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They came in a horde. Ferried by enormous water types and a huge flock of flying types, each fully evolved with strange markings across its body. They were angry. They were in pain. And they were here.

Moving across the land like a tidal wave, the horde of strange Pokemon swept across the land, making their way inexorably toward Union, and leaving devastation in their wake. At their head, a Psychic Pokemon of immense, immeasurable power. Covered in armor that did little to mask the scent of rotting flesh that accompanied it, the Pokemon’s mind seemed unburdened by the state of its body as it swept trees from their root with but a contemptuous gesture.

As the Union forces scrambled to meet the army of Pokemon, Ori, the mysterious young person who had visited before appeared in a flash.

Begone, Origin! This no longer concerns you!

The voice thundered in the minds of all present, the rage of the attacking Pokemon palpable as its horde roared in agreement.

Ori gave the Pokemon a sad smile as their body began to glow with an aura of pink light. In an instant, the human was gone, and another, much smaller Pokemon remained.

This is unnecessary. We… they can help you.

I trusted my fate to humanity once. Never again will I make such a foolish mistake.

You will see. They will show you the way.

The two mysterious stones taken from the Gigas installation appeared besides Ori, but their sheen seemed almost nonexistent. Closing their eyes, the Pokemon engulfed the battlefield in an aura of shimmering pink light. The wails and screams of the Pokemon assembled before them grew palpable. Screams of pain, screams of want, screams of beings slowly dying, grasping for a final hope that their master might cast down the accursed humans and find a cure for their malady, a way to allow them to live as whole beings.

But comprehension is not understanding. Heedless of the aura, the Pokemon advanced, a wave of destructive fury hurled to the teeth of the Union column.

[Mew’s Blessing: During this log all characters will be able to communicate with each other and all Pokemon telepathically, and can resonate with them without having to use their Warp Band. They can bond with any Pokemon on the field without the aid of their warp band, so long as they can present a good reason for the enemy to do so.

Children of the Verdant Forest will be especially affected, and during this log they will have a sharp increase in their empathic feelings. They will feel the pain of the cloned Pokemon before them, the pain of being “lesser” beings, incomplete, and the pain of the knowledge that their lives will soon end, the process that created them being unable to sustain their lives.

Kindred Souls will have some empathic ability, but to a lesser degree than Children of the Verdant Forest as outlined above]
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Who: Yuuna, Raine, Adell, Gwendolyn, and Saber
What: Exploring!!!
When: Early August
Where: The Great Crater
Warnings: None!

[There were a great many things that Yuuna could say right now, but she chose to keep them to herself for the most part. This was her first exploratory expedition in a long time, since returning to active duty and then some, and it had a great deal of personal meaning to it. It was the first time she'd been on one without Merrill, and that was just fine, sure. She knew why her partner was staying in Union, but that didn't take away some of the apprehension. Add to that the presence of people she didn't really know, and the Ranger Captain was a little on edge, and trying to hide it. They didn't need her distracted, they needed her on point.

Landing a few hundred meters from the lakeshore, she hopped off of Susume's back and waited for her group, eyes scanning the landscape.]

((Yuuna has Dragonite, Spiritomb, Hitmonchan, Roserade, and Marshtomp))
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[ video ]

[ The lighting isn't great here, as if the person using the Warp Band is unused to it. They've got great posture, though. Are standing at attention military-style. ]

I am the new Chief of the Swords of the Savior West City Branch, Veronica. My transfer from Glacier has just been approved. I thank the people of Union for their hospitality and hereby pledge to defend you. Please do not hesitate--

[ Veronica's broadcast is interrupted by a burst of high-pitched laughter from offscreen and then a Noibat bobs into the picture, barely able to keep flapping to stay in the air. You're making the whole city hear your reporting for duty?! No wonder the place will remain safe. At this rate, they'll all be sleeping from boredom--- ] Noooooi~!! Noinoinoi!

