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Happy Salvation Everyone!

All across Union, its citizens prepared to ring in the Salvation holiday with cheer. Dedicated to their beloved Savior, many of the houses were decorated with garlands, ornaments and other fineries in preparation for this truly special holiday, and while it had been uncharacteristically cold the last few days, not a single flake of snow had fallen till now. Children eager to start the festivities the following day did their best to stay up in the hopes of possibly catching a glimpse of one of the Delibirds they saw the previous night. However, try as they might, the late night would get the better of them, and soon the city was asleep, nestled warm in their beds, dreaming of parties and presents, candies and cakes.

And when they wake, they’ll all find a surprise waiting for them at the foot of their beds. An open window, or an open door, with a strange yet familiar pokemon sitting there looking up expectantly at them. The pokemon all have a little bow fastened to them, and surge forward to affectionately hug/nuzzle/scratch at whatever human has caught their interest. Almost like they’ve already bonded with them and they won’t take no for an answer.

The day is filled with festive cheer, fresh snow and ice coating the streets that have finally truly recovered from the disastrous events of the past year. Feasts crop up, Pokemon and People roam the streets freely, and there are concerts all throughout the day and into the evening. Glacier metal, Gigan electronica, Calderan samba, Union’s classical, and the warchats of Citadel all echo throughout the city, making Union feel vibrant and alive once more

Go eat, drink and be merry on this day, and marvel at the strange new intruders that seem to have latched on so tightly! Surely you want to show your new friend around their new home, after all!

[[ Happy Salvation! Players are encouraged to mingle however they wish in this post. Go out and deliver your own gifts to friends and family. Explore the winter wonderland with your new Pokémon friend! And wish the upcoming new year hello. ]]
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[ Union Divine Theater ]

[ Well. Haruka has had better holidays.

There appears to be some sort of elemental war going on in the courtyard: Passion the Ninetales, sitting with her back to a smaller, paler version of her former self, is pointedly not looking in the direction of this interloper. But all the snow around her glorious person is melting as soon as it falls.

The small pale Pokémon, however, seems not to understand this attitude. Ice crystals are forming around it, only to melt in Passion's heat, only to grow again. The creature tilts its head. Why is this not working? ]


[ Haruka is sort of just standing there for now, a piece of tinsel wrapped around her neck like a scarf (her Pokémon have been decorating everything, and by everything, they also mean everyone). She doesn't look like she's quite decided what to do about this yet.

Including admit that it's actually happening. ]

[ Everyone. EVERYONE. Everywhere. ]

[ Everyone in Union, whether originally from the city, whether they've been to the Theater or not, will be receiving a very special gift today: a single leaf, ribbon tied around the stem, stuck neatly to their front doors. Perhaps you can even receive yours in person if you catch the culprit at work. Look, here he is, in a scarf and long mittens since it's so cold outside!

Approach him, and he'll turn with a smile. ]
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...Va. [Martele was just innocently trotting along and thinking of something really super witty to annoy Passion with when she stops in her tracks, staring at the new...Vulpix?]

Vaporeon? [whoa! Who are you??

Meanwhile, Michiru is going to sidle up to you, tapping thoughtfully at her chin.]
New friend?

[at least she managed to avoid the tinsel, if only by preemptively wearing an appropriately festive bow in her hair instead.]
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Something like that. [ Haruka looks somewhere between amused and exasperated, but she'll shift closer to Michiru. It's cold out here (if you're not standing close to Passion, anyway). Sharing body heat is only polite.

The new friend in question, however, is very excited to see Martelé. Her voice is quite high and flutelike. So when she greets Martelé, she basically squeaks. ]

[ This fellow blue Pokémon looks so strong, and big. She looks up at Martelé with undisguised admiration.

A single impeccable golden-tipped tail twitches. ]
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[she laughs quietly before turning to you, reaching up to adjust that tinsel.] Will we need a bigger freezer? [there. Perfect.

