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[There's a new face walking around the streets of the festival- or rather, he's an old face that many might not have met before he left. He's dressed colorfully in a number of fabrics and patterns with a bag slung over his shoulder that looks like it's seen some wear and tear. He definitely looks like a traveller, but he walks the streets like he calls them home.]

[He's also clearly Enlightened with a number of draconic features from the scales on his hands and face to the large folded wings on his back. He looks over the stands with a smile and occasionally chats to the Talonflame on his arm or the giddy, bouncy Pumpkaboo that floats around them.]

Stay close Eclair, we'll find a stand with some snacks soon, I promise-

[Pause, no giggle or teasing remark. He looks around and realizes she's already floated off. Hina sighs]

Eclair?! A-Ah- don't wander off I said...!

[There he go.]


[Eiji's been home and changed into a bit more appropriate attire. He's wearing Shrine robes with a mask positioned to the side of his face so he can still properly see. When he's not helping at the Hikawa Shrine, he's wandering the streets sitting in on ghost stories and telling some of his own.]

[It's much quieter now, but he knows that that was the time to not let your guard down. Being a member of the Vale has taught him that much. Still, he's not apposed to conversation. Feel free to approach him.]

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