[ Veronica's mouth sets, but she keeps staring right at the screen as if the interruption hadn't happened. ] --to contact us about possible cases. That is all.

[ And that is, indeed, all. End feed. ]

[ action 1 - evening, out and about ]

[ Recently equipped with Union civilian attire - they were selling some quite nice pieces at a shop near the entertainment district, billed as "inspired by the Union Divine Theater", whatever that means - Veronica is getting a feel for the city. She's nursing a wine on a terrace outside, attempting to accustom her body to the heat, but also watching the traffic flow carefully. Nemesis the Noibat is "sitting" across from her, sucking on the straw of a very fancy juice. In fact, there's more food in front of the bat than there is in front of the human.

It's a busy night, and she's drinking alone. Anybody care to try their luck? ]

[ action 2 - evening/night, streets of union ]

[ Just as everyone is returning to their homes from going out to dinner, shows, late work shifts, etc., a rogue Mankey has slipped into the crowds and snatched a middle-aged woman's wallet! "Thief!" the woman shouts, and - ]


[ Did it suddenly drop like thirty degrees? Mankey jumps onto a lightpost, surprised. He is even more surprised when Weather Ball hits his hand, freezing him to it. ]

It's too nice an evening for this. Apologize and we won't have to take you in.

[ Veronica approaches Mankey slowly, very slowly. She's used to walking on the thin crust of ice that has now appeared on the pavement, the weather anomaly only affecting the area around her.

Anyone rushing to try and grab that Mankey themselves, however....might not be so lucky. Watch your step! ]
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--I already told ya, Scout. I'm gonna take it apart.

[The young person fiddling with the warp band doesn't seem to realize that the video function has been turned on yet-- indeed, the image was in fact upside down in the midst of the investigation. A little Emolga continued to tug on it's trainer's collar frantically, chittering and pointing at something somewhere off screen. They were outside that afternoon, in the shade of a gazebo somewhere in the park. It was a terrible place to work, but a new face in town probably didn't have too many other options.

Frowning in concentration, the young person reached for a screwdriver and flipped the camera over so that both parties were now off screen. An ominous shadow splayed out on the ground beyond the gazebo was instead the subject of focus...]

What, is it snack time already? Do you wanna find Keith and see what he's up to? Maybe check out that noodle shop we saw in town for an early dinner?

[At this point, the trainer was obviously taking wild guesses. Each one was shot down with a negative squeak from the Emolga that steadily grew more frantic until a clatter indicated that various tools were being put aside.]

All right, I'll take a look.... [Silence followed, before it was broken with a small exclamation and the warp band was suddenly grabbed post-haste. One final, punctuating cry blasted through the feed before it was finally cut off:]

Why didn't you just tell me that we had company?!


[Union, Observe:

One small teenager in green with a backpack full of tinkering tools running down the city streets at top speed.

One even smaller Emolga trailing after the teen, cheeping and chittering anxiously while it leaped from lamp post to lamp post in an attempt keep up with the teen.

One flock of Spearows, consumed by rage, chasing the duo with a fury that not even a drunken Pangoro could match. The reason for their anger: unknown... but it may have something to do with the pair of pokeballs that the teen kept on their person, hidden away from obvious view.

Where the teen's other pokemon was at remained a mystery, although Unionites who were fond of heights might encounter a stray Magnemite exploring the far reaching skyline above the city. It was immensely fascinated by the various lights and signals from the towers and Habitat that it was catching echoing reverberations of in a way that only it could understand.

An early dinner may not be happening that evening, but the day certainly brought with it plenty of adventure.]
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The people of Union have had an odd week. While it was nice to cap things off with the knowledge that Gigas is not going to try and invade them again (for now), the population has had to deal with a different sort of intruder. Namely, Abra. Abra teleporting anywhere and everywhere. Abra teleporting places to try and hide.

Absolutely terrified Abra. To say nothing of the dreams the city's Psychic-types have discussed.