Martele blinks, frozen for a moment. Did a Vulpix-like creature just...? And then she straightens out her posture, chest puffed out and neck frills at just the right amount of flare.]

[Of course she's great at battling. Comes with the territory. And since this one is obviously new here, she can show her around! (Like the sort of responsible Pokemon that young'uns can admire!)] Vaporeon? [Wanna take a look around?]

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makin' my way downtown (Previous CR!!!)

[He thought it would be a great surprise to show up and see his friends again after being gone for so long, and since he knew it was Salvation in Union he brought along some gifts for his friends. They're not very expensive gifts, buying only what he thought he could afford, but he did show up with something. Yosuke is out and about anywhere in Union, so he can be found just about anywhere. Or he's showing up to your house with a few knocks on your front door to say hi.

He missed you guys!]

((OoC: If you'd rather play it that he called in advance to let your character know he was coming, you can assume that too. That's something else he'd also do!))

what stinks in here...

[There was a short amount of time where he thought nothing weird would happen to him for once, in returning to Union.

When he finds a large, disgusting color changing pokemon following him around, dressed up like a present, his attitude changes. He didn't ask for this. Why did this have to happen to him. Everyone else got cool pokemon. He didn't.]

Cut it out! That's not food! Plus, you reek! Seriously, why did this have to happen to me...?

Muk Muk!!!

[He got a Muk. And it's hungry and it's trying to eat everything in its path. Were you sitting on that bench? Muk is eating it. Hope you didn't want those shoelaces. Or your shoes, for that matter. What's that in your hand? Muk is reaching for it. Not that anyone couldn't see it coming. You can smell it from a mile away, and it's gross]


[He's hitting up the various concerts also while Salvation is going on, so he can be found there either enjoying himself or cringing at some of the music, enjoying the various kinds of foods, and trying to ditch his Muk so he can at least enjoy his first few days back in Union smell-free. Or anything else you can think of!]
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At her apartment.

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[Well, this morning is just full of surprises, isn't it? It sure seems like that, with a mysteriously white Sandshrew just sitting there, waiting for her that morning and now a knock at Yukiko's door. She hadn't moved, and she'd thankfully gotten dressed while Fuuka ran out on an errand so...when she opens the door it's with curious but bemused smile.]

Fuuka you're ba-

[She stops.]

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[Flashing a boyish grin, his hands are behind his back before she opens the door.]

Didn't expect to see me, did ya?

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[ This music festival must attract nothing but classy types!

Or so one might think upon witnessing the Leavanny tugging politely at Yosuke's clothes, given the sheer craftsmanship on display in his scarf and mittens. Excuse him. Could he speak to you for a moment. ]
Van lea?
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[At first he's afraid Muk has caught up with him, but given he doesn't smell the garbage monstrosity (yet), he assumes it couldn't possibly be it. Instead, the sight of a Leavanny earns a relieved sigh, and puts on a pseudo customer service voice.]

Hey there, what can I do you for?

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[Warp Band Transmission-- OTA]


[Somewhere underneath the furball of powdery, icy blue was a certain foul tempered Magus who had clearly had quite enough with all of this madness. Squirming out from underneath the fluffy, fluffy tail of the pokemon who had decided to tackle him, Waver aimed a sharp glare at the video feed before he turned the camera at...

The pale blue pokemon who currently had him pinned.]

Everything tells me that this is a Vulpix, but this is not a Vulpix! What sort of madness has someone come up with now?!

[Meanwhile, somewhere off screen, Orpheus is quietly ushering Helen out the door. No, the shy little Vulpix with a cleaning obsession didn't need to see this right now. She'd be curled up in her tails for days....]
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That. Was my ear drums.

[He winces from the loud yell on the other end of the warp band. He thought only Chie could yell like that.]

Chill out for a second, will ya?
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Oh, I'm plenty 'chilled', Yosuke. Thi Vulpix is an ice-type.

