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A month or two ago, a few very formal letters were exchanged between the University of Union and some very prestigious schools and universities of magic in Sanctuary. Deals had been made, a sum of money had been exchanged, papers had been signed, and hands had been shook. Now, with the small but slowly growing number of young mages Union, it was time for institutes of education to see to their training and upbringing. Today, the University of Union was celebrating the opening of their brand new department official studies with a modest banquet.

Several mages had come from Sanctuary. They all wore red robes, carried long staves, and were topped by pointy hats. The were old relatively old (a casual observer would be surprised if any of them was under 50, and most looked significantly older) and they all had the well fed frames of people who had never known hunger or poverty. Their leader1 was a gentleman by the name of Mustrum Ridcully.

After speeches, photographs, and the rather substantial meal2 it was time for after dinner drinks, and an excellent time for any of you who frequent the events of Union's upper crust to hobnob with the good ol' UU's newest staff, and possibly also the man holding it as well.

[Video, and all at high volume]

Hello? Is this thing on? Can they hear me?

[a voice from somewhere off screen assured him it was. A servant or something, perhaps.]

It better be or I'm going to feel awfully foolish...

I say, good morrow to you all, people of Union! I am Mustrum Ridcully, and I am the head of your fine University's new department of of magical studies! Hopefully you're all ready to come contemplate the mysteries of the inner workings of the cosmos with us!

I've got one mystery to contemplate right now that just can't wait: Where's the best fly fishing around here?


1Identifiable by being the tallest, having the most magnificent robes, and being the one shaking hands with the university's chairman.

2All mages are able to put away an impressive amount of food. They get lots of practice at it, as most major events invite them simply out of fear of what might happen if they anger the magic community3

3You know the old saying, after all: "Meddle not in the affairs of wizards, for they are not subtle at all, and quick to anger."
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After weeks of repairs, tightened sanctions on incoming immigrants and the general feeling of unease that hangs heavy around the city of Union, the Council finally comes to a decision. It is not unanimous by any accounts, and there are many that wonder if this is the right approach. Union has existed for generations behind its great walls, and there were those who felt that it was that way of life that they should return to—one of solitude and skepticism. However, in light of recent events, the desire for security has own over the need for seclusion.

An announcement comes over the Warp Band, still hazy from the attacks on the Signal Tower. But it is not the face of a Councilmen that the citizens and visitors of Union are met with, but, rather, the youthful face of one of the leaders of the Seekers.

“Citizens and friends of Union—is that seriously what they wrote? Man, it feels weird talking like that, can I just say ‘hey you guys?’ Whatever. Everyone. We’ve got some big news, so listen up.” Maeve groans at the feed, tossing aside some paper, likely an official statement penned by some Council member. “So, the Council has decided that they want to take a more proactive approach after the attack by Sveta, Alina and their friends, and it comes to me to give you the juicy details.”

Okay, actually maybe she did need that paper. Leaning over in her chair, she ducks off the stream to reclaim the statement. “The Council has asked for volunteers to come together and investigate three possible leads for both our ‘friends’ with the Elite Four, Gigas, as well as some interesting goings-on in and around Refuge: a settlement to the west with supposed ties to Gigas; the inner caves of Refuge; and to the east of Glacier, in the direction which the great dragon fled.

“Now don’t all come flooding in all at once, I know how you Unionites get excited about stuff like this. Groups will disembark immediately, so get any supplies you can and meet up at the Seeker’s HQ before heading out. You’ll be given briefs upon your assignment into a group. If you have any questions, you can ask me or Captain Pirate Krabbypants, Ceilto. Maeve, out.”

Once they arrive, each person will be assigned a group, and after a quick briefing, begin moving to their destination within the day. Most take no more than a few days to arrive at their destination, and will immediately be put to work.

[All event logs are now live! As usual, mod tags will come every 24 hours. Feel free to post all IC questions to the Maeve top level and all OOC questions in the standard mod top level. During this log, several NPCs from prior events may appear. The event is scheduled to last a week and will end at midnight on the morning of March 5th.]
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[It's a video! Rose appears on the screen, wearing her blue shirt, white jacket, and looking generally professional and... merchant-like. She grins, and then she holds something up: a silver platter, with a lid covering it.]