And now, as a new week dawns...the nightmares spread to everyone. Without exception. Perhaps you're fortunate and things that go bump in the night don't frighten you, but sleeping brings a sense of dread, and a hazy vision of a world in ruins. Night after night after night. The first one is horrifying for shock value. The next few are horrifying because they won't stop.

How will you deal? Where will you go, in the middle of the night, if you're the sort who tries to clear their heads? Will you share what you've been experiencing or keep it to yourself?

No matter what you do, the nightmares continue. And the Abra continue to shiver.

[[ This is a catch-all post/mingle for people wanting to react to their weird nightmares! As mentioned here, they have now spread to the entire population. Players are welcome to continue making their own posts addressing the nightmares if they prefer. ]]
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The message goes out across all Warp Bands as the new week dawns - a week that will bring, for Union, its fair share of troubles every evening in dreams. This morning, however, there’s nothing but good news.


“Citizens of Union,” says the voice on the other end of the audio broadcast. Those who witnessed the retreat of Gigas’s forces will recognize the solder who has been speaking for the city. “It is my honor and pleasure to announce to you a treaty has been agreed upon between your government and ours.”

A pause, and if the speaker had been considering making a reference to certain unpleasant discoveries regarding the state of the Gigan government, they decide against it. “While continuing to honor Union’s right to sovereign rule, coverage of Warp Band devices will now extend to within Gigan territory. We hope that providing you with this convenience will be taken as a gesture of goodwill, and that both civilizations can learn from one another. Citizens of Union and its allies will be welcomed to any of Gigas’s holdings with open arms. We encourage you to visit so we, too, can continue to share the fruits of our civilization with you. Good day.”

“We got more than jus’ fruit, sonny!” a voice is heard to protest before the communication can be cut off. Anyone who’d attended the World’s Fair or spoken with the Crescent delegation might recognize the voice. But all’s well that seems to have ended well.

[[ OOC: Apps for Gigas are now fully open, and characters are welcome to explore the city, as well. ]]
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Sooooo...quick question.

[Right seems to be feeling all pent-up, judging from how he's fidgeting in his seat.]

Anyone felt that they're about to evolve, but...can't? I mean, I tried the Moon Stone I have on me, but it didn't work, and I can't seem to get any stronger than I currently am. I just...kinda need some help here.

[ action ]

Aug. 4th, 2016 12:20 am
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[Duo'd spent as many days as he could cooped up and healing, but this cabin fever was just getting him stir crazy. It was time to go outside, even if the aches in his chest said otherwise, even if all he could do was walk half-way down the block and collapse and pant until someone dragged him back to his apartment.

He headed out, a bruise still visible on the side of his face and visibly wobbly on his feet with what appeared to something similar to a limp as he moved really stiffly, and picked a direction. Trailing along to make sure he didn't fall too hard was a yellow Charmeleon and a Duskull. His Houndoom was way too full of pent up energy and was running about, making it really hard for Duo to keep up and keep him calm.

Luckily, he got almost the whole way down the block before he got anywhere near feeling like he was going to pass out, and there happened to be a café where he could sit down and rest! So, he took advantage of that, and settled in for lunch.]


Aug. 3rd, 2016 12:35 pm
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[Funny, Harry figured that with the specter of a Gigas invasion not hanging over his head any longer that he'd be sleeping better not worse. Nonetheless, the past few nights have been restless and filled with dark and ominous dreams. Bad dreams weren't new to the wizard but these felt like something different, and after such a restless night he wasn't going to be doing any effective analyzing of the situation.

So, he decided to blow off some steam and head out for an earlier-than-normal morning jog. And we do mean early. The sun's low enough that the city is still mostly dark thanks to the shadows of the tall buildings blocking it out. The dim streets of Union empty except for the tall man running circuits around the city side-by-side with his giant Stoutland and an overly excited Pachirisu on his shoulder. Maybe he'll run into some people, or maybe he'll even swing by a couple of acquaintances and see if they're up for joining in.

