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Dec. 11th, 2014 11:26 am
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[The squawking was loud. Shouts of "Murkrow!" everywhere as a large group of them descended on some unsuspecting resident's Salvation decorations. They were attracted to the sparkly shiny ones, snatching up one or two each in their beaks and preparing to fly off.]

Not so fast!

[With a Staraptor, a Sylveon, and a Persian, as well as a rather lazy looking Lairon, a girl appears, in costume, and wearing a mask.]

How dare you Grinch on someone's festive expression of celebration! [At this, the Persian started to look a little exasperated.] Those decorations don't belong to you, and I, Sailor V, have arrived to stop you from taking them!

[The Murkrows looked less than impressed.]

Go, Sylveon! [The Pokémon in question leaped forward with an enthusiastic cry.] Use Moonblast!

Persian! [The Persian was shocked. Didn't she think that was a bit much???]
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[the feed flickers on and...this is a pretty terrible video, actually. On (a rather tilted) screen is a Corsola! From the background, it looks like she's hanging out by the pool in the Habitat, but more importantly, this particular Corsola is wearing a pair of white, cut out glasses vigilante's mask to hide her true identity! Whoever could she be??]

Cor! Corsola, cor! Solaaa - [Tremble afore the Coral Avenger, ye evil doers, for she wilt find thee and thy sinister crimes and bring them into the stark light of day! 'Though she fighteth evil by moonlight, she -

Aand that's a Bidoof face peering into the camera.]


[the champion of justice rounds on the Bidoof interloper and....here's a dripping wet Michiru to break up the fight. Ignoring Corsola entirely, Bidoof turns to look 'pon his "Trainer" with hearts in his eyes, while Corsola seems infinitely annoyed.]

Please stop following me. [Michiru's voice is pretty flat.] Doof.

[Michiru sighs and reaches over to turn off the Warp Band.

Action options! Michiru is in the Water level of the Habitat and is in the middle of teaching her (relatively) newly evolved Vaporeon how to swim (Eevee-paddling doesn't count as swimming, apparently). There's a pesky Bidoof popping up near Michiru at regular intervals, while a Corsola (sans mask) has taken it upon herself to run interference and is pointedly getting in Bidoof's way.]


Nov. 23rd, 2014 08:13 pm
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 [Hello, good people! Have a fidgety young lady addressing the feed, shifting from side to side.]

Um, hello. I, um... I'm sorry for taking up some of your time today...

[A Duskull is in the background, doing her hair.]

Why don't you just use me, kiddo?

N-No, I can do this! I'm fine! Uh, where was I... oh, r-right!

[She gulps, turning her attention back to the 'audience'.]

Lady Lucina gave our thanks to all of you in Union, and I... just wanted to add my own as well. You've all been so kind. No wonder you've lasted for so long... a-and it's time to repay such generosity.

... Unfortunately, I'm not really as talented as Lady Lucina. Or strong. Or wise. Or...

...Are you sure you don't want to use me?

N-No! I really! Let me try one last time... What I mean to say is... W-what does the city need most right now? Out of everything in the city, what could use the most help?
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[the night. It was so crisp, so dark, so full of evil.

(there’s not really any evil. Union is as safe as a cradle)

Evil that needed to be vanquished. Evil that had to meet its maker!!

And there is only one pokémon in the city of Union that could do the dirty work, that could clean up this town.

A shadow on the moon, a dark avenger…

a… bright mint green noibat.

Wearing a black face mask and a cape, emblazoned with a stylized spear

I am the shadow of the night! I am the defender of the weak!! I strike terror into the hearts of criminals! No evil-doer will escape the piercing justice of… THE SPEAR!

[the would-be caped crusader is ON PATROL tonight! If you even look like you’re doing anything suspicious (like, you know, walking), you may be dive-bombed by a very small, very green noibat named Spearmint.

Lea will apologize personally in the morning. He’s usually better at keeping “The Spear” inside at night
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Video; private to Kuranosuke

Hey. It's Kuzuryuu.

[The young man's changed a little since the last time they spoke, but despite the added inches and the blessings Pokemon puberty evolution has bestowed on his face, he looks nervous. Troubled, maybe.]

Can I ask you a favor?

Action; OTA

[There's a new face in Union City. Sort of. Maybe? The girl might look familiar to some--something about the freckles and the slender build, the sleek, thick fur of her tail--but she's rushing past as quickly as she can while barefoot, her modestly heeled boots held in one hand.