Hi everyone! The Spearowfeathers have decided to start carrying something to be a little pick-me-up for the people of Union. We're proud to introduce...

[She removes the lid, and underneath is a steamed bun. Little tendrils of steam rise up from it.]

...the Mabo Curry Bun! It's a spicy Calderan dish, but it's held inside of a delicious steamed bun. It's hot, it's tasty, and it'll get you going! For the next two weeks, we're giving them away for free for lunch at our stand!

It'll help everyone keep their strength up for rebuilding.

But, after that, we'll start charging! Four dollars a bun. So come try some! It's free food. You can't go wrong with free food?
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Mild Warning for Nero being Nero )

Action, Union:

[In the early evening, Nero and Agrippa wander back into town, dressed in a weirdly flowing red outfit that belies her short stature. She's barely five feet tall, though her unruly ahoge adds a good six inches if that counts. Confidence oozes from every step, and the sword at her waist probably has seen some action in recent months, but the most eye catching thing about her is probably the sparkles. She practically glows, her outfit and skin seeming to refract the waning light, and her manner more that of a gallant young man than any maiden.

She moves into the city without any real sense of purpose, seeking shelter where she might find it, but the act of navigating seems to confuse her a little bit. The network of unfamiliar streets, coupled with the construction and wreckage make it difficult on a stranger...but she's a little too proud to directly ask for help. Instead of that, she might simply mumble loudly near anyone who seems to have a clue about what's going on:]

Umu...there's all this work being done that way. How troublesome.

[While Agrippa the Lotad just looks up at you, eyes pleading. Help...please...]
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The warriors of Union fought hard, and in the end, victory was their reward. Seeing the battle lost, the fanatics of the Elite Four fled into the night, those that were not killed or captured of course. Sveta was nowhere to be seen, nor was her mysterious companion, and as its rage was reaching its peak, the mighty Dragon simply vanished in a blaze of energy, recalled by its trainer but not before slamming the mysterious red dragon into another tower for good measure.

As quickly as they had come, the gods of Union vanished, leaving behind the ruined, devastated city. What was once panic has subsided to a quiet shock and horror as the dead and wounded are gathered and people try to find out what was damaged and if their family and friends are still among the living.

While the damage is great, the defenders of Union can take heart in the fact that it could have been much, much worse. The habitat suffered a major blow with a great hole blasted into it, but it is otherwise undamaged and salvageable. The forge likewise had one smithy station destroyed from a divine claw smite, but is otherwise unscathed. The signal tower took moderate damage from the initial attack, but it is reparable, given time. The biggest toll, however, is on that of the people. The Residential District, as well as parts of the Entertainment district lie in tatters. Several towers are gutted, and a few even fell completely, many of the citizens inside them trapped and unable to escape. In all, the death toll numbers around 700, with at least 1,000 wounded, and is expected to rise as rescuers desperately comb the wreckage in search of survivors. Never before has Union lost so many of its citizens, never before has such suffering and violence come to Union. People are afraid, they are angry, but, in the true spirit of Union, they are banding together. The City of Union has survived. But it will never be the same.
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The battle is joined. The gods of Union, while mighty, seem to pale in comparison to the singular dragon of ice. Although they strive mightily to avoid damaging the city, already the mysterious blue dragon has been flung directly into a tower, earning itself a nasty gash over its eye, much to the dismay of the red dragon. While it has rejoined the fight, it is clear that the gods alone are not enough - the people of Union will have to step forward if they are to save their beloved city. The cries of the wounded and terrified citizens echo through the streets as the flames of battle rage. Now is the time - they must be stopped!
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An unsettling calm hung over the streets of Union, a chilly, early morning fog settling in. The words of their newest visitors were unwelcome, and when word spread that the two would be leaving at sunrise, the people were grateful, if not a bit apprehensive. The Elite Four, their Champion, and the whole of Ever Grande—their radical ideologies were not only off-putting, but their methodology was more than a bit off-putting. They would need to be watched, closely.

