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There is balance to the universe

Who: Rei Hino-Mizuno and Ami Hino-Mizuno and YOU
Where: Michiru's manor House
What: Rei and Ami's wedding reception!
When: All day

The wedding itself had been a very small, private affair. Only their closest friends and family had been flown over to the volcanic island where Ami and Rei had exchanged their vows, rings, and "I dos." Any attempts from the press to crash the party by air or by sea was met with very irate pokemon from both girls who promptly smashed and destroyed the cameras before making sure they got sent back to the mainland.

But while the ceremony had been an exclusive invite only, the reception was a much bigger affair and the city of Union (and the press) were invited.

Pokemon and person alike were invited to Michiru Kaioh's home where a ballroom had been decorated in winter red and white. There was a massive pool for water pokemon and plenty for everyone to eat at the buffet. Sitting center stage of the buffet was the tiered-wedding cake.. At each place-setting is a spun-sugar flower for the guests or their pokemon to enjoy.

The dance floor in the center invites all guests to join in while the live band sits off to the side, playing both classical and more modern pieces.
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[Rei is not, and never will be, a particularly sociable woman. Even today, at her own wedding party, she's mindful to keep away from large groups of people for a trillion different reasons. She is not, however unfriendly.

People at the Buffet Table are more than likely going to be greeted by her personally, bringing them a cup of something and wearing a gentle smile in greeting.

You might also find yourself approached if you're sitting out by Michiru's pool, one of the brides taking a seat next to you and dipping her head in acknowledgement.

Or, very possibly, you've found her seated by herself recollecting her mental space. A crowd on high emotion is bound to affect a psychic pretty strongly. Not far off is Deimos, her Gardevoir, ready to drive off anyone who overstays their welcome but for now all the greetings remain the same.]

Thank you for coming to our reception. I hope you're enjoying yourself.
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[Rei looks up when she feels the touch, and Deimos keeps to herself, knowing Ami is always permitted. Taking a deep breath, she nods, smiling faintly.]

I'm alright. Taxed, but that was just an inevitability. I'm managing just fine.

[The suggestion makes her look towards the door, lips pursing.]

We could, but would that do for appearances sake? The Brides leaving their own party?
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[Rei laughs softly, leaning forward to return the kiss, lips to Ami's cheek.]

I like the mysterious option. You knew I would.
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That sounds nice.

[She gets up, sliding in beside Ami, arm around her waist.]

Let's go.