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[People out on a stroll just outside Union will find something... alright, not unusual, this place is full of Pokemon trainers training. But the way this one's doing it might be a bit different from the usual.]


[There is a (pretty excited) Darumaka next to a pile of what looks like baseballs. Some distance away opposite is a boy in his later teen years, clearly its trainer. The training itself seems to consist of... the Darumaka throwing the balls at him to dodge? It seems to take it as a kind of game, though, so sometimes the ball it's holding catches fire because it's too excited to control its temperature properly. Abe dodges another one of those and straightens up, frowning.]

Hey, we talked about controlling it. Don't let yourself fire up too much! You can't let your opponent use it to their advantage!

[Anyone is welcome to come watch, approach them, or accidentally get hit by one of the balls!]


Apr. 13th, 2014 12:52 am
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So, I've been wondering.

[Maya's on the video again. That can only mean one thing, right? That she's bored?

...Surprisingly, it's more than that this time.]

Doesn't anyone else think it's weird that ghost types can lay eggs?

I mean, even my favourite-- [...Don't give her that look, Shi.] --second favourites lay eggs.

Speaking of, you guys know of these pokémon, right?

[She holds up a picture of ghastly and gengar, doodled with ink.]

It's kinda hard to catch Gengar around here, but I really want one sometime. Does anyone have ghastly eggs to trade?

I got to use the breeding center with Kika once! But since ghost eggs are so weird, I think I'll send Shi over sometime. Anyway, we shouuuld totally talk about that if you're into the idea.

Otherwise, have a good night, everybody!

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