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May. 8th, 2016 01:22 pm
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[Pamela's looking considerably more composed since her last accidental broadcast. She's got her Lilligant, Dahlia, with her as she speaks.]

Hello everyone. A general question for all of you: what are you the most proud of?
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[Maka's focus when the video opens is on her Meowstic, Stella, who seems very alert as if searching for something. The Pokemon's ears raise up slightly (but don't unfold) and her gaze shifts restlessly all around.]

This is the fourth week she's brought me out here. I have no idea what she's looking for, it's not like we're training, she's just looking for something.

[A pause while Maka turns the band onto herself, looking perplexed.]

It's kind of dumb that she can "see" things I can't despite both of us being Psychic types. What kind of Psychic type can't foresee anything, right? [Maka you're also a Fairy type and even so, you don't actually want to foresee at all.] I wish she'd tell me what we're looking for instead of just dragging me off without a single word.

[Cats, even when they're imbued with abomination powers they never change. The message ends there and Maka goes back to trying to find whatever they're after.]
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Who: Feliks and Fai
What: Recovery fluff, in between events. Sparkly dork boyfriends being obnoxiously couple-y at each other in the comfort of their own home.
Where: The Łukasiewicz family estate, Feliks's room.
When: Backdated to early or mid-February

The night sky is changing overhead... )

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Feb. 9th, 2016 02:16 am
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[Feliks appears on the Warp Band feed all wrapped up in blankets and propped up against some pillows, his left arm in a heavy cast, bandages peeking out from underneath his nightshirt. There's still visible bruising on him even now, and several of his more protective Pokemon are curled up with him -- a Growlithe with his head in Feliks's lap, a Houndoom at his feet, a Dragonair twined around the headboard, a Pangoro looming nearby as if to ward off any further threats to his trainer...]

Alright, Union. So I've kinda been thinking, right?

[He grins, and it's clear that whatever damage that god did to him, his sass remains 100% intact.]

So as you might or might not know, my grandparents got a little stuck with just me for an heir, and like, before anyone gets worried, they're totes fine -- the house is gonna need some renovations like whoa, like the ballroom and the library are super totaled, but they're not hurt or anything!

But they're kinda not getting any younger. Stuff has been getting pretty crazy around here, and like, who knows how long they're gonna be able to keep keeping up like they have, right?

So... [He takes a deep breath, and the Dragonair leans over to nuzzle him encouragingly. He pets her little wing-ear-thing, gathers himself a moment longer, and continues:]

So, I guess what I'm saying is like... I'm stepping up as the head of our house. Let the old folks enjoy their golden years and junk. Plus, someone's gotta give the Council a kick in the butt now and then!

Okay, now on to the really important stuff, though -- who saw me Mega Evolve back there? Like, how rad was that?
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The battle is joined. The gods of Union, while mighty, seem to pale in comparison to the singular dragon of ice. Although they strive mightily to avoid damaging the city, already the mysterious blue dragon has been flung directly into a tower, earning itself a nasty gash over its eye, much to the dismay of the red dragon. While it has rejoined the fight, it is clear that the gods alone are not enough - the people of Union will have to step forward if they are to save their beloved city. The cries of the wounded and terrified citizens echo through the streets as the flames of battle rage. Now is the time - they must be stopped!
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An unsettling calm hung over the streets of Union, a chilly, early morning fog settling in. The words of their newest visitors were unwelcome, and when word spread that the two would be leaving at sunrise, the people were grateful, if not a bit apprehensive. The Elite Four, their Champion, and the whole of Ever Grande—their radical ideologies were not only off-putting, but their methodology was more than a bit off-putting. They would need to be watched, closely.

In the early hours of the morning, warp bands around Union buzzed with life, a gentle light spilling from the devices. “Hello again, friends.”

It was her.

Her voice rang clear, and while her face wasn’t present, one could hear the smile in her voice. “I hope I didn’t wake any of you up. I wanted to thank you all for being so hospitable to Alina and myself, at least initially. But talk about the Union chill. Normally I like a little cold, but this is a bit much.

“When we first heard about Union, we were excited. Finally, we had found a worthy ally for our cause. So you can imagine our... disappointment, when we saw your true colors. You’re nothing but cowards! And here I thought, a city championing for peace, who were blessed by the Gods themselves, willing to live alongside pokémon without subjugating them to your will, would be able to understand the world that we wish to create. Instead, you hide behind your wall, hide behind others, and assume that by ‘defending yourself’ or those you deem unable or unfit to fight that you’ve somehow absolved yourself from guilt.”