In the early hours of the morning, warp bands around Union buzzed with life, a gentle light spilling from the devices. “Hello again, friends.”

It was her.

Her voice rang clear, and while her face wasn’t present, one could hear the smile in her voice. “I hope I didn’t wake any of you up. I wanted to thank you all for being so hospitable to Alina and myself, at least initially. But talk about the Union chill. Normally I like a little cold, but this is a bit much.

“When we first heard about Union, we were excited. Finally, we had found a worthy ally for our cause. So you can imagine our... disappointment, when we saw your true colors. You’re nothing but cowards! And here I thought, a city championing for peace, who were blessed by the Gods themselves, willing to live alongside pokémon without subjugating them to your will, would be able to understand the world that we wish to create. Instead, you hide behind your wall, hide behind others, and assume that by ‘defending yourself’ or those you deem unable or unfit to fight that you’ve somehow absolved yourself from guilt.”

Her voice grew cold, turning deep; “People like that make me sick.”

“Divinity is wasted on you, to be quite honest.” Her voice bounced again, chipper and clear. “If you can’t walk alongside us, then you’ll only serve as stepping stones toward a peaceful tomorrow. Union, like Glacier and so many other settlements before it, will serve as an example to those who wish to defy the will of the Gods. The pit of humanity needs to learn its place, crawling on its belly in fear from the true inheritors of the earth. We lay ourselves prostrate to their glory!

“Union believes that they’re able to decide what is right and what is just, but I disagree. I bring to you, the divine word of the Gods themselves! Listen well, people of Union, and all others! This is the world we seek to create, our perfect vision of peace! Hear me, O Great One, and come to my aid. Strike down these heretics where they stand!”

BMG: Gates to Infinity: Clash with Kyurem!

Answering Sveta’s call, a great dragon bearing the frost of the deepest winter appeared in the center of the city. With a roar of power, it’s unearthly presence sent waves of fear in the souls of even the bravest citizens of Union. Opening it’s vicious maw, it unleashed an enormous roar, a battle cry of deafening proportions, a Hyper Voice attack! While the sound was ear splitting to all who dwelt within Union, its power was focused. The great Signal Tower, a beacon of Union technology and innovation, began to crack heavily. Jagged scars appeared as chunks of stone fell unbidden from the tower. It still stood—but against such an assault, not for much longer. The force of the blast sent cracks sprawling through nearby towers as panicked shrieks began to echo throughout the city, a chorus of terror at the power of the god before them.

But in that moment, the humans were not alone. Two high-pitched cries met the titanic roar as twin dragons flew to Union’s aid, spiraling around the mighty ice dragon and attacking with twin Dragon Breath attacks. Once again, the great hounds and birds, as well as the Lady of the Moon and the Lord of Nightmares, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Entei, Raikou, Suicune, Cresselia and Darkrai stood at Union’s side, unleashing their own attacks. The people of Union felt the blessings of the gods with them. Here they would have to stand and fight—drive back the invaders and save their fair city!

[OOC: With the damage to the signal tower, Warp Band communication is offline and Pokemon cannot be summoned - thankfully the habitat is close and your Pokemon allies will come to your aid as the logs begin]
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[Action: Verdant Forest]

[It's still very chilly for day trips into the forests outside the city, but even with the wintry weather Raine tries to make an effort to step outside of the walls to gain more of an understanding of the surrounding area and allow her Pokemon to do so as well. It's another form of studying, this wandering practice, considering how much time she ends up spending in the library, especially now with working there as well.

Today's trip, however, features both the Oddish and the Eevee as her companions, the pair that came with her from Sanctuary. Both are wearing little knitted scarves, and the jittery Oddish is huddled up in a small blanket on the ground, while the Eevee paces the general area, curious but cautious.]

See? It's not so bad out here. You two barely get out enough as it is... and this area seems quiet enough.

[For now, anyway. If those two don't get startled.