She's followed by a shyly happy Golbat who looks like she's just visited a beauty salon. While O-Ren isn't sure of her new look, she's tentatively willing to enjoy both it and herself.

Not that her friend's giving her time to stop and smell the roses, as it were.]
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[During the Soulfasting celebration, Jinxie can be found in Ninetales Vale wearing a hoodie designed to look like a Drifloon, sitting behind a table set up with what looks somewhat like a shell game - three little ceramic decorations designed to look like a Duskull, a Gastly, and a Misdreavus covering up whatever hides underneath.  There's a sign in front that reads 'A WINNER EVERY TIME' with a list of prizes below:

1st Prize: Ghost Pokemon egg of your choice
2nd Prize: Magic charm from the Kurain School
3rd Prize: Pokemon food - special Ghost type blend]

Step up and try your luck!

((OOC: I'm basically just going to randomize for everyone who comes up to play.  It won't exactly be a shell game so much as 'pick one and get the prize written on the piece of paper hidden underneath' for ease of threading.))

[Eggs left: Drifloon, Misdreavus - pending 1 win for Melaka
Charms given: Confusion x1, 1 for Elly, 1 for Quinn]

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[Nozomi awoke to the sound of the wind rustling through the trees, and for a fleeting moment she believed herself to be still in the dream world. It was still dark, but something was different; there were stars in the sky, and the moon shone brightly.

She was home.

After a quick check of her warp band--everyone was here, thank goodness--she set off on her way back. Thankfully, she wasn't far from the wall, and after a bit of walking, she made it back as the sun was beginning to peek over the horizon. She didn't have the key to the shop on her, so getting in that way would be impossible. Instead, she took the back way around, up the stairs and through the hall, fishing the spare key from its usual place.

Nozomi quietly let herself in, collapsing on the couch. She didn't want to wake Eri, after all, since she usually didn't rise for another hour or two. If left to her own devices, she'll fall asleep there until late morning.]


[Sometime in the late afternoon, Nozomi will come by the school. She looks a bit tired--two weeks in the Dream World will do that to a person--but generally in good spirits.]

Yoohoo? Anyone home?


Did everyone get back okay? The last few weeks have been a bit of an adventure. Hopefully everyone isn't too worn out of Soulfasting, especially with that concert everyone put on. That was a lot of fun to watch~

[Nozomi frowns a bit.]

I wanna apologize to anyone who had a special order, I don't think I'll be able to get every costume made in time without some help due to all of this. I'll be more than happy to issue refunds.

[OOC: In any of these responses, feel free to have your character have witnessed this, as it was broadcast across the skies.]
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Dream 1: A Personal Hell )

Dream 2: Apocalypse )

Dream World:

[Rei is here as well, periodically during the week, wandering around and looking confused. Catch her for a talk if you need her.]

[Feel free to go for either dream or both, just let me know which one you'd like. Be warned that the second one will contain scenes of violence and possible death/Pokedeath. The first one contains mention of death.]
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Who: Jinxie Tenma, Squid Girl, Chie Satonaka, Merrill, Lenna Charlotte Tycoon, and YOU
What: Five very different dreamscapes for five very different girls
When: First week of the event
Where: Dream World
Summary: This is basically just a big catch-all for five of my characters' dreams. I thought this would be easier and cleaner than making five separate posts. There will be five subcomments in this post, so just tag under whichever character's dream you want to visit.

Jinxie's dream )

Squid Girl's dream )

Chie's dream )

Merrill's dream )

Lenna's dream )
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[The other end of the warp-band happens to be a kid that can't be older than ten or eleven. He looks at the the band critically, with an eyebrow raised, frowns and then clears his throat.]

So ...Soulfasting is coming up. It's a really fun holiday and It's nice when people are actually respectful of the dead. See ... the spirit world really isn't as far as people think and really all anyone wants is to be honored and remembered.

The holiday is about bringing both worlds together.

[He pauses, cause he was going somewhere with that. He frowns a little deeper. Its a disgruntled expression someone his age shouldn't make.]

So, if anyone goes around this year dressed up like ghosts claiming to be other people's dead aunts or whatever: Don't bother. We'll know.

Also it makes you a jerk.

Anyway, my name is Norman. I'm from the Kurain School of Channelling and we'll be around for the Holiday a lot so ... if you need any channelling or have questions about the spirit world, come by and see us.

