commissionergrump: (Curious)
CommissionerGrump ([personal profile] commissionergrump) wrote in [community profile] bravenewworld 2016-11-01 11:07 pm (UTC)

[Gordon has company today, his Rotom hovering over one shoulder, having found an electric lantern to take over for a 'costume.' He was likewise coaxed into dressing up, though this mostly consists of pale face paint and a pair of plastic fangs peeking out from beneath his mustache. He glances to two redheaded youths with him, and, after a brief conversation, they're off to try their hand at some of the games. He smiles and turns when he catches the crowd and the colorfully dressed Keith fighting with the possessed machine. Signalling to his children to go on ahead, he comes to take a closer look at what's getting all the attention.]

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