Of course, if anyone needs to reach her, they can through the warp band.]
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[A new year, and a whole mixed bag of revelations and resolutions are weighing on Yuuna. It's been a while since she made any formal broadcasts, and seated in Ranger HQ, she idly flips on the Warp Band and just starts talking.]

Hey everyone. Got a little bit new news, personal stuff. Figured I'd just announce it all at once. First of all, I got a promotion. I'm the 3rd Division leader now. My old one retired, and I got some recognition for past service. So, I'll probably be around Union a little bit more than usual. Heh. Paperwork.

Moreover, I've been named the Ranger Liason to the Seekers. Most of you can imagine why.

[She smiles wryly, knowing certain parties are going to like that.]

Second, given my new job, I'm supposed to officially announce that my division is officially recruiting. We pay alright, and you'd be working directly for me. If you're interested, or have further questions about the Rangers in general, feel free to stop by HQ. I'll be around late.

Ranger HQ:

[And true to her word? She is. If you have questions that won't work over the Warp Band, Yuuna will be there until dusk.]

Action, Apartment:

[And after hearing this particular announcement, a certain Pokemon of hers is up to no good. Turnip, the Monferno, is so excited by hearing about the promotion that he decides to bake a cake or something.

Something is right, because he's completely incapable of cooking, and it's not long before a billowing cloud of smoke pours out of Yuuna and Merrill's apartment and the Pokemon are forced out into the street. Alarms go off, and the Monferno bolts for it on principle. The fire is dealt with pretty quickly by Uzushio, but the smoke seems to linger somehow...creating quite the scene outside as a panicked Monferno runs back and forth in confusion, grabbing random passersby and gesticulating wildly, jabbering away. Help! Help! The boss is going to kill himmmmm!]
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[ Closed to Yuuna ]

[ Two days have passed since her arrival in Union, and very little in the way of change has occurred where Sophia's memories are concerned: still absent, with no explanation as to why nor medical reassurance that they will return any time soon.

But they would return.


At least, that was the hope, even if it felt rather small right now. But for the moment Sophia had a different predicament on her hands: the temporary board at the ranger station was exactly that, and now that they were assured that she was well (memories excepted), she would now need to find her own way out in the world. Though not alone!

The nurse who'd kept an eye on her the day before (and had asked any number of strange-seeming questions to boot) had ushered her into the lounge used by off-duty rangers with the request to wait - someone would be 'along soon' to lend her a hand with getting started. It is here that Yuuna will find her: sitting stiffly, near-perfect poise disguising her unease as Sophia leafs through one of the reports that had been left open on a side table. A cooling cup of tea sat untouched, while a well-mended cloak had been left on the back of her chair.

Her pokemon companion is almost conspicuous in his absence.


[ Over the course of the next week, Sophia takes the time to explore what she can of Union, map in hand and pensive expression on her face. If this is to be her home, temporarily or otherwise, she should try put in the effort to get to know it. Right..?

Good idea, in theory. But far easier said than done in practice thanks to the Salvation celebrations! Between map routes being cut off by festive stands peddling wares for the season, decoratively hidden street signs and getting temporary getting waylaid by well intentioned Delibirds, it is certainly an interesting impression to gain of the world for the first time.

Ymir, meanwhile, simply glowers at everyone and everything, the Honedge managing to radiate the most sour levels of dourness with that singular eye as he floats along beside her. Someone is definitely not feeling the Christmas Salvation Spirit!

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I got a Pokemon.

[There's no preamble. Vin is just broadcasting and immediately talking, now that she understands how this thing works. She stares down at the Warp Band.]

I'm not sure if I'm doing it right. Watch.

[She pulls back, to show her first (and only) Pokemon: a big, hulking Mightyena. It glares at the Warp Band with baleful eyes... and growls.]

Soonie, sit.

[He growls.]

Soonie, come.

[...He growls.]

Soonie, have an existential crisis.

