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[So, this isn't necessarily an abnormal occurrence really, but it has been a while since the last experiment went completely awry. Really, things have been working out pretty swimmingly for Lucca and her work since she came to Union, but she'd been trying something new, tweaking something existing, hadn't quite worked as intended.

So, forgive her frazzled appearance when she pops onto the Warp Band today. There's a gigantic, Golurk sized hole in the wall behind her and her glasses are hanging askew...]

Hey guys? I was...uh...wondering if you could do me a favor. If you happen to come across Gato today, can you gimme a call? Like, as fast as possible? And don't touch him, or really get too close. Something kinda went wrong, and uh...his new belt might be a liiiiittle unstable. More than I initially thought, anyway.

Uh...thanks! Seriously! Call me if you see anything!

[And then she's leaping off the feed, the roar of a Rotomcycle gearing up the only thing audible anymore.]

Action: Union, Residential District and the Southern Gate

[Lucca wasn't kidding when she said Gato was a little bit unstable. The gigantic automaton doesn't seem to be completely able to hold his form properly. Walking through the residential district, the Golurk's size seems to be fluctuating with each step. One stride he'll be his usual nine feet tall, and then another? Barely a two feet. And then another? He'll be somewhere in between. The stone of his body groans and creaks as the stress begins to wear on him.

He's pretty heedless of traffic, stepping on carts and knocking over fruit stands, and walking right through crowds without seeming to notice. It's almost eerie how silent he is, and how careless the normally amiable Pokemon seems to be.

Eventually, unless stopped, the golem will pass through the southern gate and stand there, the lights of his eyes flickering as he stares up at the sun. There's something comforting in that it seems, because he stops moving, standing there and seemingly awaiting something. The light inside seems to be shifting colors, going from yellow to a sickly green, to a pale blue...and then repeating in an odd pattern.

Maybe this would be a good time to call Lucca?]
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[Today the warp band opens up right around lunchtime to show what appears to be one of the Southern Gates, and Banzu's newly constructed Route 1. Lucca's standing there, next to a cloth covered lump about the size of a Rhyhorn, her whole body practically thrumming with excitement. She has this big, goofy grin on her face like a Skitty that's caught the Pidgey, and she's wearing some odd looking duds over her usual. Tugging on a pair of gloves, she finally speaks up.]

Right, so. Thought I'd give you guys a little bit of a show today. Gil, Banzu, and I have been working on something new, and we've finally got it all together, tested, and deemed it reasonably safe for production and use.

[She turns sideways, gesturing dramatically to the cloth.]

I'm not gonna bore you with the details on how it was made, but suffice to's gonna change the world!

[With a flick of her wrist, she yanks off the cloth to reveal...this thing! If the video could show gleam, it totally would, because the metal of this machine is polished so much that you could probably see your reflection in the side. But as it stands...]

Citizens of Union, Caldera, Citadel, and Refuge? I present to you...the Rotomcycle!

Cut for Length, more presentation below! )
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Log Deputy: Ax, Plurk @ AxiomaticGrue
Participating Characters: Lucca, Gilgamesh, Banzu, Taki, and Haruka
Plot Description: SCIENCE OF COURSE! AT HIGH SPEEDS! That is to say: Creating Rotomcycles, testing them out, and all that sort of stuff.
Warnings/Notes: Science, Shenanigans, and probably general silliness. Don't think there's any warning to give but I'll add them as needed.
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[It's funny that it's early Spring and he's finding he wishes he had a jacket to shrug into, but he never did bother to ask anybody what the weather in Union was gonna be like. A new face wanders into town and, pushing his sunglasses up onto the crown of his head, sets his hands on his hips and surveys the area. Beside and behind him, a Rhyhorn and a Scyther settle close but not too-close, and he looks between them with a smile.]

Union, eh? Our first time here. [He tosses his head toward the Rhyhorn with that comment, looking at the Scyther. Aforementioned Bug Type seems uninterested and idly slides its bladed arms together, looking the other direction. Taki just laughs, and pulls up his Warp Band, switching what side of his mouth an unlit cigarette sits in.]

Helloooo Union! Tell me somethin', where's a guy gotta look for someplace to stay for a while?


Apr. 7th, 2015 11:31 am
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[In the background is a research lab, though not Gil's. There's various other people in lab coats swarming around some kind of strange rusted hulk in the background. And he's filming it because RP. Don't ask questions.]

Work continues on the artifact we found in the Old City, but at the very least I think we have a good grip on what it was.

It is a large, motorized vehicle of some kind. The configuration suggests it was built for hauling cargo, probably within the confines of some government facility or one belonging to a powerful corporation.

I can't imagine vehicles like this were very common. The infrastructure you'd need to maintain them and use them would be so immense it boggles the mind. Thousands of miles of high quality roads. Massive refueling stations everywhere. Thousands of mechanics who's whole purpose was specifically taking care of them, for such a large machine would need a lot of care. You'd need to build your entire civilization around supporting these vehicles.

And people said MY ideas were outlandish.
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Action, the Verdant Forest:

[Okay, so she'd taken a wrong turn on one of the paths. She had to have, because she should totally be back in Union by now! All she'd intended to do was poke her head out into the forest to get some basic reconnaissance and some preliminary training of Gato done. But without a map it was a bit easy to get lost in that sea of green. Especially for someone who'd never really been outside of Caldera before. Smart and competent she might be, but Lucca most definitely new to the whole exploring on her own.

That said, she's not exactly panicking if anyone happens to come across her. She seems perfectly calm, perfectly rational. And that's probably because she has yet to actually notice that she's gotten lost! She's casually inspecting just about everything. Rocks, trees, streams, berries, basically just anything she comes across. On her back is a small pack that seems to be bulging, and the little Golett running along behind her is similarly weighed down by a backpack of his own. Periodically, she pulls out a notepad and scribbles something, too.

But in the midst of this scientific rampage, something Weedle this way comes. Lucca's search has attracted the attention of a local, an annoyed little creature who's just popped out from a rotted log she'd disturbed with a kick...and the instant she catches sight of it, Lucca lets out a piercing shriek.]


[Apparently the intrepid scientist...has a fear of Bugs!]

((ooc: Tag before the Weedle if you like too!))

Video, Nightfall

[A video comes through the Warp Band, and it's a young woman, clearly. She's dressed...oddly. Almost haphazardly. A scarf around her neck, a tunic visible in the video, and a helmet. With an actual antenna sticking up from the right side. She adjusts her glasses before speaking, and opens with a long sigh.]

Right, so. My name's Lucca Ashtear. Recently of Caldera, and I've set up shop here in Union for the time being. Gotta say, these warp band things are pretty incredible An Aligning tool, communication device, and a homing beacon all at once? Ingenious. I couldn't have designed them better myself. At least...not and kept them this small.

[A pause as she removes her glasses and wipes away some fog.]

Couple of questions for you. First, because I'm new in town, where's a good place to pick up spare parts? Wires, copper, steel, that kinda stuff. Also are there any glassmakers around. Definitely going to need that. I have trouble making that myself.

Second, a more...heh...normal question. Is it just me or is it chilly around here? I don't know how you guys stand it in the lowlands. When does the weather usually shift? Or is this what passes for spring?

And one last thing. The Old City. I'm planning on going down there to nose around soon, but a guide or escort would be nice. More a safety precaution than anything. I'd pay, of course.

And...yeah, I guess that's about it.

[And off goes the feed.]

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