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[Over the bands today, there's...well, a little bit of noise. Like someone's desperately trying to figure out how to work something and kind of failing at it.

After a few moments, the video blips on - to reveal a large brown eye, the pupil slit vertically.]

C'mon, is this thing working now...?

[There's a hint of frustration in his voice as he speaks, but soon enough the owner of the eye seems to realize that he's actually working it properly. With a light 'oh', the point of view zooms out from the eye, showing that a scowling teenager was in possession of it all along.

The first thing someone would notice is the hair - bright orange and shaggy, with a high ponytail that trails from behind him to over a shoulder. It doesn't seem too strange...except that every now and then, the ponytail hair seems to move as one mass...and right when the camera jiggles, too. Weird.

It's also possible to see that the clothes he's wearing would look slightly familiar to anyone who's used to how the members of the Kurain school dress.]

Alright, listen. I just got here, so...I've got some questions.

One: What's with all the decorations? Is the city normally like this, or is something going on?

Two: The guy who I met before mentioned that I'd have to find someplace to stay, but...How do I do that? I mean...I can just go back to the forest. It's not a big deal.

Three: Are there any other pokemon that suddenly became human like me? ...I'm gonna need pointers on how this 'human' thing works.

[There's a pause after he says that, shifting his gaze away from the band. ...He doesn't turn his head (in fact, he's been remarkably stiff the entire time, not moving his head one inch), but he looks away all the same. After a moment, he breaks the silence - although in a much softer, less matter-of-fact tone than what he used before.]

...And, uh...Is it normal to remember that you died once? I...

[He trails off, then closes his eyes - a complicated expression flitting across his face.]

...Never mind. Forget it.

[And off goes the feed.]


[People in the city might find that odd looking teen from before wandering around, without any rhyme or reason. His movement is incredibly stiff - his knees don't bend once as he walks around, and his arms stay locked in place where they're hidden by the folds of his clothing.

He's wearing a male Kimono, the undershirt and Hakama a dark brown-with a peculiar kind of haori on top. Two circles on the shoulders, the inside of them cut so that the undershirt shows. On the back of the haori, another circle lies between his shoulder blades, right in the center of his back. There's an intricate, cream colored design on it, looping around and coming up to the collar of the undershirt. All in all, it resembles something rather familiar...

There's also his hair - which, if someone noticed...they'd see that his warp band is tied around his ponytail, near the end of it. You'd think it'd slide off, but it seems to stay on without any problems. Is it because the hair moves all at once, instead of individual strands like normal hair?

At any rate, Ichigo is firmly checking around the city - getting to know his new surroundings, like he had when he'd woken up in the forest a little over two weeks ago. Things are...different from the outside, and he roams around nearly everywhere, not staying very long in one place.

It's possible you might run into him, but...well, actually running into him would be slightly unpleasant. It's like running into a wall. Then again...he's really not paying attention to where he's going.

At all.]


Oct. 9th, 2014 09:59 pm
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So. Um.

[See Eren. See Eren on Warp Band. See Eren with a very large, four-winged bat draped over him and, coincidentally, taking up most of the frame. She seems quite content. Squished in next to Eren is Fig the sigilyph, poofed up and sleeping]

I have a problem. And my problem is Rosa, here. She evolved and I guess I didn't know how freakin huge Crobats were. She refuses to stay at the habitat, so what I'm trying to say is that I need a bigger apartment. Does anyone know of somewhere I can afford on a Ranger's budget? Or if anyone has a house and is looking for a room mate and a few clingy house pokémon... [he rolls his eyes]

Oh, Maya. I'm going to bring the baby Litwick for you to look after for a while, is that ok? I don't want her to grow up thinking she's not a ghost or something... Or to grow up attached at the hip to me like some pokémon.

[he glances at Fig, who tweets in his sleep and cuddles up closer]

Savior, there's barely any room to breathe in here!
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[A very haggard Robin, accompanied by a few other male Rangers will stagger back into town after an extended ranging in Valkyrie territory. In Robin's case, he definitely looks a bit mussed. Also, feathered, as there are quite a few hanging onto his robes. That and an unreasonably large amount of bird dung.]


