redpaladin: signalize (pic#10651497)
Keith Kogane ([personal profile] redpaladin) wrote in [community profile] bravenewworld 2016-10-30 09:28 pm (UTC)

[Huh. There wasn't anything quite like this in Caldera for obvious reasons, but this sure was interesting. He's well- he wasn't going to dress up but some nudging from a few people and pokemon led him to wearing something vaguely festive.]

[Keith was happily browsing the carnival games until he came across the whack-a-diglett that people were shying away from. Huh, it couldn't be THAT hard.]

[Of course the spirit spends the time fucking with him from having angry faces to mocking ones as it eludes him with every hit.]

Oh, come on!

[Keith honestly could have put it down and walked away by now, but he's not someone to let a challenge go. People are starting to gather with interest, now to see if he's successful or how long it takes him to rage quit the game.]

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