[... ...He growls. Vin looks back down at the Warp Band.] I think I'm missing something.
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[Today when Rei addresses the Warp Band, it's in her most formal attire, her clothing perfectly pressed and everything about her as positively lovely as can be. It's important to her to present this face to Union, for both of them. And for her family name. She didn't care much about how her father perceived it, but she didn't want to make trouble within the Council either. It might make things harder on Ninetales Vale, and she couldn't have that. She had responsibilities, and she had her reasons, and to be honest? She wanted to look good for the announcement.

Clearing her throat, hands folded out of view, Rei speaks in a solemn voice.]

Good afternoon, everyone. This is Rei Hino, High Priestess of Hikawa Shrine and daughter-heir of Councilman Takashi Hino. I know it's been some time since I actually broadcast anything, but something happened to me a few days ago. I've been trying to process all of it, to sort out my thoughts. As many of you know, Ami Mizuno and I have been courting one other for some time now.

[She takes a breath, lets it out, and stares significantly at the camera.]

That chapter of our lives has now come to a close. We are no longer dating.

[Lowering her eyes, Rei smiles a wispy little smile and raises her hand to show off a ring.]

We are engaged to be married, and plan to do so within the next year. I want to thank each and every one of you for your support during our courtship, and for your continued support during the transition. It brings joy to my heart knowing that some of you took time out of your day to help her with her proposal plan.

[Her eyes flick up, her lips peeling back in the happiest smile she's ever given in any sort of public appearance. It's as much a dig at a certain someone as it is an expression of genuine delight.]

Thank you for listening, and Happy Salvation to all of you.

[Closing down the feed, Rei lets out a breath and awaits the inevitable flood of visitors, neighbors and callers. It's going to be a busy day.]

((ooc: Ami may threadjack threads here and there, and Rei can be found in Hikawa Shrine if you'd prefer in person interactions.))
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All across Union, its citizens prepared to ring in the Salvation holiday with cheer. Dedicated to their beloved Savior, many of the houses were decorated with garlands, ornaments and other fineries in preparation for this truly special holiday, and while it had been uncharacteristically cold the last few days, not a single flake of snow had fallen. Children eager to start the festivities the following day did their best to stay up in the hopes of possibly catching a glimpse of one of the Delibirds they saw the previous night. However, try as they might, the late night would get the better of them, and soon the city was asleep, nestled warm in their beds, dreaming of parties and presents, candies and cakes.

As they slept, the first snow began to fall, snowflakes silently dancing through the night sky, dusting rooftops and covering sidewalks in pearly white. It would seem that a Salvation miracle was at work in Union that night. The streets were empty, save for a young woman and Pokémon, scarcely visible even in the lamplights. Her steps made no sound, even in the accumulating snow, and she left no footprints, the strange Pokémon by her side taking the time to peer into every window.

Should anyone wake during this peaceful snowfall, they might find the young woman and her companion in their room, transparent as a fog, a placid smile on her face. She did not speak, but simply smiled warmly, almost maternally, before disappearing from view.

When dawn finally broke, the people of Union would find a simple gift within their home, rested alongside a familiar note. The snow from last night coated buildings, streets, and sidewalks, blanketing the city in white and shimmering in the gentle, early morning light.

((OoC: This is a Salvation Mingle Log for all characters. There are decorations and the like in various squares for celebration around Union, so feel free to tag around!))


Nov. 14th, 2015 05:32 pm
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[Anyone passing through Union's parks today will likely happen upon a somewhat odd sight.  Merrill is sitting on a bench, leaning forward with her hands on her knees and staring with great interest at a Sawsbuck.  The Sawsbuck doesn't seem to be doing anything terribly interesting, splitting its time roughly equally between staring back at Merrill, standing and looking regal as it listens for potential danger, and grazing lightly on the grass.  Despite this, however, its trainer's attention remains absolutely riveted on the Pokemon, as if she's expecting it to do something amazing any moment now.]

Oh, I can't wait...!
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Who: Feliks and anyone and everyone!
What: Big fancy noble birthday party!
When: November 11th
Where: The Łukasiewicz family estate in Union
Summary: Missing Boyfriend Quest kept Feliks from fulfilling his social duties, so for his birthday, his grandparents are shoving him back into noble society! But that's boring, so Feliks invited the ill-bred masses to come and make his birthday party actually fun.