Unit 15 has returned from the Citadel. If I'm given that assignment again I may have to tender my resignation.

[OOC: This is an open post. Eren and Goku had the "pleasure" of accompanying Robin on this mission, they'll have their own threads you may respond to as well!]


Sep. 22nd, 2014 11:56 am
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Hiccup Haddock here everyone, and for those of you who don't know me, yes I have heard every joke there is about my name, so if we could refrain from making them for the duration of this, that would be great.

It occurs to me that we don't really have any sort of structure set up for learning how to fly, either on a fully-grown Flying-Type, as Flying-type Enlightened, or as a Shifter. With that in mind, I'm thinking about starting up some sort of Flight Club. Y'know, to share tips, tricks, help members practice, and to have people on hand just in case some sort of accident happens.

So... anyone interested in the idea. If I get enough takers, we can hash out when and where to meet here.


Sep. 16th, 2014 12:01 pm
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So, hey there. Maya Fey here. Because obviously, you... can't tell.

I'm looking for this body's owner-- you know, Jade? Looks like he's probably got mine.

[She doesn't have his glasses on, though, of course-- because they didn't come with the body. This does not deter her, as he apparently can see pretty well.

Should she be freaking out? Probably. She did that earlier, though.]

Anyway, it's not the biggest deal, but I figure my aunt's gonna have a big fit about this.

So I'm not gonna be home today. I'm gonna hang out at the forest shrine, so meet me there, okay?
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Log Deputy: Sheepy ([ profile] sheepyton) & Void ([ profile] beholdthevoid
Participating Characters: Lux, Ezreal, Hiccup, Yuuna, Banzu & Eren
Plot Description: An excavation team takes to the Old City looking for supplies to recreate older technology, a Pokédex.
Warnings/Notes: This is the first of many logs that will be taking place over the next few months.

I wanna be the very best )
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[Being a Seeker is serious business! Those that run into Lux, either working at the Seeker's headquarters in Union or Caldera--she has been doing a lot of commuting via warp lately--at or between the University or, interestingly enough, the Delver's guild, will find that she looks a bit run down. However, she still seems quite energized, shuttling between places with a bag full of books and papers.

When not working her butt off at work, at home she seems to be pulling long hours, the lights in her apartment on until very late. Going over her own notes during her travels, as well as those she has been given access to through the Seekers, she seems like a woman on a mission. Also a new caffeine addiction, with the hours she's keeping.]


Hello! Lux here, with a bit of news!

I have my first job with the Seekers, and am currently looking to assemble a team. I have a small stipend, so we'll be able to pay, of course. It will involve going into the Old City and looking for computer parts. We're hoping to be able to disassemble and reconstruct a few of them and place them in the habitat for safe keeping. While we aren't sure we'll have all the parts that we need to get the job done, we have to start somewhere, right?

Oh, right, I should probably tell you what we're working on, huh?

While going through some of the technology that has already been recovered from the Old City, some of the scholars at the Calderan branch managed to find something interesting, which coincided with some of the literature that they've managed to find. Apparently, the old civilization had a way to be able to store information about various species of Pokémon from different areas and pull it up at will, through a device they called a Pokédex.

And as my first job, I've been asked to get a team together to search the Old City for components to start constructing something similar! It's really exciting! So, I'm looking for a few people to bring down there with me--experienced delvers, although I already have one on board, engineers, and a few extra hands. Right now, our funding pool is quite small, but we're hoping that as this project progresses, we'll be able to pay better.

So, do I have any takers? I'm hoping to get a team assembled as soon as possible!

[[OOC Note: Given the complexity of this plot, there will be other opportunities to get involved if it caps out too quickly. Currently we are capped with the following people: Hiccup, Ezreal, Yuuna, Banzu and Eren]]
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[Eren appears on camera for the first time in what seems like forever. Fig the Sigilyph, now a small adult, is perched on his shoulder, turning his one big blue eye to look at the object in Eren's arms.

