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[The camera is resting against a rock on the forest at an angle since Toph threw it to the side in a hurry. It's pretty clear that the video is an accident, as Toph is too busy waving her arms around over her head to pay any attention to it, though a Tympole is aware of the video and is bouncing for the camera.

Toph, meanwhile, is the most unamused. This may be because her hair is in a poof]

Y'know, Shi, the reason I bonded with you was so you would stop taking my headband, you sorry excuse for a Murkrow! We're not going back to the city until those weirdos leave, so just come down from wherever you are and gimme back my headband!

[Said Murkrow happens to be three feet to Toph's left and not even that far out of reach, headband in her talons as she flaps. Shi would very much like to see the city like Toph promised and the headband is her hostage until Toph keeps that promise.

Thankfully, Toph manages to brush against the band with her flailing and grabs it, pulling it loose from Shi's talons and sitting down on the floor of the forest to get her hair back into submission. Shi squawks in displeasure but the Tympole, still bouncing, just chirps back at her to be nice or Lin will drench her feathers.]

I'm getting you a bell, Shi, so I can find you next time you go flying off. Get the band from wherever I threw it, will you? And where's Lin?

[Lin the Tympole heads over to Toph with a soft noise as the camera is momentarily obscured by the Murkrow's talons. It's dropped on the ground by Toph's left. The girl reaches for it, groaning when she realizes something.]

It's been on the whole time?!

[If someone wishes to see this in person, they're in a quieter part of the Verdant Forest, by a lot of rocks]

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