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Ami Mizuno ☿ Sailor Mercury ([personal profile] allergictoloveletters) wrote in [community profile] bravenewworld2016-11-21 07:03 pm

There is balance to the universe

Who: Rei Hino-Mizuno and Ami Hino-Mizuno and YOU
Where: Michiru's manor House
What: Rei and Ami's wedding reception!
When: All day

The wedding itself had been a very small, private affair. Only their closest friends and family had been flown over to the volcanic island where Ami and Rei had exchanged their vows, rings, and "I dos." Any attempts from the press to crash the party by air or by sea was met with very irate pokemon from both girls who promptly smashed and destroyed the cameras before making sure they got sent back to the mainland.

But while the ceremony had been an exclusive invite only, the reception was a much bigger affair and the city of Union (and the press) were invited.

Pokemon and person alike were invited to Michiru Kaioh's home where a ballroom had been decorated in winter red and white. There was a massive pool for water pokemon and plenty for everyone to eat at the buffet. Sitting center stage of the buffet was the tiered-wedding cake.. At each place-setting is a spun-sugar flower for the guests or their pokemon to enjoy.

The dance floor in the center invites all guests to join in while the live band sits off to the side, playing both classical and more modern pieces.

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