[He pauses like he's trying to make sure he's not forgetting anything. After a moment he nods and just shuts the feed off.]

I [Video]

Oct. 9th, 2014 03:46 pm
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[Mei's had her Warp Band for a while. Mostly so her mother could keep track of her easily. She's never been fond of the device because of that. However, it does have its uses. She timed this little broadcast when she knew her mother was busy working. When she appears on the feed, she's not alone. There's a Litwick peering somewhat curiously from its perch on a shelf behind her. There's also a couple dolls in the background that may or may not just look like silhouettes of bodies or something.]


I was wondering if anyone might be able to accompany me to the Mausoleum. There's a Pokémon there I'm interested in trying to bond with, and I'd...rather not travel alone.

[While she has her own Pokémon, she's not too keen on fighting, and should anything happen to her, she could only imagine the punishment she might receive.]

If not...I suppose I'll just have to wait.
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[video - Monday (can be replied to all through the week)]

Hey everyone! Maya Fey here, master of the Kurain Channelling School.

[She flashes the camera a grin. Shinrei and Shiyon are behind her. Shinrei, who evolved last week, seems to be a very happy haunter. Shi, however, seems stoic as usual.]

So, it looks like what's been working really well recently has been, um, me just doing video calls and letting you consult me!

If you're unfamiliar, the Kurain Channelling School is a school located at the Fey Manor in Ninetails Vale, the Northwestern District. We're mostly a school for Kurain family members to learn channelling, which means that we can perform ghost-channelling sessions for you if you request it.

Um, but most of you guys would rather have help with your ghosts, right? Well, we offer training sessions with ghost and psychic types for all types, aaand we also can help train your ghosts or psychic types, or come see you if you are having a ghost-related problem.

We're pretty flexible too, so just ask.

Just so you know, we're open Mondays through Thursdays and are mostly available early morning or evening. We tend to sleep through the mid-day. [A ghastly little chuckle, and her two ghosts giggle with her.]

Thanks in advance! I'll see you guys around.

[She ends the transmission.]

[ACTION; COASTAL RUINS for Kuzuryuu Fuyuhiko]

[It had been an investigation just to go and figure out these suspicious ghosts they'd heard of-- Yamask. Now, Kuzuryuu and Maya had found themselves bonded with two of their own. Since Kuzuryuu is a lower level, Maya had to accompany him. But she also wanted to. She very much wanted to. Ghosts.

They can't be that difficult to deal with, can they?

Now as they finish their explorations, Maya isn't so sure. There's something off about hers (not that she didn't expect there to be, given a yamask's nature, but she hasn't voiced her suspicions.

With Shinrei, Chikao, and Bozu walking with her and with Peri and Shi attuned to her warp band, she figures there's very little to worry about. Her still-unnamed yamask saunters beside her, quiet and strange, but does little do disturb conversation between the rest.]

Sooo, that was fun.

[Crossing her arms behind her back, Maya leans forward to look Kuzu in the face as they walk side-by-side.]

And you got some training in. Pretty good deal, huh?
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[It's been a fairly busy few weeks for Rei, really, and she hasn't had a whole lot of time to really do a whole lot that wasn't training. The Shrine had needed tending, to be sure, and preparations for fall had gone well but getting out of Union had been her real priority lately. This weekend, though, it was time for a bit of a breather before heading out to investigate rumors of ruins being opened up. The week before had been somewhat intense, with lots of close calls, and a big surprise towards the end.

Hellenes had finally evolved, as Asemu had said she would. As a result, she felt she owed her childhood friend a thank you for the suggestion, and spent some time setting things in motion. There were, of course, other things to address too...which results in a few video snippets going out.]

Private to Eiji Hino )

Private to Asemu )

Private to Honoka and Usagi )

[And a more general announcement, one forced out of her by her grandfather. She doesn't seem to mind, but it's clear the old man in the background is really the one who wants the announcement made...]

Open Video:

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Rei Hino, and I'm one of the priests at Hikawa Shrine, and my grandfather wanted me to formally invite anyone who is interested to visit our temple. With fall now here, and winter time approaching...it seems like a good time to advertise our services as fortune tellers, charm-makers and exorcists. If you feel like you could use some good fortune or extra protection we happily provide those services, as well as helping drive away evil spirits that may be troubling you.