It's an egg. Probably? It's more round than oval shaped, and it seems to be made of wax. Wax that's melting, just a bit. Infrequently, a light pulses from inside

So uh... this egg. I got it as a bonus for all the work during that stuff with the tree people, but the breeder didn't tell me anything about it melting. Is it supposed to be doing that?

[Fig chirps, then speaks in a psychic voice -- in common human tongue, no less -- for all to hear] Mommy, mommy!! I don't hear anything coming from inside it, no! So I don't think it's hatching... but it's still alive! ... I think. It's hard to tell...

[Which is why Eren is concerned. He makes no mention of being called "Mommy" by his other egg baby there]

The breeder did say it was a ghost type, so maybe that's why it doesn't feel... uh... alive? Does anyone know about this? I'm not sure what to do to make it stop dripping.

The Raids

Jul. 19th, 2014 11:56 pm
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[As the people of Union begin to move out into the plains, they'll find that the Councilor's warnings were apt. Though not everyone is targeted, it isn't long before a few unlucky travelers find themselves on the receiving end of the same type of attack. The bandits, whoever they might be, are experts at swooping out of the blue, striking so swiftly that the victims almost never even catch a glimpse of them.

How exactly will they put this to a stop? There's so many, it seems impossible to take them out one group at a time... Perhaps they have a base somewhere.]

((This post is for both groups who wish for mods to run and players to thread freely amongst themselves. You may feel free to handwave having been attacked and thread the aftermath of that event. Please respond to the appropriate section depending on where your character is. Thanks!))
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Who: Asemu Asuno, Apollo, Eren Jaeger, Rise Kujikawa
What: Exploring the world map
Where: West Desert, into Crater Plains
When: June 15
Warnings: Excessive heat.

Read more... )


Jun. 12th, 2014 08:53 pm
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[This is a Nidorina. This is a Nidorina with a thin chain around her neck, a Razor Claw hanging from it like a pendant. But that's not the point.

The point is that anyone familiar with a certain Shifter may notice that the look on this Nidorina's face is very similar to the look on a certain Nidoran♀'s face. A look of utter exasperation but restrained fondness for whomever is holding the Warp Band. Oh Blue Rose, you and your utterly strange relationship with Nero. She just evolved and she's still giving him those looks.]

So, guess who's... Don't look at me like that, Blue. Remember who's going to make you freaking queen soon.

Promises. If you were, you'd have done it by now.

[That makes Nero snort.] Okay, so you don't appreciate being adored. I'll just show them something better.

[Nero props his Warp Band on something, making the feed jump for a bit, and when he comes into the picture, it's fairly obvious what that "something" is. His right arm had changed. Before, it was blue (a dark shade of grey in the feed), roughly textured, with claws instead of nails, but now it had an addition-- small triangular fin attached to the fore-arm. Or rather, the fin had grown out of the arm. Not to mention the claws at the end of his fingers have gotten just a bit larger and sharper.

Clearly Blue Rose isn't the only one to have evolved.

With an inordinately pleased look on his face, Nero flexes his improved arm and punches the air with it. Anyone expecting the fin to flap around with the exercise will be disappointed, because it's extremely stiff.]

There's got to be something about the Caldera air if Blue and I evolved at the same time. Not that I'm complaining. [He smiles wide, a huge grin that shows off a bunch of sharp teeth.] Arm's gotten heavier, and is awful on clothes, but a guy can definitely get used to this. I'm gonna have a whole lot of fun with this arm.

Just don't cut yourself shaving.

And don't wear yourself out trying to be a buzzkill, Blue.


May. 19th, 2014 05:58 pm
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So, uh, it's like... a week late, but...

What'd you guys get your moms for Mother's Day? Like, what'd be a good gift? One that says "Sorry I forgot and thanks for putting up with me while I was friggin' bedridden." I'm open to suggestions. And yeah, I know it's an asshole-ish thing to do, forgetting like that, okay?

[ Let's ignore the fact that Jean's been away for over a month... ]

[ filtered to Rangers: ]

So I let the bigwigs know but I didn't like, make an announcement or anything but... I guess I kinda... evolved? Like a month ago? So I was getting used to new wings and shit. But the point is I'm good now. And I can fly! Uh, a little. So take that, Eren!