Her voice grew cold, turning deep; “People like that make me sick.”

“Divinity is wasted on you, to be quite honest.” Her voice bounced again, chipper and clear. “If you can’t walk alongside us, then you’ll only serve as stepping stones toward a peaceful tomorrow. Union, like Glacier and so many other settlements before it, will serve as an example to those who wish to defy the will of the Gods. The pit of humanity needs to learn its place, crawling on its belly in fear from the true inheritors of the earth. We lay ourselves prostrate to their glory!

“Union believes that they’re able to decide what is right and what is just, but I disagree. I bring to you, the divine word of the Gods themselves! Listen well, people of Union, and all others! This is the world we seek to create, our perfect vision of peace! Hear me, O Great One, and come to my aid. Strike down these heretics where they stand!”

BMG: Gates to Infinity: Clash with Kyurem!

Answering Sveta’s call, a great dragon bearing the frost of the deepest winter appeared in the center of the city. With a roar of power, it’s unearthly presence sent waves of fear in the souls of even the bravest citizens of Union. Opening it’s vicious maw, it unleashed an enormous roar, a battle cry of deafening proportions, a Hyper Voice attack! While the sound was ear splitting to all who dwelt within Union, its power was focused. The great Signal Tower, a beacon of Union technology and innovation, began to crack heavily. Jagged scars appeared as chunks of stone fell unbidden from the tower. It still stood—but against such an assault, not for much longer. The force of the blast sent cracks sprawling through nearby towers as panicked shrieks began to echo throughout the city, a chorus of terror at the power of the god before them.

But in that moment, the humans were not alone. Two high-pitched cries met the titanic roar as twin dragons flew to Union’s aid, spiraling around the mighty ice dragon and attacking with twin Dragon Breath attacks. Once again, the great hounds and birds, as well as the Lady of the Moon and the Lord of Nightmares, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Entei, Raikou, Suicune, Cresselia and Darkrai stood at Union’s side, unleashing their own attacks. The people of Union felt the blessings of the gods with them. Here they would have to stand and fight—drive back the invaders and save their fair city!

[OOC: With the damage to the signal tower, Warp Band communication is offline and Pokemon cannot be summoned - thankfully the habitat is close and your Pokemon allies will come to your aid as the logs begin]

26 [Video]

Jan. 11th, 2016 11:50 am
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[The charred branches of the Scorched Forest are visible behind Feliks, who's sitting down on a fallen tree trunk next to a large Houndoom.]

I was just thinking... It was probably like, about two years ago, right? When the gates opened up, I mean.

[His smile, briefly, is a little less boisterous than usual.]

I kind of spent forever thinking about getting out of the walls, and wondering what it would be like, and stuff like that, and now it kinda feels like it's been like this forever, a little?

This is where I came the first time I went out of Union! It's where I met Emilia... She's the first Pokemon I bonded with outside of the city!

[He ruffles the Houndoom's fur, and get only a brief growl of irritation in return, so she's not actually that irritated.]

I... I met Fai here, too, that day. So it might not look like much, but it's totally a special place.

A lot of stuff has changed since then, but it's been way exciting, hasn't it? So I'm totally excited to see what happens this year, too. I hope I can meet even more rad Pokemon, and find even more friends!

What about you, Union? Like, what are you happy about from the last couple of years? What are you excited about right now? Tell me all about it, I wanna hear!
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[When the feed first turns on, there's a little bit of fumbling with it with a soft "Ah, so that's how it works..." before the feed's turned around pretty quickly a boy comes into view.]

Maia, can you hold onto this for now? [There's a squeaky "Es!" as the Warp Band finally steadies a little.]

... Um. Hi, everyone. [Well. Someone certainly didn't practice this. He swallows, and there's a bit of an awkward pause before he continues.] Uh... my name's Geo Stelar. I'm an Engineer who's just getting started on making stuff, and I'd like to start getting some practice in to work my way up to bigger stuff, so... if there's something anyone wants to order, I'm gonna be selling things through the Spearowfeathers? I'm mostly gonna do fishing rods and evolution stones for now...

[He fidgets a bit, looking a little uncomfortable.] Uh, that's it, thank you for your time, everyone!

