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[ Pearl is smiling when she turns her feed on, and dips her head respectfully before waving at the camera. ]

Hello, everyone! Isn't the view from up here beautiful? [ she moves herself out of the way carefully so that everyone can catch a glimpse of it behind her; it looks like she's on the far side of the mountain pass to the coastal valley, and she's made a stop at a point where you can see the valley itself spread out behind her, a glimpse of the ocean catching the sunlight in the distance. she holds it there for a few seconds before squeezing her torso back into the frame. ] I have decided I'd like to put my spiritual training to the test, so we're all heading to the coastal ruins for a small while.

Oh, but there was something else that's been on my mind for a while, too. I've been wondering, if there's a choice about what way your Pokemon can evolve, how do you decide? [ she shuffles slightly so that a Kirlia comes into view beside her. ] This is Percy! He doesn't really like to battle much, but he is a very elegant fighter when he has to, and he's wonderful at supporting the rest of us, so we can't decide if being a Gardevoir or a Gallade would suit him more. I was going to try and figure it out during our trip, but if anyone has any advice, we would truly appreciate it!
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[ action 1: various locations around union, 14/06/15 - 16/06/15 ]

[ Pearl's been finding it very difficult to be cheerful lately. with Mystic Maya back in Union, she should be having no problems being the dictionary definition of cheerful and then some, but well... when ongoing family troubles rear their heads, it throws a dampner on everyone's parade.

Pearl walked away from that conversation with her temper barely intact, and as she's so often taken to doing in the past couple of years when life with her mother becomes too much to bear, she's left Ninetails Vale to go get lost in the city proper for a while.

for the next few days, she's less likely to be found in and around Ninetails Vale, and a lot more likely to be found haunting various places in the business and entertainment districts - browsing the things for sale with her Pokemon, trying on the latest fashions in the clothes stores that she knows she can't afford and that her mother would never let her wear anyway, taking a look around the Burgh Museum or sitting in the Petal Dance Cafe almost right till closing time - basically, anything she can do to stall going home at the end of the day for as long as possible. ]

[ action 2: near the lake shrine, 17/06/15 ]

[ usually by now, Pearl would have cooled her heels and life would have returned to some semblance of normality. and if she had still been mad, then a few sessions of spiritual training and meditation near the Forest Shrine would have sorted her out. for some reason, though, she's having trouble this time. so instead, she's taken herself and her Pokemon off to the area around the Lake Shrine for a bout of serious training to blow off steam in a more cathartic way.

the exercise she's currently going through with her team is a familiar one for them. Ezzie throws up a Light Screen in front of a nearby tree stump, allowing Pearl and her Pokemon to practice aiming their attacks. still, only her Drifloon and Meowstic seem to be showing any real interest. her Pidgey seems to be more interested in trying to divebomb the shrine, and her Skiploom is mostly just on the sidelines, looking kind of spacey and aiming the occasional Fairy Wind at the stump as a gesture of good faith.

Pearl herself seems to be dangerously focused, aiming the psychic waves of a Confusion attack at that stump as if it's done her wrong personally. she pauses to let Ezzie throw up another Light Screen - they're abusing the poor stump enough as it is, after all - and straightens up with a large sigh. ]

"Pride of the branch family"... I can't believe that I'm still so upset about this, Ezzie! [ the Meowstic gazes at her trainer in concern. ] But the way Mystic Maya is being treated is simply unforgiveable. I just wish...

[ the magatama around Pearl's neck begins glowing brightly as Ghost-type energy builds around her. ] I just wish that I was able to give Mother a real piece of my mind!

[ the energy releases, hitting the tree stump in the form of a Hex attack. Pearl doesn't have enough time to be surprised at what appears to be a new move for her, though; her magatama keeps glowing until her whole body follows suit and the light radiates outwards in a burst of power. when it fades out, Pearl is left blinking and looking a little shell-shocked. not only that; her magatama doesn't seem to be a necklace anymore, but to have fused with her body at around the height of her collarbone, while her hair has turned the shimmery, many-coloured hue of an opal. ]

What just happened?! [ she grabs a strand of her own hair to look at it - it seems to have come undone from its usual knot - and glances down at where the other beads of the necklace that used to hold her magatama lie on the forest floor. ]

Was that - Ezzie, did I just evolve?
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Good afternoon, Union! I hope your day thus far has been as productive as possible!

[The intense-looking boy on the Warp Band gives an impassioned salute and moves the camera over to encompass both him and a girl around his age.]

Yes, good afternoon! For those who do not know us, I am Pearl Fey, and this is Kiyotaka Ishimaru.

[The girl in question gives a smile before bowing politely, looking every inch the proper young lady. ]

As I am sure you are all aware, the recent earthquakes in the city have taken a toll on all citizens, some to a harsher degree than others. That’s why we feel it is of the utmost importance to deliver this information to you as promptly as we can!

We of the Kurain School in Ninetails Vale practice meditation as a way to hone our spiritual abilities, but it can have many positive effects even for those who don’t study the spiritual arts! That’s why the two of us have decided to pool our efforts to help anyone in Union who may want to learn how to properly meditate in order to help deal with any stress or negative energies that may be burdening you at this time.

If you are interested in calming your spirit once more, we will be giving an instruction at the Kurain School for both beginners and those with some experience already! We hope that you take this offer into consideration.

As always, stay vigilant!

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