And, naturally, when he's done with all that what better way is there to finish off a morning exercise than by ruining all that hard work by stopping in for coffee and donuts for breakfast? There isn't one. That's why he'll also be stopping in at a donut shop as soon as places begin to actually open.]

[OOC: So, Harry's out for a jog and some breakfast. Run into him and have a good time, or find him getting some breakfast. Feel free to handwave any plans he might have made with anybody to drag them off for a run at the crack of dawn!]
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[It was a rare day when Waver Velvet addressed the public of Union as a whole, but this day something about him seemed off. He seemed more bothered, more irritable than normal-- not that the little Nincada that was sitting on his head seemed to care. It drummed it's little feet happily on Waver's head, glad to be there for it's trainer in this strange time.

Heaving a sigh, Waver continued:]

Let's take a poll. Who here has been having weird dreams for the last couple of days? I need to know for academic reasons.

[...And, that was all. Waver scratched his cheek, feeling awkward and embarrassed about this entire problem that he was having.]

Don't worry about when you reply. I don't think I'll be getting to sleep any time soon.

[And, with that, the feed abruptly shut off.

Respond, Union?]

[002.] text

Aug. 1st, 2016 06:13 am
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I've recently come into possession of an intriguing Pokémon. Would anyone be interested in helping me discover its capabilities?

[ No signature. Just.....this. This, on everyone's Warp Bands. Sure, if you look hard enough you can trace the signal, but that doesn't mean much, does it? Who is this "Ken Ichijouji" kid?

Maybe with this, Union will start to learn. ]


Jul. 31st, 2016 09:27 am
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[Elaine appears on screen, looking more than a little distressed. There's a lot of hissing and clacking and thumping.]

I was--

[Suddenly something crashes into the video device, a loud scuffling ball of bug legs rolling past the shot of the hotel room's ceiling light. Elaine's hands come into view as she rescues the device, then retreats to the kitchen where she pulls herself up onto the kitchen counter.]

I was searching for new Pokemon, and was lucky enough to find not just one Anorith, but two. They're rare around here from what I understand.

[Something crashes off-screen, and Elaine's head snaps around. She grimaces, in the way only a direct blow to someone's wallet can inflict true pain.]

But they won't stop fighting over which condiment they like better. If someone would like to adopt one, I'd appreciate it. I also wanted to gauge--

[CRASH. Rheeeeeeeeee! *Hiss*]

..........interest in a massage parlor for Pokemon and people alike.

[She rubs her temple with her fingers.]

Because I think we could all stand a little relaxation now and again. But I'll open one only if there's enough interest, so I don't sink my money into a business no one wants. Let me know.

[Another crash, and a squeal from a very upset Mienfoo snags Elaine's attention again.]


[She launches herself off of the counter to go break things up, and the feed ends.]


Jul. 28th, 2016 06:36 pm
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Who: Ken Ichijouji & Arachne
What: Clashing and other fun things
When: Late July
Where: around the Verdant Forest

It just amounts to string pulling )


Jul. 27th, 2016 04:52 pm
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[Now that it's been a few days since the Attack on Titan Gigas, Lenna feels like it's time to make another public address.  She's wearing her best fancy clothes, befitting her role as head of the Tycoon family, her small dragon horns and wings as immaculately groomed as her hair and skin.]

Hello, friends.  I hope everyone was able to make it back home safely, and that everyone who fought in the battle is on their way to a full recovery.  Once again, we've accomplished something amazing - dethroning Gigas' corrupt Emperor and forging peace anew between our people.  Hopefully, this is only the first step toward a more lasting peace for not only Union and Gigas, but people and Pokemon everywhere.  If we can make our feelings known even to an aggressive society that has traditionally thought of us as an enemy to be conquered, we can surely spread our  ideal of a peaceful world even farther.