[ Except that buttwings moniker is totally gonna be more obvious now... ]
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[This is a Nero.

This is a Nero with a bemused look on his face as he taps a makeshift walking staff made out of thick, dark wood against the open palm of his clawed hand.]

So I disappear for about two weeks and suddenly Union's booming with a bunch of new residents. [He pauses. The pause is probably nerve-wracking, and people who actually know Nero might want to start gearing themselves for a snarky remark or a cluster f-bomb.]

Name's Nero. You can come to me, I'll debrief you about where you come from. [Wait, has Nero actually turned nice after two weeks alone in the wilderness?] I'm a Ranger, so it's practically my job to know what's out there.

With all these newcomers and outsiders coming in, we'd be enough for a party. Sadly, I've got some training to make up for lost time, and really? Not I'm not that kind of guy.

[Aaaand there's the quip. Asshole's back guys. What's up.]


May. 9th, 2014 10:08 pm
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[the warp band video is as grainy and black and white as always. When it comes on, it's pointed toward the kitchen table. Laid out on the table are feathers. Three of them are about three feet long, and another four are between a foot and six inches. Even without color, it's possible to tell that these aren't just any ordinary feathers. These feathers seem to be made of gleaming metal, the individual barbs at the base coalescing into solid steel just a few inches higher.

Then, Eren speaks

Hey. I'm finally done molting, so I have a new crop of feathers to sell or trade. Molting sucks. But at least I can make some money off of it. I used two of them to make new swords for myself, and then payment for the blacksmith, and then a few weren't really high enough quality to be used…

uh. Oh! If you don't know, Skarmory feathers make some of the best swords ever. They're light and just flexible enough to not break, and they hold an edge like no one's business. [Eren turns the warp band to himself, and he draws one of his swords. It only vaguely resembles the feathers on the table] You just have to take them to one of the blacksmiths in town and you can get whatever kind of hilt you want on it. The smaller feathers make good knives and stuff.

Anyway, prices are negotiable, but don't expect to get these cheap. They're worth a lot more than you'd think, but I'd figure I'd try and sell them over the warp bands first. I know there's lots of Guards and Rangers and [he makes a small gagging noise] Swords check the warp network a lot. [pause] Even if you don't need a blade, they make good gifts.

03: video

Apr. 24th, 2014 08:17 pm
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Put that - put that back, guys!

[Yes, that's the sound of a flustered Kanji. That is to say, a very loud sound coming over the airwaves, combined with a few scattered Pokémon sounds. In a moment, he's got the Warp Band back and the view's panning around erratically-]

...I guess you wanted to show off, huh. Fine.

[Alright, so he's on air now. Might as well take advantage of it. And now the Pokémon become visible...

Looking absolutely adorable. His Flaaffy's in a sweet little fuzzy waistcoat, and his Pidgey a little hat and scarf. They all seem to have acquired some accessories or outfit pieces or other - nice looking ones, all around. Even the latest addition, a Helioptile, has a decorative ribbon on one ear. She seems rather too happy.]

Yeah, I was workin' on a jacket for Silk here [and he points out the Flaaffy] but the others wanted to get in on the action too. I couldn't say no, could I? C'mon, they were lookin' at me with those eyes...
S- so, anyway, what do ya think? I never made stuff for Pokémon before...
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[action | verdant forest | between early morning to the afternoon]

[ Besides doing keeping in touch with Rangers for work, Quinn has been fairly focused and quiet lately, as she finally took up some serious training sessions weeks ago. Exercises, running all over the forest, climbing trees and jumping from one to another, friendly sparring with her Pokémon, just anything to make her stronger. Fellow Rangers, Trainers, or even Pokémon can find her in various spots of the forest.

Or even in certain spots where she's wrestling a Malamar (with consent, mind you) as part of friendly sparring with her Rufflet and Raichu, who is also on Warp Band watching duty, watching from the sidelines. Yeah...