[... And with that the feed's abruptly switched off.]
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Who: Lenna Tycoon, Rei Hino, Feliks Łukasiewicz, Haruka Tenoh
What: Eastern Steppe exploration
When: November 13
Where: The Eastern Steppe area
Summary: In her continuing quest to look for signs of her father, Lenna has gathered a group to explore the Eastern Steppe.  This is a dual purpose log to move along her personal plot as well as unlock the area for bonding.

[Now that the Warp Band's range has been expanded, Lenna has once again begun to pursue clues concerning the untimely departure of her father, Councilman Alexander Highwind Tycoon, over a year ago.  He left astride the family's Dragonite, Hiryu, to address an urgent and unnamed problem to the east.  The last time Lenna mounted an expedition like this, she and a small group found the Coastal Ruins.  She'd been looking around the Blizzard Tundra herself more recently, but found nothing but snow and a Furfrou for her trouble.

Remembering how her first trip out had gone, however, she decided to ask some of her friends and associates to accompany her.  Unlike the trip to the Coastal Ruins, she'd been entirely upfront this time, apologizing for her selfishness but imploring their aid.  Of course the others had agreed, but it's always been in Lenna's nature to consider the needs of others first, even for something as important to her as family.  So with a grateful heart, she and the others set off for the Eastern Steppe.]

Thank you all again for coming with me.  I realize this was an indulgence on my part, but we may find something that will be of use to Union as a whole while we're looking.
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Who: Feliks and anyone and everyone!
What: Big fancy noble birthday party!
When: November 11th
Where: The Łukasiewicz family estate in Union
Summary: Missing Boyfriend Quest kept Feliks from fulfilling his social duties, so for his birthday, his grandparents are shoving him back into noble society! But that's boring, so Feliks invited the ill-bred masses to come and make his birthday party actually fun.

I )

[[OOC: Going to put up a couple of headers for different areas of the party; feel free to use this as a mingle post and interact with each other!]]

25 [Video]

Nov. 5th, 2015 01:37 pm
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So like, guess whose birthday is in six days!

[Feliks is snuggled up in a warm pile with his Ninetales and his Growlithe, though knowing him, there are probably more Pokemon hanging out just offscreen. He's got a steaming-hot drink of some sort in his hand, and is glimmering enough that it's pretty obvious how he feels about the whole birthday thing.]

I'm gonna be 20! And since I bailed on like, pretty close to all the noble parties this year, my grandparents kind of aren't letting me get out of throwing one this time. And I don't want it to be all boring noble stuff, so everyone's invited!

Dress fabulous, and bring me lots of cool presents!

24 [Video]

Oct. 20th, 2015 09:56 am
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[It's pretty well into the morning, but Feliks hasn't seen fit just yet to change out of his pajamas -- he's got his knee-length, lacy bloomers and his matching camisole, and damn it all, he's comfy in them right now, so people can just deal with it or avert their eyes. He's in a rather opulent-looking room, propped up against a Ninetales' side in a pile of big pillows and warm-looking blankets, with a Growlithe and a Sylveon sort of lying half on top of each other in his lap, each having clearly tried to take up as much of it as possible.]

Okay, so now that all that drama's dealt with for now, me and Fai are actually back in the city to rest for a couple days.

[Perhaps only Feliks would refer to a battle with an army and a god as "all that drama."]

While I'm here, actually -- I have a couple of Fairy-type attacks, but like, nothing that can hit at a distance, I just kinda sparklepunch things. And like, that's still super useful, but not as much when I can't get in close?

What I'm saying is, I'm pretty sure I could learn Moonblast, probably, and I wanna if I can, but I might kinda need someone to teach me. Anybody wanna try?

Oh -- and Anna here evolved! Isn't she cute to the max?

[The Sylveon lifts her head up a bit, and waves a ribbon at the Warp Band in comfortably lazy greeting.]
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Who: Feliks and Fai
What: Snuggles and catching up
When: After Fai's return, before leaving for the White Dragon event stuff (so like the 26th-27th?)
Where: The medical center in Union

Take every chance you dare, I'll still be there when you come back down. )
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[It's a lengthy journey even by air, that our intrepid heroes find themselves on. The veteran fliers set a quick, but not grueling pace at the suggestion of the Valkyries. Arriving to a battleground when a god had taken the field tired was not wise, they'd said, and who could really blame them? The prospect alone of facing down one of the beasts of legend would be enough to send most men fleeing in the opposite direction, but one who was working with a human? That was all the more reason to make sure that proper care was taken on the trek. And so for a day the party traveled, a caravan of birds, dragons, reptiles and the odd flying robot making steady time across the Rolling Plains before setting down at the north-eastern edge.