It's because of this that I've decided to take a trip to Gigas to see their city and experience their culture for myself, now that the scourge of war is behind us.  If we are to live in this world together, we need to work hard at fostering an understanding between Union and Gigas.  We've been both enemies and allies of convenience in the past, but it's my hope that in the future we can simply be friends.  I'm sure the Council will have their own negotiations with the Gigan command in the coming days, and I do plan to deliver a message of my own as head of the Tycoon family, but first and foremost, I'll be there simply as Lenna.

So, to this end, I'd like to invite anyone else who's interested in getting to know the people of Gigas to come with me.  I expect to set out within the week, and to stay as long as people would like.  I'll pay for travel and lodging for anyone who's worried about being able to cover their own expenses as well.  This is an important turning point in our relationship with Gigas, and I don't want anyone to feel left out.  Union is more than simply the name of our city, after all - it's a way of life, and everyone has a voice.  Now, more than ever, it's important that we let that voice be heard.

Thank you, everyone.  I'll be looking forward to hearing from you.


Jul. 26th, 2016 09:45 pm
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[ Video ]

[ The inside of a room in the Medical center can be found. Garviel is frowning down at his camera, and says ]

Well, I'm stuck in here, and rather bored. I've finished my copy of the Chronicles of Caldera, and I'm looking for suggestions for books. History, mythology, a book of Philosophy, even a manual of mathematical instruction would be better than simply waiting around to heal.

[ Near the Council Hall ]

[ A large man in a white chiton, bandages showing from under his simple white clothing, is sitting and chewing on a sandwich as he is attended by an Oddish and Honedge that waddle and float nearby. He occasionally rumbles observations about the architecture to them, and looks like a combination of grumpy recovering invalid and wide-eyed tourist. []

[ Teeter's: ]

[ Loken is here, drinking wine by the glass, and quietly watching the rest of the crowd. He sticks out a bit, a burly Calderan amongst the Unionites, but the scars of battle and his own still-healing wounds suggest that if nothing else he's willing to fight beside them, and so he's generally left to his own devices to drink and think. He doesn't seem unapproachable though, if someone were to be adventurous enough to approach him ]
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I hope that everyone is recovering well from the battle. I'm bruised, but not badly off myself. I'm well enough that I can deliver some fresh produce to people whose injuries are hindering their ability to move around.

[Her Rapidash keeps nudging her until she gives him a pat and mentions him by name.]

Hibiscus is eager to go for a run, so it really won't be a bother at all.

[ video ]

Jul. 26th, 2016 09:14 pm
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So, hey, everyone! I hope everyone's healing up okay after the battle. I know a lot of people got kind of beat up. [She had last time during the first attempt, but she was feeling better now, and having stayed on the scouting team instead of going in fighting had given her the chance to heal up the rest of the way.] I just wanted to let you all know that I'm willing to lend a hand where needed, so just give me a call, okay?

[no don't... but totally do... it'll be your worst nightmare, but best thread ever]

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[The video pops up on what could be just about any average apartment. Basement by the placement of the windows, slightly gloomy maybe, and with little furniture besides a sofa, a large easy chair and some bookcases.

And that sparse furniture is in the process of tipping and falling all over the place as what looks like a hurricane roars through the small space, leaves visibly whipping and blowing all over. There's no sound except for a tune played over it all, courtesy of a certain Rotom.

A Gardevoir rolls past, looking positively outraged at what's going on. A Zorua scampers by, and quickly ducks for shelter behind the overturned sofa. Then the wizard himself slides into view, arms pinwheeling and a Pachirisu clings to his shoulder for dear life, flapping in the breeze. Mouse lunges in, teeth clamping on his trainer's shirt in an effort to keep him from blowing straight over while the wizard yells something that can't be heard over Toot's music. It works.