I )

[[OOC: Going to put up a couple of headers for different areas of the party; feel free to use this as a mingle post and interact with each other!]]
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[A short, thin black-haired woman shows up on the Warp Band. Vin's staring down at the broadcast; like someone who's never quite worked with video before, she isn't sure that it's on. Then she shakes her wrist to be sure, making the feed go all jagged.]

[But then it's back, and Vin's staring down at it.]

So, these Warp Bands... [Greetings aren't a thing.] We didn't have these in Sanctuary. How do they work? Can you actually see and hear me?

[She frowns; it's small and brief.] They can really reach into a Pokemon's mind?
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[The feed is quiet for a moment while she finishes adjusting the camera. Still, the video has been carefully framed, like someone's spent a lot of time thinking about it. There's a faint noise from behind the camera of a Pokemon giving some encouragement.]

Right, okay. Hey, everybody. I just got this band recently, so I thought I should say hello. [She rubs her arm briefly and glances away as if trying to remember something.] I've been out of Union for a while. Has much changed?


[It's pretty early in the morning, so maybe there won't be many people out at this time. This way maybe Max can get a few photos of what decorations are still up before there's too much hustle and bustle.

But while Max is preoccupied with that whole taking photos thing, her Deerling has other ideas. Ever the social butterfly, she's started roaming a bit. Hey! You there! She's totally trotting right over to you, whoever you are.

Dee! Dee deeer. [Isn't her fur just gorgeous? It's about time she got some more admirers.]
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[For Raine, since the return from the unexpected journey to Glacier, it has been a few weeks spent studying, catching up, learning some of the quicker ways to get around Union and... settling in. Something which had been easy enough for her and her brother; less so when it came to her Pokemon bondmates.

In particular, her Oddish had become somewhat difficult to handle since her return, not adjusting to the changes all that well and the fact that Raine had been away for a while. It had developed a tendency of shaking some form of sleep powder or stun spores at any humans who got too close before retreating somewhere to hide.

While she was used to dealing with it, it would be unfortunate if someone else had unknowingly agitated the Pokemon while it was having one of its fits, though she doesn't feel comfortable broadcasting the situation. Still, she's looking a little harried, after the Pokemon scampers off after being re-summoned, yet again, and she's finally forced to consult the network-

... and yes, that is a Pikachu fussing with her hair in the frame.]

My apologies for bothering you with something like this, but if anyone has happened to notice an Oddish that is behaving -- well, oddly -- can you let me know where you've noticed it and keep your distance from it? We were in the business district, so she probably hasn't gotten very far. Thank you.

[Short and to the point. As it is, she'll get back to searching, herself, even though the Pikachu accompanying her also seems a little fussy, since here they are in the business district but no actual shopping seems to be taking place. Priorities...]
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[ The Divine Defense Force has its own archives of god-related rumors and history, but that's not what Haruka is currently interested in. No, Articuno had alluded to her that there's more to the new enemy forces than they'd seen in Glacier, so that has her interested in any old travel diaries or rumors of other areas of the world.

This kind of hearsay isn't easy to research in the library, but myths and urban legends sometimes are based in truth, aren't they? Haruka isn't a very in-depth researcher, but there's nothing saying she can't scan these books and wait to see whether her intuition tells her anything about their contents.

She looks just about ready to call it a day, though. Her legs are stretched out beneath the table and one foot is wiggling from side to side as she reads. Still, Haruka Tenoh does like books. Control your surprise.

Outside the library, a small blue dinosaur is waiting patiently for her new human. She's wearing a sandwich board advertising "Tickets Now On Sale!" with a dramatic painting of Takuto and Rise dressed up as Darkrai and Cresselia on it. (They're back to back and pouting.) The city is full of new smells and sights, and humans come in so many different colors! But she feels very important in her sandwich board, so those who pass her may be quietly, hopefully solicited. ]

[ The city is warm when one is used to Glacier, though. She's a little short of breath. ]

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