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Brave New World

Time passed cheerfully over the holiday season. Lights twinkled in every window, and everyone from Gigas to Citadel joined with Union to celebrate the year’s Salvation festivities with a sense of community and hope for what the future may hold. Although the winds of change blew across the lands, it was not a time of strife. Human and Pokemon alike joined hands, new traditions and bonds were formed as the various cultures met and intermingled, and people looked forward to what tomorrow would hold.

The citizens of Union and the friends that they had made across the continent were confident that they would resolve any problems that lingered just beyond the horizon. With the strength of their will and their trust in the Gods that had supported Union since the shining city opened it’s gates, everyone knew deep in their hearts that one day, some day, the world would be safe for everyone to live and thrive.

Although the world wasn’t perfect, it was still good. The sun and moon still traversed the sky on their daily trek across this brave new world.