Until a flying book gets him right in the face and he goes right over as the music finally concludes.]
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[ Streets of Union ]


[ Drat. One of Haruka's crutches clatters to the cobblestones as she stabilizes herself against the fence surrounding this café. The Audino who'd been hostessing hurries over - guest, guest! - but Haruka just smiles. ] Don't worry. My ride's almost here.

[ Out in the street, Fights with Brilliance the shiny Rhyhorn snorts. Even her breath glitters.

...a baby Smeargle, however, is watching from the doorway, where it'd been in the process of helping to write up the daily special. That human is such a beautiful canvas. It wants to sign her leg cast. ]

[ Union Divine Theater ]

[ Haruka is sprawled beneath the (healing) Berry tree, her good leg propped up while the one in a cast is stretched out in front of her. Natto is hovering over her, offering her a pillow to sit on. She sighs. ] I'm not that fragile.

[ Oh. Natto steps back. That is a good point. A bit harshly put, but he can also understand why Trainer would be short with him. So he just smiles. He's happy if you're not in pain, Trainer. And he'll go make something that will cheer you up! ] Vanny vanny. Leavanny!

[ Haruka snorts as Natto takes his leafve, but the snort turns into a smile when she thinks no one's watching. ]

[[ OOC: Feel free to run into either Haruka or Natto for this one! ]]

[ around Union - dojos et al. ]

[ Do you operate a fighting dojo? Do you live with a bunch of strong people? Is anything about your residence even remotely martial?

If so (heck, even if not; this Pokémon is not known for his accuracy), there is somebody barking up a storm on your doorstep at the crack of dawn. HELLO!!!!! IS ANYONE INSIDE INTERESTED IN OBTAINING A DISCIPLE?? HE WOULD LIKE TO TRAIN HERE, PLEASE! PLEASE MAKE HIM STRONG!! ]
JOLT! Jolt jolteon! Eeeee eon jolt jol! JOOOOLTTEEEEEEEOOOOONNN!!!


....Theater residents also have the option of encountering this gentlemon as he attempts to sneak out of the courtyard. His head is sticking out the front gate while his back half, butt-fluff and all, sticks out whence he came. He was trying to be Sneaky and then the door closed!! ]
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The Emperor’s fall brings confusion and dissent to the battling Gigan army - to say nothing of the reaction once it becomes clear that all the giants have broken free of their constraints. A tactical retreat is called - though with communications disrupted and some groups having already run for cover, it’s not the orderly backtracking one might expect from the Gigan army. A council is called among the survivors, and the capital contacted. Finally, a Gigan soldier and Valeria the Gigan general step forward to address Union’s forces.

“People of Union and its allies,” the soldier begins, reading off an electronic tablet, “in light of recent developments, the armies of Gigas shall withdraw for the time being. We also wish to extend an invitation to your people, particularly your diplomats, to visit our territories at your earliest convenience so we may work out the relationship between our cultures moving forward. The people of Gigas retain their interest in expanding our empire—“

Regigigas, which has mostly been in some sort of rumbling conference of its own with the other giants, turns at this and raises a mighty hand. The soldier falls silent, drops the tablet off of which he’d been reading his speech, picks it up, attempts to read it upside-down, and finally continues - with some amendments. “….though we would not dream of impugning upon the city of Union’s right to sovereignty of its own.”

Regigigas appears placated. The soldier exhales. “We shall look forward to many years of peaceful coexistence.”

And with that, the soldiers - unable to admit full defeat, but also unable to justify their presence on the battlefield - begin to file away. Valeria is the last to turn. But the look on her face as she heads away is decidedly smug. A smirk nearly graces her dour expression, as if to say to her companions: I told you so.

[[ OOC: This concludes the mod-run portion of this event! The Gigas army is withdrawing and the city is safe. What’s more, the giant gods have been freed to join their Seeker friends. Keep an eye on the OOC community for an announcement in the coming weeks regarding more information about Gigas and the full opening of apps for characters from that empire. ]]

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