The curious would find that not far from where the tents were pitched, the green hills turned jagged, the land going from verdant to a sea of dark glass. Obsidian shards spiked upwards, spires gleaming in the moonlight like razor sharp teeth, setting an ominous tone for the evening's respite. Tents were pitched, fires were lit, and the more warlike companions even began a drum circle and dance. Valkyries and shirtless Calderan volunteers, a small number of visiting mages, and other more mysterious folks all curious to see the god and to help with the relief efforts. The camp, despite the circumstances, was at least a lively one.

And then came the final day.

Over the Obsidian Flats they went, the massive shapes of Boldore and Tyranitar visible even from up in the sky. And...further perhaps even more stunningly, a gigantic lake almost large enough to call an inland sea, sprawled out below. Rivers snaked out of it all around, and the water itself was a pure crystal blue. But perhaps the most awe inspiring sight of the whole journey came once they cleared the Flats and the area around Glacier came into view. An expanse of white, thick snow covering the ground this early in the year. Arctic forests cropped up here and there, snowcapped trees and a frigid looking river marring the perfect canvas beneath. And more Pokemon , of course. Gigantic Avalugg shook the ground below, and a new species plodded along, chewing amiably on the trees, largely unconcerned by the humans overhead, and the occurrences in the distance.

Along the coast a city was in flames, people streaming out of its ruined gates, desperately fleeing along the rivers before whatever it was came back. Smoke curled up along the skyline, burned hamlets and outlying settlements that'd already been destroyed.

It seems like they weren't too late, and it in the moment of respite there was a chance for our heroes to at least get their bearings and prepare for the Dragon God's return...]

[OOC: We will be opening some of these areas for bonding within the next few days for everyone who is taking part in the expedition.]
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[The video is on, but all it's capturing is snippets of forest at an odd angle. It's also a little hard to make out Feliks's voice about the noise of a Rapidash's hoofbeats. (Here and there, when the Warp Band's camera moves, the Pokemon's mane or side comes into view.]

Waver, Yuuna! I'm going out now!

[He's too focused on his goal to bother sending them any sort of a private message. The whole network can know, see if he cares.]
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[This... is not a Warp Band which has been active - or within range - in a long while. The image is fuzzy and looks somehow grubby, perhaps to be attributed to the fact that the device has spent almost a whole year stuffed into the bottom of a bag.

The young man on the screen, though, doesn't look like he needs any help looking like a mess.

The fair feathers covering his head are ruffled and matted, and on one side of his head they show signs of having been singed by something. What can be seen of his clothes looks like rags and tatters, repaired in places with caterpie silk, woven vines, feathers, wool... all manners of debris. The once-blue gemstone attached to his forehead looks dull, now faded from blue to dirty yellow. From what can be seen of his face and body, he's not only incredibly filthy, but also a large number of meals short of a healthy weight. He has a nasty-looking cut on the left side of his face, running right across his eye, which is swollen and looks infected.

He offers the camera a bleak, apologetic smile, and the chipper tone in his voice sounds incredibly false.]

Hello everyone. I'm, ah- My name is Fai Flourite. I went missing from Union last autumn.

[He shifts a bit. There is a muffled splash followed by the aggravated chattering of a Floette off-camera, and Fai winces.]

I'm currently a bit... stuck. I'm on my way home, but- mm, I don't think I should be Teleporting in a while just yet. Last time I did, I ended up in a swamp. Which, incidentally, is why I'm a bit stuck.

[He attempts a laugh, but it sounds pathetic. He averts his eyes, as if he can't even face the camera. His voice drops into a mumble.]

But I'm coming home. I know I must've worried some people, and... I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.

[And with that, the feed cuts out.]
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Who: Yuuna, Feliks, Waver

Where: Just outside Union

What: A conversation that needs to happen

When: September, pre-event.

[It’d been ages since they’d last talked. Since the incident with the frogs. Not a lot had really happened, but it was weird around Feliks now, Yuuna thought. And quite frankly, she was a little tired of not knowing where they stood. So, she resolved to take the next opportunity she had to talk to him. Regardless of what was going on, she was going to talk to him.

Of course, that would be the time she’d called Waver up to do a little analysis of her newfound abilities. But he was late, presumably dealing with the trouble that was that nosy mushroom. Still, she refused to put it off any longer and hopefully Waver won’t be walking into another argument.

