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So, uh, it's like... a week late, but...

What'd you guys get your moms for Mother's Day? Like, what'd be a good gift? One that says "Sorry I forgot and thanks for putting up with me while I was friggin' bedridden." I'm open to suggestions. And yeah, I know it's an asshole-ish thing to do, forgetting like that, okay?

[ Let's ignore the fact that Jean's been away for over a month... ]

[ filtered to Rangers: ]

So I let the bigwigs know but I didn't like, make an announcement or anything but... I guess I kinda... evolved? Like a month ago? So I was getting used to new wings and shit. But the point is I'm good now. And I can fly! Uh, a little. So take that, Eren!

[ Except that buttwings moniker is totally gonna be more obvious now... ]


Apr. 7th, 2014 10:52 pm
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[ Well, that sounds loud, but then, Jean is practically shouting into his Warp Band, so there you go. ]

Yeah, losers, that's right. It's my birthday. Unlike some idiots, I don't forget my own date of birth. Isn't that right, Eren?

[ It was obvious enough as it is, Jean. ]

Anyway, all these bugs and whatever are kinda annoying... guess spring is really here, huh? I was starting to think winter'd last forever.

[ His glaceon doesn't look very happy... ]
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Log Deputy: Bat ([plurk.com profile] holeinmysoul) and Jan ([plurk.com profile] cantito)
Participating Characters: Eren Jaeger and Jean Kirstein
Date: Saturday the 15th of March
Plot Description: Newbie Rangers Eren and Jean investigate the mysterious signal jam in the high mountains. WHAT WILL THEY FIND??? And will they be able to work together to solve the problem?! (Probably not)
Warnings/Notes: None at the moment.

It was an easy enough assignment. There was warp band network interference in the high mountains. Go there, figure out what it was, and, if possible, fix it. Eren is accompanied by Blitz the jolteon, Matilda the scraggy, and Victor the lombre (somewhat hungover from his bar adventure the night before). Eren didn't want to risk being unprepared and unable to warp any of his Pokémon in if he needed their help, so he'd selected some of his strongest.

The hike up the mountains is mostly uneventful. Eren turns to Jean, "Do you think we should split up?"


Feb. 23rd, 2014 09:45 pm
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[ Jean's normally spiky/fluffy haircut is even spikier today, if that's possible. The culprit? His baby mareep, which has decided to perch itself on his fluffy head. Babies are tiny, ok. And also full of static. ]

So the egg hatched the other day. You wouldn't believe what a pain it is to keep an electric-type from friggin' waking you up all the time when you've got feathers. This dumb mareep won't stop messing with my wings! But ma' likes her a lot, I guess, so we've been keeping her at home. Personally, I think she just wants free wool. (Don't let her know I said that.)

Anyway I guess I'll add my two cents in saying this tournament stuff is bullshit. But it beats getting attacked by weird machines so whatever, y'know? As long as they don't pull that shit again, who cares?

[ Pause............ ]

Oh, and I joined the Rangers, I guess. You can blame friggin' Eren and his dumb face. I know this shit ain't my journal or whatever but I've been kinda busy so I figured I owed some of you guys an update.

Still sucks that I couldn't get into the Swords, though.


Jan. 19th, 2014 11:34 pm
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[((Dated to post-cave exploration))

Tiny recluse is still tiny, but not so reclusive -- especially not now that he has a new friend to visit and care for (new friend is a Steelix named Gertrude, fyi). Armin thinks it rude to leave his buddy all alone in the Habitats all the time, so an escape attempt has been performed!

Granted, his grandfather has been extra-busy with council-y business in the wake of the ore crisis, so it wasn't that hard for Armin and Meredith to sneak out. But still, they're free! They're out! He should be feeling very proud of himself, walking along the streets like a normal civilian. He should be all but skipping along the sidewalk, perhaps whistling a cheery tune.

Except he's not. Because, as it turns out, bonding with an enormous Pokemon sort of leaves you drained, mentally, physically and emotionally, and Armin doesn't have much emotion strength to spare. So he's sort of creeping along the street, frowning, radiating a tangible -- literally; if any passers-by aren't psychically prepared, his emotions are going to bleed over onto them -- aura of discomfort, nausea and exhaustion.

This also means that if anyone with a particularly potent emotional state passes by, it's going to hit Armin like a ton of bricks. Case in point: the loving couple who sidesteps boy and Ralts, drawing an uncharacteristic scowl from both.

Ug. Indecent.
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[The Lake Shrine is a pretty good hike from the eastern gate of Union. It's even longer when Eren, in Skarmory-form, makes pit stops to chase rattata out of the bushes (he only manages to catch one) and pluck juicy hibernating Wurmple and Caterpie from the trunks of trees and from dense underbrush. He was hungry after the whole cavern exploration!

Of course he gets several weird looks from Jean, but none from Apollo or Blitz

What? While I'm out here, I'm gonna get some fresh food! Pokémon eat pokémon, Jean, it's a thing.

[they reach the Shrine without incident and Eren tilts his head]

Definitely weird. I've been here before, about six months ago, and this definitely wasn't here then. [he shakes his head, then taps at the ice with a talon. It's not completely frozen and what little ice there is, is quite thin. No shoving Jean out onto it, then...] We should split up to explore. I'll go around the right, you go left, and we'll meet at the river?
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[ You may recognize Jean's shitty voice from him being kind of a terror with those warp bands... Well, believe it or not, he does have a job, and it's guarding people and patrolling the walls like a good Guardsman. He might complain and check his warp band constantly, but... well, when he's not dicking off, he's actually not terrible.

But that's not really saying much. Because right at the moment he's standing right at the edge, having a bit of a shouting match with his "friend," Eren. These two are so loud, you could probably hear him from down below... Yeah, who hired these two?

Cut it out, asshole! I'll push you off, I swear!

[ He doesn't mean that. But he sure sounds like he does. ]

Heh, then maybe you'll finally be able t' fly, huh? What say we give it a try?

[ Really don't. Do not. No. Stop that, Jean. You even left your Warp Band on, you idiot. ]

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