The shrine too, is just open for visitors who want a quiet place to relax, or travelers in need of a place to stay. If you feel the need, please let us know so arrangements can be made.

Thank you, be well.

[And closing out the feed, Rei just goes about her day.

She will be at Hikawa Shrine and around Union for the early part of the week, but later on she heads down into the Coastal Ruins, carefully picking her way through the ruined streets of the lost civilization. Places like this both intrigued and terrified her, which is why she'd jumped at the chance to visit. The general atmosphere doesn't seem to be affecting her quite the way it ought to, a fact that friends might find more than a little bit strange...]

((ooc: Action here or the Ruins is fine!))
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[Action; Verdant Forest]

[Anyone traveling in the Verdant Forest today may happen upon Jinxie in the midst of trying to train one of her Pokemon.  Trying being the operative word here.]

It's okay, Grace... here, try again.

[Jinxie walks over to help her poor clumsy little Mienfoo up off the ground.  Also there is Swag the Scrafty, wearing sunglasses and leaning up against a tree trying to look cool.  He's here for moral support, which means lowering his shades every so often to wink at Grace and Jinxie and mostly just not being very helpful at all.  Anyone who watches for any amount of time will see Grace stumble and trip and fall and crash into trees while trying to perform flying kicks, interspersed between awkward but well-meaning pep talks from Jinxie and the occasional flirtatious gesture from Swag.  These Pokemon have no idea what they're doing at all.]


[Eventually, they break for the day, and Jinxie decides to take her problem to the airwaves.  She does wait until Grace is out of earshot, though, to spare the poor thing's feelings.]

Um... I need some help.  What do you do when you're trying to train a Pokemon that doesn't really seem to be getting any better at anything?  She's learning new moves and stuff, but... she's really clumsy, and I don't know what to do.  I've always been bad with Fighting types, but I really want to try to help this time.  Does anybody have any advice?
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come over now

bring clothes

dont ask why


[Wandering around Union is a strange, masked young woman. It's pretty easy to tell that it is one Nico Yazawa in disguise, at least for those who actually know who she is does anyone know who this pipsqueak is really?. What is odd, however, is that she is being followed by a very concerned-looking Nidoking. What is more interesting is that, for anyone near Ninetails Vale, they'll notice her exiting a certain shop while surreptitiously looking around and generally moving like she doesn't want to be noticed.

A woman on a mission, that obviously means that she should be stopped by anyone and everyone, right?]
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[There are a few false starts, the video coming on for a second or two, focusing on a face, before going off again. After the third or fourth time that this happens, the camera pulls away, a young woman staring at the world with a bit of a perplexed look.]

Is this on? How can you tell? Is there a light or--


[It looks like she's found it.]

There we go. My name is Elhaym, Elly for short. This is what people in Union use to communicate, right? It seems pretty convenient. What else is it used for? Does everyone in Union have one, or just the Enlightened? Are Enlightened really that common here?

[That's a lot of questions, Elly. She smiles a little at the camera.]

Sorry, I just got here a few days ago, and I have a lot of questions. I heard that people in Union "bond" with their Pokemon? How does that work? Oh, and speaking of work, how does one find work here?


[Midday, one of the parks in Union. A redhead walks briskly like a woman on a mission, avoiding looking behind her as much as possible. Occasionally she'll glance back, make a bit of a face, and then continue to walk with her head down a bit. She looks like she is trying to get away from something, but what could it be?]


[It's a Mareep, tailing her, doing the best that it can with its stubbly little legs to keep up with the woman. Hey, where are you going? Excuse me? Miss? Excuse me? You're going to get yourself lost! Excuuuuuuse me!

Stopping, the woman sighs hard, bending down as she puts a hand out, stopping the electric sheep in its tracks.]

Why are you following me? I don't know what you want, I can't understand a word you're saying?


[The Mareep tilts its head to the side and Elly deflates a little. You're really cute, but what does she even do? A little help?]
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[Today, Rei is just all around Union, keeping quite busy! She moves from shop to shop, clearly gathering up supplies for what appears to be a trip. A camping shop is first on the list, and she walks out after only a few minutes, a large bundle strapped to her back. Immediately after that comes several clothing shops, where she spends quite a bit of time perusing rack after rack.