So, Yuuna waves and jogs over to Feliks as he prepares to head back through the gate. Strands of her hair are standing a bit on end, the weather playing havoc with her poor control over her lightning, but other than that? She looks a bit nervous.]

Uh, Hey. Feliks? You got a minute?
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[Feliks looks like he's in Union for the moment -- in a noble house, by the looks of the fancy furniture and his high-fashion outfit. He's got his boots off, on the floor next to the couch where he sits with a Growlithe curled up next to him, petting a tuft of fluffy fur.]

You guys seriously have zero chill, you know that? Like, I go out for a couple of weeks and come back and you got all mixed up with gods again?

Never a dull moment, I guess... But seriously, way to have all the excitement without me! Super rude, Union. You're gonna hurt my feelings or something, all hanging out without me and junk.

So? How badass was it?

[Action - Various places around the Business District + Teeter's]

[As usual when he's in town, Feliks has errands all over the shopping district. He spends the morning restocking on potions, food, and assorted adventuring supplies, then hits up some of the mid-range clothing shops for things to wear out in the field, things that aren't too fussy or too fragile.]

[In the afternoon, he steels his nerve and goes to his old favorite high-end shops. He gets fitted for a few new suits at a good tailor's, then ends up in one of the fancy dress shops, laughing and making a fuss, teasing the attendants and any other patrons nearby as he tries on one thing after another. All in all, he seems in great spirits, with the exception of one moment when he catches sight of himself in a mirror -- dressed up and laughing with the fire stone necklace glinting at his breast, and the weight of the last year comes crashing back all of a sudden. He ends up having to sit down for a moment to recover, like it's a damn fainting spell -- and of course, all the people working here know all the stupid noble gossip, so they know exactly what his problem is, but he still finds himself making excuses to anyone nearby.]

Sorry, my bad -- I think this corset's a little tight after all! Haven't been wearing them for a while, you know?

[In the evening, he ends up in Teeter's, because the classier places have never actually really been his scene. After a couple of drinks, any hints of shyness are well and truly gone from him.]

Hey, hey -- I'm bored. Wanna do something fun? Like, like a drinking contest. Or a dancing contest. Or a drinking and dancing contest!
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[Today’s warp band feed features two individuals, and one massive gigantic grey blob. Friends might recognize Yosuke Hanamura and Yukiko Amagi. And some might even guess that blob is the infamous “Snor-Lord” but then they might also easily not, because really he’s just kind of a dweeb. There’s a serious look in the teenager’s eyes, like they have something incredibly serious to say. And even the infamous outlaw Snorlax seems quieter than usual.]

Hey. So, Yukiko and I sorta had an encounter the other day. Like, one of the divine kind.

[He takes a deep breath.] One of the gods contacted us. And it had some pretty important things to say.

[Yukiko’s head dips as she greets the viewers, and she pushes up her glasses before speaking in an equally solemn voice.]

It was a god named Suicune. It said it was the North Wind. The...Gale that brings the frost. One of the winter gods, I’d guess. It had kinda a lot to say, but it was really...um...weird, mostly because it wanted us to ask questions and not the other way around.

[He nods, looking at her and then back to the feed.]

And the answers we got weren’t exactly good. [She breaks in with a nod.] No, they really weren’t.

[He takes another breath, trying to recall everything to the best of his ability.]

We asked about Gigas, and Sanctuary. Turns out the gods have an opinion on them, too.

[She takes a breath as well, and Snor-Lord’s hands drop down onto both of their shoulders. The big brute leans in between them and grunts.]

It also said a few things about the gods too, and how they think. Like...they definitely are testing us. And they have a reason. But it didn’t say what, and it seemed like it was working for another god. Which I guess points to a kind of hierarchy?

[Snor-Lord nods again and speaks in a serious series of Snors/Laxes/Snorlaxs.]

Yeah, it was also kind of a jerk. Talkin’ about manners like a big lamer.

[Yosuke rolls his shoulder in irritation, not wanting the big pokemon’s hand there.]

Get your paws offa me! Anyway, it was seriously freaky. Especially with what it had to say. But we couldn’t sit here and keep this to ourselves. We’ll be here if anyone’s got any questions.

((ooc: Replies will come from either Yosuke and Yukiko and Snor-Lord, and if you prefer action they’re in one of the residential district parks. If you want a joint thread or one of them specifically, let us know in your header!

Also, order doesn't matter- feel free to boomerang either one of them if the other isn't around! It will help make things go faster :D ))

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