[accidental video | verdant forest | afternoon-ish]

bickering pokemon and another enlightened evolving. cut for conversation length )

[voice | evening]

[several hours later after that accidental video, an exhausted voice speaks. Someone that hasn't spoke on the network in a while.]

I'm not so sure what anyone saw of... that. But, rest assure that I am fine. Just still a little tired.

I want to ask fellow Flying type Enlightened on how they deal with their wings, if they have any, and their clothing. Or dealing with wings in general. Better start asking before I wreck my wardrobe.
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[It has been a long journey from her mountainous home in the far north, but Absol has finally reached the front gates of her destination: Union, home of the illusive "humans".

She was actually quite lucky: noticing the odd behaviour of a swarm of Beedrill, she had stalked their route until they had emerged into the clearing where Union was based. The Beedrill seemed to be drawn to the voluminous blossoms that coated the city in unnatural amounts: was this even normal, or some product of human foolishness? Her answers would lay inside, she decided.

Seeing no reason for caution or cowardice, she approached the front gates with a fearless stride. Of course, her lack of Warp Band was more than enough reason for the guards to take notice, and move to stop her. Ahh, she recognised this: the alphas looking to defend their pack from outsiders. In that case, it was time to be diplomatic by asserting herself.

With one movement she drew the jagged naginata from her back into a battle-ready position, and declared in her most powerful and dominant voice:]

My name is Absol! I seek entry into your nest, humans!


Apr. 4th, 2014 09:24 pm
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[Eren is sitting on his beat up old couch. Though his lap isn't visible, the ear of the pokémon resting in it is, and the long pointy Jolteon ear twitches.]

Does time just... get away from you more as you get older? My birthday came and went and I didn't even notice until just today, when I looked at my calendar. I guess I'm 17 now? I never actually feel any older until I think about stuff like how time moves and...

[whew that is way too esoteric for Eren's little birdbrain. He drops that train of thought]

Anyway. I don't know if you all heard, but Jean and I discovered this pretty neat rock over in the mountains. It looks like it's solid ice, and it's super cold. He and I found these Glaceons there.

Glaaaaaai ceeee!! ({Human!! Tell them what I told you to say!}) [a pokémon's voice from somewhere off screen. It sounds irritated. Eren rolls his eyes.]

Oh uh. Right. Bean wants me to tell you that if you go to visit the Sacred Ice Rock, you need to bring an offering of some kind. Or whatever.
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Log Deputy: Bat ([ profile] holeinmysoul) and Jan ([ profile] cantito)
Participating Characters: Eren Jaeger and Jean Kirstein
Date: Saturday the 15th of March
Plot Description: Newbie Rangers Eren and Jean investigate the mysterious signal jam in the high mountains. WHAT WILL THEY FIND??? And will they be able to work together to solve the problem?! (Probably not)
Warnings/Notes: None at the moment.

It was an easy enough assignment. There was warp band network interference in the high mountains. Go there, figure out what it was, and, if possible, fix it. Eren is accompanied by Blitz the jolteon, Matilda the scraggy, and Victor the lombre (somewhat hungover from his bar adventure the night before). Eren didn't want to risk being unprepared and unable to warp any of his Pokémon in if he needed their help, so he'd selected some of his strongest.

The hike up the mountains is mostly uneventful. Eren turns to Jean, "Do you think we should split up?"
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It's Friday night and Ezreal decided to take the esteemed Luxanna Crownguard to a bar generally frequented by Delvers, Guardsmen, Rangers, and all sorts of other rough-and-tumble men and women who make up Union's thriving blue-collar community. The bar, of course, is quite a dive, with loud, boisterous people having just finished a day's work coming to take a load off and get frightfully hammered.

[This is an open mingle post for anybody who might, for whatever reason, find themselves in a dirty, grimy bar full of loud sweaty people on a Friday night. There will be mingling and, of course, the inevitable bar fight. Enlightened are encouraged to use their powers interestingly but remember - no lethal damage! It's all in good fun. Overenthusiastic enlightened may find themselves responsible for large chunks of the repair bill for the bar, be warned.

Also of note: legal drinking age is 18 years old but this bar is likely reasonably easy to get into if you're a bit underage.]

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