[Hence the screaming in the first place. Never had his Analytic skills defied his understanding so much.]

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Oh! You found one too? It's cute isn't it?

[He shifts, and picks up one as well, grinning brightly, even if he is shivering a bit]
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Uh....that's one way to put this?

[Hoisting the Vulpix off of his chest, Waver say up and set the icy little creature in his lap so he could have a semi-dignified conversation.]

Sinbad. You've been in Union for a while now. Have you ever seen anything like this before?

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Waver. Calm the hell down.

[Says Yuuna, who's hanging off what appears to be a palm tree in her yard. Operative word being appears to be...]

It's a fourth your size, pick it up and get it off you. And stop yelling.
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[personal profile] untalented 2016-12-12 03:27 am (UTC)(link) looks like you're the one with bigger problems.

[Waver scrambled up into a sitting position, the frosty little vulpix using this as an excuse to climb atop his head.]

...Please tell me that's a palm tree. Please.

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[video] the true salvation miracle: is it waver's tantrum or haruka using the warp band?

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What's it say?

[ Haruka that's a terrible meme hardly the holiday spirit. But perhaps she can be forgiven for that, given that she's got one of the little blue things sitting in her lap too. ]
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...It says 'Vulpix.'

[Sighing, Waver plucked the little Vulpix off of him and rolled over onto his stomach so he could see Haruka and her little Vulpix better.]

Though the bigger question here is how we ended up getting the same luck, Tenoh. You think someone is onto us?

['Us' meaning the fact that the both of them were so dedicated to their cynicism that the probably were some of the sanest individuals in Union at any given point.]

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[personal profile] child_of_luv 2016-12-14 02:49 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh! I have one, too!

[Said Ice-pix pokes her head into view.]


It's cute, right? So different, but still a Vulpix.
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[Yukiko wasn't about to spend the morning completely inside. With a new arrival stuffed into her jacket pocket, she and her new Sandshrew friend head out into the morning to go find friends. And hit up a few shops for Salvation Day sales too. It's the best time of year to pick up certain things, and with money as tight as it is thanks to the rebuilding she's taking full advantage.

And she is of course joined by an entourage in the form of Snor-Lord and the Guardians of Union. Wroot the Sudowoodo, Gamora the Bisharp, Rocket the Lineone, and Drax the Chesnaught are all in equally high spirits...singing Salvation songs at the top of their lungs. Badly.

Which means that when she runs into friends, Yukiko's basically forced to shout out an apology.]

Sorry...they won't stop...
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[ No, no, that's okay! In fact, if you all have the time, Natto has something for y--

But he is jostled out of the way as something stomps up on flat feet, wide, vacant expression nearly obscured by a very woolly hat atop some very slimy skin. FRIEND! You are here! Do you want to see his new trick? When it is cold out, he can make it SNOW! ]
Woop woop woop!
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[Yukiko blinks, befuddled.

Snor-Lord, however lets out a bellow.]


[Of course bro. Always. He's totally cool with new tricks, especially from his little buddy!]

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[Meanwhile, Fuuka couldn't stop giggling. Right now, all she wanted to do was spend the day with her girlfriend and enjoying the holiday season. Although, it seemed like her wishes might have come to a halt as she heard her Pokemon singing at the top of their lungs. Despite that though, it didn't seem to dapper her mood]

I don't think you need to apologize. They're having fun so that's all that matters right?

[Who was she to ruin such a festive mood anyway?]
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[Well, look Fuuka, Yukiko might have wanted a quiet Salvation with you and all. Not a noisy one with you, a new Sandshrew, and a caroling gang of misfits...]

I suppose so. I mean, I thought you didn't like loud noises though. And I can barely even hear myself think!


So what are we doing first, love?
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[Duo came on the video feed.]

Has anyone else seen a Marowak like this?

[He shifted the video to show said Marowak doing strange dances in the living room while spinning it's flaming bone like a baton.]