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1 Gale. Video and Action


--zo. We gotta find something for work so we can eat. [A chirp, then a black and white Fletchling pokes it face into the screen, staring and tilting it's head. The view is a park area, Sync is out of sight because his arm is stretched out on the back of the bench while Scherzo the Fletchling is playing with the Warp Band.] Well, so I can eat. I won't let you starve, but I didn't think I'd go from doing alright to barely making it. Just a few weeks though. I'm sure something will...Hey! [The Fletchling chirps and spins around, it's tail feathers flicking and it is leaning to try and cover the Warp Band.] You even listening? I gotta have someone to talk this out with. [Two quick chirps, and Scherzo spins around again, leaning in and turning it's head to stare into the feed.] I need a plan, something simple. [chirp] Someone has to need something from one of the outlying areas or the Old City. Maybe I can be a bodyguard. [chirp chirp] A gofer. A treasure hunter? What the hell is so interesting!? [Scherzo glances over his shoulder just in time to see Sync barely peek around, barely showing an eye before the feed suddenly whirs and shuts off with an angry squawk.]


[There is now an annoyed green hair chasing around a Fletchling that sounds just a little too amused while it whistles and manages to stay just out of his way, landing to tease him and jumping ahead a few steps before flying away every time the teen gets close.]
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[Anise was just getting off of school, making her way home to see...

...Well this...

She slowed down, coming to a stop before crossing her arms and raising a brow. A small Eevee peered over her shoulder to see what exactly she was coming to a stop for.

Everything okay over there? That Fletching didn't steal your lunch money, did it?
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[A soft giggle came from her as he 'struggled' to handle what appeared to be his pokemon.

Of course when he mentioned a warp band, her expression turned more neutral as she felt a small pang of jealousy. Everyone was slowly getting one in Union, she just didn't seem to be a lucky person next on the list.

What's your Fletchling's name?

[Safe topic, right? She offered the question with a smile.]
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[The Eevee swished it's tail happily before letting out a small bark in greeting. Anise's smile widened before she pet it under it's chin.

As nice as this meeting was....well she did have a few questions like-

So what grade are you in? I don't think I've seen you at school before. You are around 16, right?

[Anise is kinda nosy at times...and by kinda it's more like really.]
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[Whoa, what was with that reply? Anise looks slightly taken aback by the sudden hostility. She shifted in place, raising a brow at his answer.]

You really became a Trainer instead of finishing school?

[Of course now that she stated that, it got some of her gears turning.]
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I see...

[ Still, if he was out training instead of being at school this meant she could do something similar. Maybe even finish up school while out in the wild with pokemon.

She needed to think on this though, so she thought of the best excuse she could to excuse herself.

I have homework to do. Maybe well get to see each other again soon?