like a big deal, but it was for me. I got to see how the food we eat makes its way to the markets, and help plant and harvest things. I know it's all basic knowledge, but you don't get an idea of the grand scope of things until you actually do it! It's fascinating, I can't wait to add this to my notes later! I just wish I would have had the time to do sketches while I was there.

[There's something a bit different in the way she talks. There's still a certain cadence to it, but it seems a bit less uptight. After some very sound advice, Lux has decided that the best way to blend in is to actually observe how normal citizens speak, and she's starting to pick it up.]


[Shopping! Lux earned a bit of money from her day job--although not nearly as much as she thought she would--and instead of hitting the richer side of town, she's decided to take a bit of advice and dress down a little, to try to blend in.

She'll flit from one shop to the next, a very impatient, snippy Dratini in tow. Someone things this is a waste of her time, but is enduring it because it's what her human wishes. That doesn't mean she won't belly-ache about it.]

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