Unfortunately, what she's looking for isn't exactly in high demand, and most of her search turns up empty. That's a little frustrating, and after a few hours she eventually gives up on that particular gathering expedition for the moment and heads to a quiet little restaurant. She's there for at least an hour, sipping tea and sitting with a Gardevoir and a Murkrow, scribbling into a notebook. Occasionally, she nods to the Pokemon, thanking them for a tidbits of information.

After lunch, though, her hard work eventually pays off when she finds a shop that has what she needs. It's a bit of effort, but when she leaves a thrift shop, both Gardevoir and suddenly Kingler are helping carry bags.]

[Once back home, Rei flips on the Warp Band and sets up a video. She's seated outside a traditional looking shrine, a red gate clearly visible in the backdrop, looking every inch the noble shrine-maiden. Beside her is the Gardevoir from earlier, and on each shoulder is a Murkrow, all three Pokemon peering at the camera.]

I think that I'm going to be leaving Union for a few days, and I wanted to ask for some advice from more experienced trainers. If I was going into the mountains, what sorts of weather should I expect this time of year? I don't want to end up freezing if I don't bring enough warm clothes, and I don't want to end up roasting if it's warmer than I expect.

Also, if there's an Engineer out there who's willing, I'd be interested in acquiring a Good Rod, and I'm more than capable of paying for the service.

[Money is the one thing she's willing to accept from her estranged papa, and the one thing he's capable of granting, after all.]

Thank you for your time.

[And with that, she clicks off the video, and sends out a private message to a small group of people.]

Filtered to the Inner Senshi )

[And for the remainder of the week, and into early next week, Rei can be found freely in the mountains to the east, if you'd prefer to find her there.]
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[The little Poochyena comes out after sundown, when the city's shadows mute the bright gold of his fur some. He sniffs the air, growls thoughtfully, and then sets off to explore his old haunts with a quiet Zubat flapping after him. They stop at several buildings in the Business and Entertainment Districts, but only stay long enough to circle the storefronts a couple times, taking in the new scents and sounds.

It's in Ninetails Vale that the Poochyena finally slows and sits on his haunches. The Zubat squeaks a question in Pokemon speech as he scratches his ear with his hind paw.]

Nah. Just thinking.

[He settles in to watch the street, looking for all the world like a puppy waiting for his best friend to come home.]



[It's a gruff greeting, and while the young man on the feed has a rosy-cheeked, childlike face, his expression is more frowny than friendly.]

I noticed a lot of newcomers been trickling in to stay since all that shit with Gigas and the Citadel this summer.

[That is definitely not the kind of language that should be coming out of a face that cute.]

If you need help settling in--place to stay, something to do--get in touch. Name's Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu. I'm around.

((OOC: And here's a permissions post for anyone who needs it!))
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Who: The trainers of Union and their newly hatched baby Pokemon
Where: Anywhere and everywhere around the city
When: All weekend long
What: The eggs everyone got from the Heatran event were set to hatch on Saturday, so this is an all-purpose post for egg-hatching and baby Pokemon related shenanigans. Introduce your new precious little bundles of joy to each other and showcase their personalities and talents! Even baby Pokemon have lots of heart!
Warnings: Possible cuteness overload?

((OOC: This is pretty much just an open log for anyone who wants to make posts for this kind of stuff.  Anyone who wants to can make a top-level comment for people to respond to.  This isn't an official log or anything, and people who would rather make an actual post of their own are certainly welcome to do so - I just thought it would be nice to have a central post to collect baby Pokemon threads so everyone can easily tag everyone else.  Have fun with it!))
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Gooood afternoon, everybody!

[Maya seems to be trying to keep a nosy Axew and Spiritomb in order while she holds on to a very gaseous looking egg.]

Guys. Stop it. I'm tryin'a--

[As Axew gets in the way, Maya sighs loudly and reaches over to hand the egg off to Shi, who's sitting behind her.

...Actually, it looks like she's got her whole ghost menagerie with her.

Either way, with her hands free, she tugs the warp band out of Axew's mitts and pats his little head, ignoring Spiritomb's snickering.]

Thaaat's Hans, by the way. He's kinda new.

Anyway, I just wanted to remind everybody that the Kurain School is open-- again-- after all of that. So we'll still be offering classes and channellings if you need... either.

Oooor we can just chat, if you wanna come by! Otherwise, that's all, I'm out.

Oh- but first! Jinxie!

[Maya holds up a certain item both she and Jinxie received after the raids; a Reaper Cloth.]

Let's get this evolution party on the road, shall we? Come over here already!

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